Monday, May 31, 2010

Chaos Times 23

I hope you all had a fantastic Memorial Day! It seems as if everyone and their mom was at the pool our out bbq'ing today, so I hope you didn't have to work and got to enjoy some rays wherever you were!

My life is in complete chaos. Or at least that's what it feelslike.
I had planned on my mom coming up today and helping me get completely settled in our new place - unpacking all the final boxes, rearranging furniture that was put in a temp place, and of course letting her go with her fantastic decorating skills (the woman should just realize that she should have been an interior decorator). Unfortunately, she is sick and couldn't make it up and even though I completely understand that doing all those things while feeling shitty is something I would have turned down as well, I was left in a complete frenzy. N had gone camping with his bf "Birry" :P which he had well deserved over the past couple months and especially after the past week (!) and it only took about 20 minutes for me to get completely overwhelmed with all the shit around the apartment.

I didn't know where to start. Everytime I felt I had unpacked a box it seemed as if another had popped up out of nowhere. My closet has one of those organizational systems and even though it's cool, where do I put my maxi dresses? Or any items of clothing that are longer!!? They clash with the hang bar that starts below them and then hang over the clothes below. Not cool. And definitely adding minor stresses creating a very grouchy, frantic, unpleasant Jessica.

Thankfully, I had my sweet roomate Bri come to my rescue; she came out about 5 seconds before I was going to break down in a crying fit amidst giant evil boxes, forced me into a bikini and dragged my sorry ass to the pool. The second I layed down in the chair I was thankful she had done that. Then about 5 minutes later I completely passed out in the sun.
It was beautiful. And I felt much better after.

I haven't completed everything today but fuck it. I'm done for today! I think I have a right to say fuck it and enjoy at least a few hours of my Memorial Day that I just happen to have off!
And so, N & Birry are fishing, Bri has a hot date (;) not really ) and I'm hopping my ass in the car, getting myself some chic fil a (YUM) and plopping down on the couch for a mani & movie.

Oh ya. And it's my birthday on Friday. I'm going to be 23. Yay :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Heart the Blogging World

Contrary to the fact that I am a true believer in letters over emails, postcards over text messages, and definitely love letters over sexting,
I love my blog, my fellow bloggers, and get super giddy when I sign into my blogger account and see that I have aquired new followers.
Welcome to those who are new to my blog. I can't wait to read more into your lives and get to know you. I think this will be the beginning of a beautiful blogship :) (Oh ya. I definitely made that up)

Another fact about me is that I'm a firm believer in soulmates. However, I believe that a soulmate does not have to be a lover or a boyfriend our husband. Of course, they can be, but they can also a stranger that is predestined to be your soulmate - you just don't know it yet.
In my case, I have come to realize that the person that very much resembles my definition of a soulmate is a person that also happens to be family. I am so excited that she has finally (!) joined the blogging world. She has the most incredible writing voice and I hope you will all visit her and welcome her ever so sweetly!

When we are together it blows my mind how alike we are on the most intimate emotional level. We simply think the same in every aspect, believe and dream about the same things, agree on basically everything, and completely lock on an emotional level. Hour long conversation in a Safeway Starbucks, airport food court, or most likely over the phone, are our forte.

Dangit. Now I really miss you.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cut Off

I am so sad. Not only because this post has to be somewhat short, but mainly because this week is straight from hell. So I'm going to give you the bulletin rundown.

  1. Moving is C.R.A.Z.Y.!!!!!! We are having to do it all (or had to do it all) before and after work. N has basically done it all and is exhausted! I'm thinking of scheduling him a secret massage on his next day off so I hope he doesn't read this post (like he loves to do on the shitter) because he'll try and talk me out of it, but he deserves it. Anyway, shit is everywhere in our new place and we are having to stay at the old house until late tonight to clean 5 years' evidence of us living there completely away.

  2. Work is crazy. Everyone is having a bad week/day somethin'. I'm still driving all over town to help with things happening within the company. Which won't stop for at least the next two weeks. Thank god for drive through Chic Fil A's and the fact that I heart my car. (Even though it was skipping every single CD I was trying to play today - bitch).

  3. I'm going to be 23 next week and I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. (Even though the day off at the pool is going to be amazing!)

  4. Wedding finances are still not finalized. But what ever.. we're not in a hurry. We're only getting married in 4 months.

