Monday, November 01, 2010

Welcome November

I know. I'm totally jumping on that bandwagon this morning. But seriously, where did this year go? Shit goes by fast when you're planning a wedding I guess. I can only hang out a short while this morning, because I was a good girl and finally called my grandad back this morning after not returning his phone call from 1.5 weeks ago and I've got to get my butt in gear for work.

My next day off isn't till Friday so I'll see you on the flip side. jk. But if this week goes any fast than the last two it'll be Friday tomorrow. I'm thinking that I might make calling my Grandad on Monday's a habit, because he actually made me feel pretty good about my upside down life right now. I think he's lived a pretty simple life when it comes to the luxuries in life (even if he hasn't, he sure can make me feel better about not being a housewife that owns a huge house, has all her ducks in order, and can over analyze way too much). Which brings me to the fact that I took pictures this morning for you. I moved our bedroom around this morning and cleaned up (pretty easy when you really only have one room that's yours for now) and I thought I'd give you a little peak into my humble abode.

The only thing I brought from our wedding gifts out to Michigan so far: the new bedding we got.

The windows are actually pretty cozy in here. 

I'm even watching the news. I'm on top of it today :)

And unless you missed out on my Twitter whoring all last night, you need to know that I played a rockin' game of A Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly edition last night and kicked Billy and Nick's butts into next Tuesday. :D It took a little convincing to get them to play with me, then they had fun, and by the end they were just in tears with only their little pink $5 to wipe their tears. (oh ya. I went there) 

Please not the left corner of the game board. That would be my entire corner of death, as the boys called it, all of my cash, and my properties. (don't mind the flyer for Nick's growing school underneath :P)

Happy Monday kids!

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  1. I'm glad you posted some pics. Now I can kinda see where y'all live.

    Monopoly?? You should know what I have to say to that...

    FUCK THIS GAME! It's 4 in the morning grandma, YOU WIN!
    I'm sittin on Baltic with crap! I'm paying luxury tax out the ass! And I hate when your the banker, where did you get the pink 50's you cheating whore! Don't fucking touch me grandpa, NANA is a cheating whore!