Thursday, March 31, 2011


I'm in a real funk kids. Big time. I'm so moody lately. Unmotivated. Lazy. Tired. And just wanna work almost. Just sleep, and work. It's weird. And every night I sit down in my chair or on the couch or hop up on my bed with laptop in hand ready to blog a little. And then I just end up sitting here, getting distracted with the tv, or Facebook (embarrassing I know :P blogger is so much cooler) and nothing comes. And then sometimes the second I sit down I get tired and I just wanna go lay down.

It's sooooo blaaah! And I apologize, if you've only been following this blog recently, it has been seriously, boooring in littmssunshine's place. I promise, just go look back at my archive, the saaame thing happened last year - I was on a big blogging spree, posting almost everyday and then I go into this huuuge slump in February/March and hardly blog, well, I think it's that time of year when I sort of come out of my winter blues.

I'm a true believer of the short term slight depression/anxiety period of time some people call "winter blues". But the happy part about this post, is that I've now realized it's happy time! I'm thawing from the winter so to speak. Spring is just around the corner (on some 80 degree days it feels it went straight to summer!) and I'm thawing right along.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I love, two people in love.

I had the honor of doing my friend J's engagement pictures. She is so beautiful! And it was so amazing doing their shoot; they were so adorable and shy, like they just met but then you'd catch them have this adorable moment of intimacy where they give each other this look like they know each other like the back of their hand. Freaking, adorable. And they're ever adorable pictures show it! Congratulations my love :) so happy to be your friend! xo . jess

Sunday, March 27, 2011

How did I end up back here? Snuggled into my bed turnedhugedeskslashcouch, with the chills and a stuffy nose?? I'm gonna try and not to mention the headache I've been trying to forget about, because nothing else, helps. The worst thing is, is that I don't really get stuffy noses. My ears clog! So it's as if my ears are congested and someone's holding them shut. It's awesome. Let me tell you. But lemme quit bitchin and get back to the vintage finds I owe you still.

Rewind to Friday afternoon, which seems like a week ago, and Que this girl treating herself to the best mani and pedi around with her bff J in tow. I always think we're rude, because from the second we sit down in those chairs next to each other we just start yapping with no end. But whatev..sometimes, everyone gets annoyed with small talk, and we don't see each other and we've got things to catch up on :)
And so J and I talk all throughout our pedis, manis, through our amaaaahhzing sushi dinner, and on to almost three hours of yapping while overloading our cart at the local thrift store. It's okay if you're thinking these girls are crazy. We understand each other :)

Well, one fabulous Friday night later, I'm these 8 beautiful pieces richer.

this first amazing dress, is floor length and this rich rich red with a beautiful paisley/floral design. At first I didn't think it'd be my style, and I have to have it altered (without the belt the waist swallows me) but once I put it on J and I just gave each other that "yup" look. 

J brought almost 6 different blazers in with us! :D But I can't deny, that girl sure knows how to find a beautiful oatmeal colored, light weight, cropped sleeve blazer to add to my collection :) I now have a blazer family of 12. 

A new unexpected of mine is this mustard yellow fitted grandpa cardigan. More pictures to come because I will be wearing this adorable knit this week, for sure :) Watch on my tumblr. for it. 

I already wore this slightly oversized vintage (serious grandma) blouse with delicate detail paired with skinny blue jeans and mary jane heels. 

Again, serious grandma pale pink blouse that I can't wait to wear with tailored shorts and a white tank :)

This might be a new addition to my top 3 favorite thrift finds, it's so cool. But for now this is all I'm showing you, because I think it needs some serious debuting. I'm thinking Easter outfit? :)

What else could a girl want besides a taupe colored skinny waist belt? ♥ 

Then, on our way out, trustworthy J finds this ..

a classic Dooney & Burke in basically perfect condition. 
We couldn't leave her there :)

We are seriously considering quitting our day jobs and becoming full time vintage clothing searchers, buyers and sellers :P Maybe an etsy shop to start?? :P 

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. 
Can't wait to read up on your adventures tomorrow. 

xo . jess

Saturday, March 26, 2011

bunny colors.

I'm getting sick again and it's been a weird weekend. That's my statement for tonight and I'm sticking to it :) I knew after the craziness with work lately, that if I didn't get myself some vitaminn C..I'd for sure get sick. And voila! All it took was a couple sick people at work and lack of sleep and I have a sore throat and chills. Whoopii.

So that's why I'm getting sick. Legit I think.

Now on to why this weekend is weird. I've had most of it off, but in a weird way..because I had yesterday off and it was a perfect day off, much like any cool weekend day, but I plan on sharing with you more later, so we'll leave the rest of that for your imagination till then :) Let me just say, it included the best thrift store adventures I've had so far (same thing goes for the finds I scored!)

