Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fillin' those blanks..Saturday..okay Sunday

There's been a lot going on this week and the creativity cat hasn't really hit me lately with work in the full holiday swing and all the funnthings goin' on here :) I still have my award to accept later today!! But for now I will fill some blanks (!) and enjoy my short yet quiet morning before work.

Hope you all have a great weekend !! 
and if you want to play along with the blanks..go heaaa

My thanksgiving plans this year will include a day off work with my boys N and Birry and Oli. Not sure what we're going to eat yet but unfortunately we're missing out on a big feast this year. But that's okay because I'm looking at it like a free "get out of jail" card for my waist ;) Lord knows I'm a sucker for holiday food!

My favorite Thanksgiving was the thanksgiving holiday when my Nana and Jeffrey came to spend it with us in Colorado and my grandpa Jeff got on the ladder the very next day on his skinny golfer legs and insisted on hanging Christmas lights the very next day. 

My signature Thanksgiving dish is ..once I start cooking and embracing my housewife role I'll get back to you. 

My favorite Thanksgiving food is the dessert :) duh

Thanksgiving free association! Will someone please explain to me, what this means???!!!! Do you just say random words about Thanksgiving that relate to you?? I know I's the German thing. 

I am thankful for a family that loves me unconditionally; someone to love me for who I am; family and friends that would travel the world to see me; my health; loving myself for who I am; knowing who I am; a younger sister to protect her big sister; a younger brother whom I can use as an excuse to watch Spongebob and play video games; a best friend that let's me tease him till the sun turns green; a goofy puppy; the ability to love and be grateful.

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