  5. Oh the best for last. The stupid, mean, inconsiderate, and unfair people at Comcast think that  I can wait until June 8th to receive internet in my apartment. Well guess what. I cannot. I have to blog, my online class starts, I have to blog, I must pay bills online...and most importantly.. I HAVE TO BLOG! I would explode into millions of little pieces if I can't get this stuff out on a regular basis - hello?? Do you not get that? Not funny. I must find a way to get it sooner. What will I do without you guys for over a week? I refuse to walk my ass all the way over to the business center every night and use it here :( Boo the business center.
Hope you all are well! Please, I receive your comments via my HTC I'm not totally cut off. But basically yes. I will see you on the flipside!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Ad-Libs

Your Favorite...

My favorite fashionista AccessoriesDiva has the cutest idea to keep Mondays fun and fresh! She's asking to know your favorite item in your closet. So play along if you'd like! 

My favorite item right now

My new Urban Outfitters tote that I scored on sale over the weekend while working the F21 Job Fair downtown Denver. 
I saw it from across the store and literally ran across the store. It probably would have been physically impossible for me to have left without. 
It's the prettiest rich navy and crips fresh cream color. And it's super comfortable! I can't wait to make good use of this, this summer!! 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Robert Downey yum yum

After a very lazy, yet somewhat productive Sunday off, Bri and I decided that our time would be much better spent sitting in comfy oversized chairs..sipping on cokes with our hands in popcorn bowls while we let ourselves be entertained by the new Iron Man 2 than at home, packing for this week's move ( I should say tomorrow's!! :P) 

I don't know how else to say this but 
Robert Downy Jr. is SO DAMN HOT!!!!!!
Sorry for yelling. And the bold and underlining. But I can't HELP IT! And I don't care that the man could be my father..I would be more than happy to take my clothes off for the man, anytime. 
Sorry again, for the vulgarity. But DAMN! 

With his clothes. 

Without his clothes.

With shades. 

Without shades. 

In a black tank. 

In a fucking racing suit. 


Hold on. 

Sorry. I had to catch my breath there. 

I apologize. I usually do not get this bothered and then post pictures of a person all over my blog. But I think we all have that one celebrity, person, character, hero that we lose it over a little bit. In fact, I am SURE that there are far more crazier obsessed people..woman my age who've done worse. 

And so I must say, 
Taylor Lautner. Sorry buddy. 
I just remembered I have a bigger weak spot than you. 
And his name is 
Robert Downy Jr. 

Packing Day

It's official. We are moving.
Packing all day long.

Lots and lots of memories in this house.
N is the one person that has lived here since day 1.
In the last 5 years N had 10 roommates in this house.
1. Derek
2. Jason
3. Dane
4. Raena
5. Amanda
6. Julie
7. Billy
8. Me
9. Quintin
10. Bri
10 people!

I have decided that I must contribute a post to the past 5 years we have spent in this house.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fill in the Blanks

It feels so good to be blogging! The past couple of weeks have been crazy! And I am so excited to jump back into it with this week's edition of Fill in the Blanks "fashion" by the lovely miss Lauren.

If any of you want to play along and fill in the blanks on your own blog make sure to come back here and link up at the end of your post so we can all see what you wrote.

1. One fashion trend I really regret is... in middle school I was all about doing fun things with my hair, which I don't regret, because I have learned to french braid my own hair and do fun things with it, but at one point I was definitely rocking the Princess Leia buns on each side of my head.

2. The one thing that always completes an outfit is... the shoe. I hate seeing people that have put together a nice outfit, but then ruin it with a pair of shoes that either throw off the whole look or when you can tell that they just put their feet in the first pair of footwear they could find without thinking twice.

3. I would describe my personal style as... feminine, vintage, soft. If I could wear a highwaisted comfy skirt with a flowy top and a pair of vintage heels every day, I would.

4. My fashion muse is...Emma Watson. Whether it's her stylist or her, she's always put together in a feminine but strong way. She makes any outfit girly, fun, and fashion forward, whether it's casual or dressy. She stays true to herself and her own style without jumping on every new fashion bandwagon that comes along.

5. If I could own one piece of designer clothing it would be... Easy: A long single strand pearl necklace by Coco Chanel, the one that has the 2 C's throughout the strand, and a Chanel handbag. (I'm drooling, my god that's pathetic). These questions are making me wonder if I'm more into accessories than actual items of clothing. Maybe I need to change my answer to question 2 to "accessories."

I couldn't stop thinking about this necklace for DAYS after I saw this movie.