But unfortunately I am feeling like big time kacka tonight, and I'm spending tomorrow shooting my best friend's engagement photos (IIEEK!!) And so, I'm sharing a little snapshot of my brand spankin new beee-awesome nail color!! I got the color at the salon, I'll have to go back to look at the name, but it's the perfect easter yet spring shade! LOVE IT.

xo . jess

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

which square are you?

The one thing I can't deny is that I have a really bad childish side. I guess it's not really bad, might not expect it I don't know. But I would much rather watch Spongebob on the couch all morning than the news or some morning show, play my gameboy all afternoon, watch Nickelodeon in the afternoon when I get home from work :)) and eat "cini minis" for dinner.

I should probably explain that "cini minis" are to me what you call Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal :) the b.e.s.t. nighttime cereal arooound. Don't you dare ask me what nighttime cereal is. The cereal that only tastes good when you have midnight cravings. :) duh. Well, in Germany, they are called Cini Minis and I used to stay the nights at my friend Marlen's house, who alwaysss had cini minis and we'd sneak down to her kitchen every time and eat at least 2 bowls :)

Well, tonight was one of those craving filled nights and of course, while I'm preparing my bowl of cereal I get distracted and start to read the back of the cereal box. When I happen to stumble across the coollest (!) back of the cereal box I've ever seen! It had the cute four cereal squares on the bottom, and above it was a

what's your
crazy squares personalities?

Of course, n and I did it. We're not lame. 
hearts = littmssunshine
dots = mr. ray

a few multiple choice questions later...

littmssunshine scores to be like "Sweety" 

(the one on the left :)) and this is sweetie's description: you're deliciously full of sugar and spice and everything nice. Voted least likely to bite a friends in the back. 

mr. ray scores to be like "Gobbler"

(again, the one on the left haha :)) and this is gobbler's description: you have a big appetite for life. You think life is one big adventure and you're on a constant quest to feed your latest craving!

I'm sorry. I couldn't help but post this. I loooove cini minis. And it made my night! :D 

xo . jess

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

70 degrees in march.

this is my car. it has looked like that for weeks now. day after day, i'm always running late for work, hate what i'm wearing (yet still posted it on my tumblr. for all to see), and am snacking on something because i skipped breakfast. harvest cheddar sunchips instead of vanilla yogurt & granola??? I.E.W.

then, on Sunday evening (on my way home from work - I could swear I never leave that place) which was also technically my "friday" if you know what I mean, i thought to myself "oh yeah..I gotta remember to post those pictures I took and love of mine and n's day off .... (when i realize) which was ..foour days agoo????" sense of date and time has just sort of left me lately. 

who the hell wants to read about something from four days ago?? or do they? i swear, college gave me "deadline anxiety" like maad. I was the world's worst (best?) procrastinator in college. 

but that's neither here nor there. 

then yesterday (when I had STILL gotten up at 6:20am to be at a w.o.r.k. meeting at beautiful 8am for two hours ON my day off) i decided that it had to end. chaos, you are gettin the fuck out! i can't take it no more. no uh. 

i hope you can forgive me one more time for no hair.too(s)day today. i know it's been forever. i've had some great ideas (and a new haircolor) in the mean time so look forward to next week! 
I'll make a fresh start tomorrow, but for now..let me share you those pictures from one of my favorite days' off with n in a while :)

(tweeted this) my favorite thrift find & aviators. 

talked the boys into lunch at nick n' willy's 

n of course playing that game i never know how to play. 

he ♥ puzzles

♥ mr. & mrs. 

my new comfort food: honey on pizza. o.m.g. thanks a lot j. 

it was 70 degrees in march. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

a perfect sunday.

It has been crazy weird the past couple of days. My day's direction is completely backwards and upside down and I feel like it has been the looongest weekend ever! Usually, you'd expect that to be a good thing. Which it is in this case too, it's just a weird feeling knowing, that you only had one day actual weekend day off and your weekend really wasn't that long. Don't worry, I think I just confused the heck out of myself too.

Anyway, today was great. Even though I felt like a truck hit me when N woke me at 7:30, but it was really 8:30 and I felt like I was late for something not realizing that it was for my day off (!!) until suave mr.ray kisses me on the forehead and heads to work. Luckily, I had the coolest 2 year old toddler at my house that kept me company drawing in her coloring book next to me on the couch, snuggling with me, playing again, braiding my hair and snuggling again, and so on and so on, while my lazy ass laid around and watched almost 2.5 hours of the Toy Story marathon on the Disney Channel - hollaa!-

At 1:30 I had finally woken up for the day and felt motivated enough to throw on my skinny pants, a white tank and oversized sweater (complete with my white and grey heart patterned keds!) hopped in my car and drove 15 miles to the next town to a consignment store called The Buffalo Exchange. Almost an hour later I earned $110, spent $105, and earned $5 ( minus the $1 for the chocolate frosty on the way home). Not to mention
these fucking fabulous pieces   richer!!!

sorry for the vulgarity. but i love these pieces!

very Zoey Deschanel. ♥ 

To the Max by Max Azria mauve colored dress

backview hard to see but has a framing pink seam. I'm in love. 

simple yet sexy royal blue dress H&M

very flattering sinched shoulders. 

