Monday, November 15, 2010

Movie Review Post-Weekend

If you've been keeping up with my overload in blog posts lately (I just keep spitting them out!) you know I was mighty lazy at the end of last week, hardly leaving my room from Thursday afternoon till Saturday afternoon, let alone my bed and I squeezed in as many movies my eyes were allowing me to. (I get the driest sleepy eyes when I watch TV sometimes. It's so weird).

Thanks to my beloved Redbox .. boxes (!?) I got a hold of The Last Station and Alice in Wonderland and thanks to talking myself into popping open the moving box that was holding N's movie cases hostage, I snagged a copy of Love Actually to keep me company Friday night.

Thursday night was time for The Last Station with James McAvoy and the amazing Helen Mirren. Directed by Michael Hoffman the film was nominated for 11 awards of which it won 2 and depicts the historical dramatic life of Russian author Leo Tolstoy's. The movie follows Tolstoy and other characters involved closely in his life and their struggles to find balance of reality and belief.

I have this thing about Oscar movies. Or at least, that's what I call them. I love all types of movies. I really do. I'll watch scary, funny, stupid, and even rom com's. But when you asked me what my favorite actors were you might be surprised. Because I love a beautiful picture, a complex beautiful story with complex character that you want to hate but love or don't understand, or wish you were because the love story you'd find yourself in would be more than you could wish yourself into in a dream. "Oscar movies" are those movies that I'm dieing to see after the award show seasons end and I know that there are only 1-2 people that might sit down and watch a movie like this with me, and both of them live far far away. 

So most of the time I will rent these movies for just me and myself when I know I have the afternoon to myself, hit the couch with a blanket and fall in love 90% of the time. (SO ANYWAY) sorry for that tangent, I remember wanting to see this movie as one of my oscar movies about a year ago when Helen Mirren won best actress in a leading role. I had completely forgotten about it and am so glad I got a chance to see it. Even though it took me maybe 20-30 min to get into it, it completely engulfed me after that. The acting was beautiful. James McAvoy is brilliant and one of my favorite British boys. Mirren is stunning no matter what age and just as beautiful on screen. The images and photography were beautiful and the story had me on my computer doing a little research of my own afterward. I love when a movie does that. SO. see it. Love it. Tell me what you think. 

On Friday afternoon I made a second pot of coffee and shnuggled in my bed with Alice. :P I really like Tim Burton's Alice the first time around, and despite some people not being so impressed by Johnny Depp's Mad Hater, I LOVE that movie. I love all the acting, the characters are great, and the DRESSES :D

 I'm glad I skipped out on Halloween this year, because I would have been mad at myself if I had dressed up for it this year and then seen this movie, because let me promise you, next year I'm going all out! Can't we still live in times where girls run around in beautiful poofy gowns and vintage shoes all day long!? PLEEEASE? I spent quite some time looking for pictures..but then I found this awesome blog post that tells you and shows you all about them! Check it out!!
this one is my faaaav!

And last but not least, after being totally disappointed by Friday night tv with no good movies, no good shows and not a single decent sports game (hahahaha...oooh I'm funny..because I would stay at home watching sports..) on tv I just curled back up on my bed and had a nice little romance session with the always perfect Love Actually. 

You cannot tell me that there's actually someone who doesn't like this movie, so I know I don't have to review for you :) 

Happy Monday kids!
xo . jess


  1. I watched Love Actually this weekend, too...and I think I'm going to have to watch it again this week. I so love that movie. Such a feel good film. :-) And, I'm so glad you enjoyed The Last Station...I was like you: it took me a little bit to get into it, but once I did I was hooked. I love beautiful Oscar films!