I'm sorry..I'm drooling again.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mssunshine gets her sunshine back

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend - I cannot image it was any better than mine, because I have not had such a great weekend in a very long time.

I have no idea what I was so weird about or maybe just a bit nervous, about graduation..but I am so happy that I let my amazing fiance talk me into walking this spring semester. Even though I have to complete 2 more summer classes, since my school does not have a summer comencement, the only time for me to walk/graduate was on Friday, in the spring comencement.

You know when something happens or is happening to you that you're kind of embarassed or uncomfortable discussing with other people about, just for you to find out that the same has happened, or is happening to them, and you feel so much better?

That was me. Friday night. Realizing that I was silly to consider not walking, because 3 other girls (there are only 8 in my college this graduating semester ;) - we're a tight bunch) have to do the same thing; take some online classes this summer.

Walking/graduating was amazing.  
Saturday I had to work, which despite the fact that it was a Saturday, was actually fun! I got the opening shift, which is my favorite, because I love having the afternoon/night free, but I just love good work days, when you're having fun with your management team, yet getting work done and having a great sales day...that was Saturday. Quite amazing.

leaving work at 5pm I felt totally like running, and since my amazing work out buddy aka best friend bri is back in town I knew she'd be up for it when I got home.

Running we went and I know this is going to sound weird, but I'm such a runner. I feel so incredibly relaxed after I run, even if for only 30 minutes; my head cleares, I feel better about myself, and I love the feeling of your muscles already tightening and getting sore after you've gotten out of shape.  
Bri and I toasted the night with some yummy chicken stir fry and a red box rental of the movie Coco before Chanel.
it was SUCH a fantastic movie! I must see if you don't mind subtitles. Audrey Tatou is simply stunning as Gabrielle or Coco :)
It was amazing having Bri back that waking up Sunday morning and realizing that one of my dearest and best friends has moved closer to me, and that I had the entire day free to spend it with her, was such a happy feeling, my heart felt warm all day ♥
My family means the world to me. But I love what Bri always says about families. That you have your family that supports you no matter what, but then you have that family that you alone chose for yourself. And that is your family created by a collection of some of the most special people in your life that were brought to you by fate, destiny, or sheer coincidence. And they will always be there for you, grow with you, and learn with you.
So ms Bri and I got up this morning, got ready and caught the last matinee of Letters to Juliet, which was surprisingly touching, funny, and cheesy all at the same time :). I'm not being sarcastic about the touching part, because I had big toddler tears streaming down my face in completely simple, yet romantic scenes throughout the entire movie.
Amanda Seyfriend is always quickly becoming one of my fav's..she has the biggest eyes and the best crying face :)
I definitely recommend it!

After the movie we caught some pizza at N's work and headed home to finish another movie we had rented from the red box Saturday night. We obviously needed the relaxation, because we did not feel bad one bit for being lazy on the couch with blankies while it was a nice sunny day outside.

We weren't total bums however..once The Hurt Locker was over we stretched and quickly got up to change for a good afternoon run, before we completely melted to the couch, and felt good and proud of ourselves afterward. I'm telling you, this girl will have me in shape for my wedding in no time! :) And of course for pool/bikini season! :D

I hope you all had fantastic weekends. For once, it's off to work for me tomorrow - usually Mondays are my day off. But don't worry. I've got my helmet all ready and shined for tomorrow.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fill in the Blanks

Wow, Friday again?? I'm sorry I've been so lame on blogging! I even had to skip my What I Love Now on Sunday because the evil cold from last week totally overtook me and I even missed 1.5 days of work because of it. And now it's Friday, my best friend Bri is finally coming home and I'm also graduating tonight!! Waaah! :D
Since I have the day off I told myself I MUST blog today before I have to run off get my hair done, upload my day's outfit to lookville, because I've also totally neglected that, and clean house before my big guest arrives! :)
So without further ado..let's thank Lauren for her amazing Friday series and thank her that she remembered to come up with some questions at 10:15pm last night so that we can play an amazing round of
1. The very best thing about summer is riding my cruiser bike around town with N at 8:30 for late late afternoon ice cream trips; everyone and their mom are out and about downtown Fort Collins, it's hot even though it's almost 9pm and it's summer!

