Friday, November 12, 2010

It's Friday Pumpkin II

> Happy Friday <

And happy day off to me!! What's a girl to do when she has a beautiful day like today off and doesn't have to report to work again until Saturday afternoon?? That even means that I can stay up late tonight  doin' whatever and sleep in again until noon if I felt like it tomorrow! N has been in Colorado since Wednesday accompanying Billy back for some business and getting the rest of our things we would like to have out here in Michigan and he won't be back until tomorrow afternoon..probably around the exact same time that I have to leave for work :P 

Even though it's a little boring here by myself and I'm not really in the mood for exploring I decided and sort of realized that this is going to be my "me time weekend" since I've been off work since yesterday early afternoon and will be all alone until tomorrow I'm going to relax, do nothing, and watch all the movies in can fit in :) Except for the fact that I realized this morning that I get this anxiety when I don't have a plan for the day. Not really anxiety but I'm constantly asking myself "what's the plan?" "what do I have to do today?" "What do I have to get done?" 

It's kind of annoying, because I can't just relax and do whatever without letting the day take me wherever. :) so I've come up with a lazy outline for my day. 

this is exciting shit isn't it? :D for something with more depth check back when I play with blanks later at Lauren's :)
1. Skype with Juliannaaaaa :D nothing like a skype date!

2. Play along at Lauren's for some blanks - one of the best things about Friday!!

3. Take my first nap for the day and watch Alice in Wonderland

4. Take Oli on his second walk ooor the dog park - whatever I feel like (remember - it's all about "doing whatever" today :) )

5. Return my Redbox movies for more. So I guess I should say exchange my Redbox movies :)

6. Grab some lunch. Alright ALRIGHT..I want McDonald's. Can't get anything past you. Don't judge me

7. Return for some more computer time, maybe even reading time (!!) and more movie time. 

8. Maybe be a little bored. 

9. Snack instead of making dinner.  

10. Get ready for my phone date ♥

11. movie & snack time :P

xo . jess 

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