I just hear my sister's "youlookgoodbutyourstyleissoweird" voice

I'm sorry. I just can't help but LOVE it!! (farmer's market, dinner on pearl street, or a day trip to foco..hello??? I'd be crazy not to own this. Of course, with cowboy boots. This is Colorado people)

i'm girly. have ya noticed?

ugh. you're gonna think I'm totally nuts. 

i just could nooot get myself to pass up these aaamazing high waisted shorts. 
I couldn't. (they have black wedges + black tank on a hot Rio margaritas kinda night, written aaall over them)


I know this is a little random, but I came to one very important and crucial realization tonight: 

I don't like raisins. 

I don't like cookies. 

But give me




and make

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

and I can devour almost an entire box. 
Like this evening. 

(I told you this was a perfect Sunday)

xo . jess 

Monday, March 07, 2011

Come on Over to my Place.

So. I sort of love to do girly things. Well okay. That was nothing we didn't already know. But I looooove to do hair and make up. Alright. So we already knew that too, but I'm not gonna lie..sometimes the thought of attending some certain schoolage for this for quiet some of these curiosities..I love to make a big deal about doing other's hair and make up. 

It's the most calming thing. I could spend all day doing hair and make up one after another. I'm serious. So serious that I insisted on spending the morning of my wedding day doing all of my 6 bridesmaids' full make up and hair including my mom's and friend Sena's. Everyone asked me up until the very last minute if I was absolutely sure I wasn't going to be stressed and wanted to book a professional instead. But I knew that doing this would keep me calm, entertained, and enjoying myself vs freaking out and stressing. Maybe it's a little bit of controllness (?), but it's more about that fact that physically applying someone else's make up and getting creative with their locks is simply amazing. :-P 

So anyway, lemme get off my soap box here..and share with you these lovely random shots of my selection all laid out for my sister Julie last Thursday so she could come over and pick out accessories and jewelry and have me teach her how to do a smokey eye. Even though I got way into teaching her all the important steps of painting yourself a jet black smokey eye that I sort of forgot to take any pictures and can't really share the steps with you like I had planned. Alas, I only have pictures of my jewelry to share with you :P

I'm such a girl. 

chunky necklaces.

ring collection.

my studs. 

the beginning of a very successful smokey eye. I'll raincheck you. ;)

xo . jess

Krispy Kreme Boy

Alright. I know I've been suuper absent around these corners lately. Between work and some health issues I've been having I don't even know where the time has gone and I apologize for being so lame to follow lately. :) If you're into tumblr. at all, I have to say, thanks to my brandspankin' new smart phone my mom got me as an advanced birthday present :) (Evo from Sprint - AMAZING!) I've spent my mini free minutes of the days quick uploading daily shots to Stripes & Tutus

I can't deny that I've kind of become a phone junkie. Searching all kinds of apps, tweeting, and doing mostly all my Facebooking via my phone are what I mean. I'm becoming quite the technological wiz over here, let me tell you :) But..the favorite thing about having such a saweet phone (!) is how amazing the camera is!!!! I'm so obsessed with it lately that I'm constantly shoving a camera in someone's face. 

However. If you happen to be hanging out with the coolest kid to ever walk the face of this planet and he then also happens to be your 13 year old younger brother A.K.A. one of my favorite people ... then you don't need to be shoving the camera in his face, because this kid is a walking photo opp. :) 

Ty is at our house tonight, with his dad the rest of the week after that and then he'll be with us for 4 weeks straight!!! :D woop woop. There's no nights like when this kid is around. Eating everything you make for yourself, stealing your computer, or playing video games with you. Tonight in particular ... he comes home and tells me that he has a crazy craving for Krispy Kreme doughnuts and that he has $20 and we just absolutely have to go get him jelly filled doughnuts, right, this, minute. 

Here's what came out of it. 

We enter while he's rapping about jelly filled doughnuts filling his belly to "What's My Name" - Rihanna. 

He's so excited he can hardly contain himself and is freaking out because he doesn't know how much doughnuts = "a dozen" Tyler: "Can I just say I want like, 20 jelly filled doughnuts?" - :-D

Cuter than Justin Bieber with his skater/soccer street style and going on becoming taller than me!!! I promise he's my "little" brother. 

His proud $8 purchase for 6 original glazed and 6 jelly filled doughnuts, complete with Krispy Kreme hat. I'm telling you I love this kid with all my heart ♥ 

Like I said. Street style. This is doughnut #2 btw. 

Enialating doughnut #3 he asks "Can doughnuts make you fat?"

I love this kid. I don't blog about him enough. (Did I mention that we went by GameStop after our delicious dinner of sin, and he bought me my very own Polly Pocket game for the DS with his allowance?? I know, I know..coolest. kid. around.)

xo . jess