2. My first crush ever was Alex Gsoedl :) Oh man I was a sucker for that kid. The only blond guy I have ever been attracted to. Maybe he scarred me for life and I can't like blond guys anymore :P But we had an intense 6th & 7th grade love, let me tell you. :P I think we broke up about 7 times..and then realized we were madly in love with each other after all when I found out I was moving to the US. He took care of a few of my firsts..first kiss, first real kiss too :P first dance, holding hands :) all the innocent gushy stuff! It's weird..I've picked up contact with a lot of our old friends from back then, including his 2 best friends..but not him.

3. This may sound silly but I'm one of those people that does not care at all if my bra matches my underwear. Polka dot blue on white bra with floral panties? SURE! Whatever I pull out gets put on. I didn't even know that some people consider it a sin to do this!? My mother MUST be matching! If she has to change her bra for a certain shirt she MUST change her underwear so that it matches :P Are any of you like this? Or is she really just a freak like I tell her.

4. I squeeze my toothpaste completely random, never close the cap, and it drives N crazy :).

5. My absolute favorite comfort food is fast food. Anything bad for you. And yes that includes Mc Donalds. :( I should be ashamed I know.

6. A random fact about me is that even though I think I have cute feet I am one of those people where the second toe is longer than my first :) BUT I used to look in catalogues like Victoria's Secret and those models all have that :) I was very self conscious about it when I was a teen. But now - whatever :P And N totally loves my feet. Idk why. He's not a foot fetish person, but he has this thing about hands and feet.

7. The one piece of technology that truly makes my life better is my HP Pavillion laptop. I have never loved a laptop so much. And without it I couldn't stay in touch with any of my family and friends that are scattered around the globe, I couldn't blog, and I would become very lonely and cut off from the world if it ever broke (knock on wood).

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Countdown to Graduation

I hope you're all having a fabulous Mother's Day! Mine's pretty good..except that I'm spending it on the couch at my mother's house. I woke up with a really high fever and gave in and went to a small clinic at Walgreens to make sure I didn't have strep throat..everything should be ok, but my fever was at 102 and so they wrote me sick from work for the day, which isn't all that fun when you're well, sick. 

So what better to do but to blog when you're sick? :D The adorable miss J at Classy in Philadelphia posted the cutest post today about her freshman year experiences. It's her countdown to her graduation day this coming Thursday! Congratulations girl, I'm right there with you on Friday night at 7:30pm! And so she has inspired me to post about not my freshman year, but the best semester of my senior year. 
Overall, there was always something that happened each year. 
The first year, I hated the school I chose, University of Colorado at Boulder. Booh that school. 
The second year, I transfered to Colorado State University, Go Rams :P and I spent the entire year lost. I was in love with my best friend, and instead of trying to make new friends I got to dependent on N and after Christmas break he broke up with me :( The following 6 months were difficult for the both of us in many ways, but love prevailed and by October we decided we didn't want to be without the other and started over. 
Junior year my nana became very sick, was in the ICU for a month and every day we had to hold our breath because we didn't know if she would survive the day. During that time I flew back and forth between Oregon and Colorado because every time we thought she would pull through she would get worse. And even though she passed it was for the better and she can now be happy with the love of her life up in heaven :). 
But because life always bounces back from a low, we're on to the best semester, with the best friends, and the best bar nights that I'll never forget (soo cheesy I know - but it's true!)
In October, Nick and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary and the fact that we were happier than ever. Everyone thought we'd come back engaged :) But that didn't happen until a year after that ;) We spent 3 days in the mountains, sleeping in, ordering room service breakfast in bed, got our first couples massage, and walked to the little crepe cart every day downtown Breckenridge :). It was amazing. 
This was our homecoming game - it was misting all day and it was freeeeeezing! My sister in law J on the left, me, my sister D, and my mom didn't care, it was a blast! I can't even remember if we won or not. I'm pretty sure we didn't :) We never did! :P 
Then of course there's the days when it's super hot during football games and we get to pregame all day long! Me, my best friend's sister, my bffs Bri & Britt :D
 The last football game with this crazy amazing group. 
 Following homecoming was the funnest Halloween ever :D The boys were amazing in these costumes. We went to our favorite bar called Washington's. 
I had to include this picture because you can see the infamous drinks that caused many infamous nights :) the blue one in N's hand is called Adios Motherfucker - the strongest drink I have ever tasted. I hardly ever got that one. I liked the Long Island Icetea instead in my hand :) Seriously, that's ALL any of us ever ordered. 
  I love this picture!! Every Thursday night we would start off at Sully's where they had Beavers. What is a Beaver you ask? Every kind of hard liquor mixed in this delightful pitcher with as many straws as you like, once it's served everyone grabs a straw and DRINKS! :) After Sully's we'd get a ride to Washington's where the boys would just get more drunk with those blue drinks :) and Bri and I would dance off our buzz and be in charge of finding a way for us all to get home.
I love this picture of my friend R and I. He always makes me laugh till I have tears streaming down my face. 
Ok love, I know you're reading this all - we look sooo young! Look how short your hair is and how long mine :) aaaaand our yummy sex on the beach right next to us :) 
 I know I've talked about my spring break trip to Miami many of times on here, but since it happened that year I have to include it :)
 Bri and I on St. Patrick's Day during our Miami trip. 

Aaaahhh - I can't believe it's all ending and that all those memories were already a year ago. Now I'm getting married and starting my life as a newlywed. It's amazing how much things change within 1 year, let alone in 5. But at least I'll always have endless folders of pictures and memories in my heart to help me remember the good ol' times and remind me of what great friends I have. 



Smooch Your Mama Day!

Happy Mother's Day
to the most beautiful, loving, genuine human being
I am proud to call my
.best friend.
.safe haven.
.best shopping buddy.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Let's Take A Drive Shall We?

So I need your major help. I need serious advice. N and I have been fighting like mad lately, because we are stressed beyond belief and I just don't know what to do. And so I thought - why not ask someone else?

I am pretty sure I posted news about the unfortunate events of N and I not being able to stay in the house we are currently living in, in Fort Collins. And I know that I talked about being promoted at work, not in position but to a bigger store which will do more volume and I'll still get a pay increase. The new store location is downtown Denver, which posed a bigger consideration to N and I about where we would try and live.

Our dilema is that my job is now in downtown Denver and his business is still in Fort Collins. Since he's on the upstart of his business he works 10 - 12 hours a day. For the past few weeks we have been searching desperately for places up and down I-25 that's not too small because we have Oli but obviously something that we can still afford. Well, every time we've found something, it's gone by the time we try to find out about it. We have also asked my dear friend B if she'd like to live with us for the next year, since we are definitely not as financially stable as we'd like to be and could use the extra help, especially if we can afford a bigger place that way. This will also enable us to save for the next year since we will be getting an increase in income over the next year. 

However, as it turns out, I am basically getting the very short, shitty end of this stick, because there is nothing left and long story short after waying our options and calculating factors like gas, even though it'll be further for me, because my car is way more fuel efficient than N, we'd pay the least amount of gas money a month if we lived in Loveland. To give you a visual image: living in loveland: $400 in gas/month. living in Erie or Broomfield $700+ in gas/month :( Shitty right? My stomach turned over a little bit when we calculated this.

I am so stinking upset :( I do not want to commute 1.5+ hrs a day to and from work! But I also don't want us to have to pay all that money on gas each month. What would you do? Bite the bullet? Put your foot down and do something completely different? I'm freaking out. I want to just compromise, but is it really compromising if I'm the only one sacrificing? And I do want us to save money and have a good financial standing in the future.. but this just sucks :( Big monkey balls.

I'd love some feedback.
Happy Mother's Day.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Fill in the Blanks Friday

Fill in the Blank Friday

Lauren at The Little Things We Do has themed her Friday series Fill in the Blank with books-books-books this week! :) Woohoo!
If you want to play along, repost this in on your own blog and linky up back to her page! Happy Weekend people.

My favorite book growing up was The Harry Potter series. It still is, and most likely always will be. And I know I was already a teen when I started reading these or when they came out, but besides Where the Wild things are I can't remember which book I liked the best, and when I think of growing up I think of HP, because those books kept me sane and happy from the time I had to leave my home in Germany and make my big move to the United States, start high school, start a new life, try not to undergo culture shock, etc. So, HP it is.

The funniest book I've ever read was ye know..I don't think I've ever written a funny book!!?
The one book that has truly changed my life is The Time Traveler's Wife. N gave me this book for Christmas the year we had gone through a pretty hard time in our relationship. At the end of the book, which I didn't find until I'd finished the entire thing, he wrote "I'll love you forever". Even though this is probably the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me, that's not the part that changed my life. The book tells the story of a love that I stubbornly and truly believe in, with every fiber of my heart. Yes, I'm a romantic. Even in this technology ruled world I still believe in love letters, love that outlasts everything and when I got to the end of that book, I had written proof I had found it.

If you're looking for a real "tear jerker" you should probably read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. SUCH an incredible book. Stories about old Germany that play in the holocaust era get me anyway, but this was unlike any such book I have read. I honestly laid in bed the rest of the day and didn't know what to do with myself. I was emotionally overwhelmed :). Beautifully and even more cleverly written. A MUST read.
If I could meet any author living or dead I would want to meet J.K. Rowling. Duh. But Lauren & Erin had a good one that I would NOT pass up so I'm going to piggy back them:
Jane Austen.

The next book on my "to read" list is Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. A recommendation from my dear friend Katie. I've heard great things about it.
If I was snowed into remote cabin in the woods and could only choose three books to bring with me I'd bring 1) My diary 2) The Time Traveler's Wife 3) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (book 7).

i just heart her

I MUST post these gorgeous pictures of Emma Watson at the MET Costume Institute Gala a few days ago.
She is simply stunning.

And I'm making a hair appointment on Tuesday to get my hair cut. Like hers.

Katy Perry is fabulous too, so she can hang out.

Colds Are Evil

I just thought you all wanted to know how excited I am for Lauren's Fill in the Blanks tomorrow!! I have been excited for every series that I love to participate in! So much, that I realized myself that I haven't come out with the What I Love Now edition of May! So get ready ladies and gents, mark it on your calendar! This coming Sunday, which just so happens to also be Mother's Day, will be this month's edition of What I Love Now.
For now..I feel I must catch you up on some things. Even though today was like my Monday, because I work for the next 4 days and had the beginning of this week off, doesn't mean my "weekend" was all that nice to me. Actually, it sort of decided to be pretty bitchy and besides a great Monday-running-errnands-peroozing-through-thrift-stores, it didn't feel like letting me relax in the least.

I must say that I had a pretty great, positive, happy Monday to which I want to dedicate a post to, because it was such a great day it deserves it's own post, so look for it on my wedding blog tomorrow!

Quick catch up - you know how we had decided that we were utterly in love with Fort Collins and would sacrifice the commute for my job to keep our fixer-upper home below the foothills and start lots of baby making here. Well, turns out N's mother, the owner of the house that she bought for N his sophomore year from which we were going to buy the home) decided to go ahead and sell the house anyway, is giving us now less than 28 to be out, AND decided to sell our washer and dryer along with the house!!! SO - once again we are homeless, and this time really really homeless, unless we figure something out within the ...ohhh..22 days we have left.


Moving on.

Sort of...

We have quickly figured out 3 options so far that all fell through this week, which then resulted in me having a complete melt down last night, after I had gotten some hope and positivity back, and had to emergency call my cousin and best friend Katie. She is the best listener in the world. She's not totally silent, to where you have to ask yourself if the other person is even still on the phone, but she's also not a talker to the point where they have completely taken over the conversation and you're now talking about them and not you anymore. Of course it didn't take longer than 10 minutes for Katie to make me laugh again, and by the time we ended the conversation I stayed happy for a whole 5 minutes after, until Nick walked in the door, he asked "Hey, you ok? Look like you've been crying. Was los schatz?" and tears started shooting out of the corner of my eyes in perfect halfmoons.
Good thing Nick knows exactly how to proceed from here:
1. Gently guide me to a soft spot to sit down in and wrap me up in his arms
2. Whisper the words: "aww schatz"
3. Wait for me to stop crying then nestle his head between my shoulders and tickle me
4. Tell me what he's going to do to relinquish whatever problem is occuring
5. Ok?
6. ok...
7. Kiss me on the forehead.
I would like to dress like this. everyday. I already wear my hair like that everyday :)

Today was decent. It started off grand. The first half of work was fun and good until I started feeling really funky, nausea, chills..and I thought maybe I was hungry.
By the time I left work, I had no voice, chestpains, hard time swallowing and a fever :(
My sister-in-law has been horribly sick all week, decided not to take any medicine and now succeeded to get me sick. And I am totally miserable. However, so are the people around me, because I get suuuuuper whiny when I don't feel well. I started this blog kinda late, and now I'm super tired and am having a hard time finishing it.

So! Let's make it a quick finish to the end by having me tell you that once again I work a full day tomorrow, but however, I will be making up Sunday Mother's day with my lovely mamacita early, because I must work this Sunday, and I am taking her to dinner!
I am reeeally craving some sushi..but of course it's the lady's pick :)
Love you mom ♥

Happy Friday people

Happy Friday