Saturday, November 27, 2010

a biggirl birthday girl

Because her birthday is MUCH more important than miley cyrus's and because she is the most fabulous crazy beautiful girl in my life aaaand possibly and most definitely the best sister any human being could ever wish for, I am wishing MY sister a 


Because she knows how to love you 

because she loves herself

because she always knows how to celebrate...

...and that she does not believe in denying that us girls just can't go through life with all those boyfriends, bosses, mothers, sisters, and things without a good cigarette and a cold beer.

happy birthday love. i love you from the bottom of my heart. i am so sad i won't be there to celebrate with you, but we will make up for it soon. i lalalove you SO big. 
xo . deine tica

Photo Hunt Challenge.

{anything goes}

I'm cheating a little today for anything goes for my photo hunt challenge I'm quickly finishing! I'm posting a little more than one image for today. But this morning as I was spending my quiet Saturday morning on the couch with a hot cup of coffee and my beloved laptop, I got myself a little lost in my pictures folder and came across these!! (pictures from our Rehearsal day/dinner and the Family BBQ the day after the wedding)
getting up in the morning with my ladies and going for mani/pedis, followed by brunch at the Bridesmaids' tea and rehearsal&rehearsal dinner later.

mani/pedi time! CHOCOLATE mani/pedis. Being a bride was kinda awesome.

all prettyyy :) myself, my sister & MOH, my sister in law Julie, and my bf Bri 

the coolest godson

the coolest godson and his godparents

such ladies men :) My bf Britt, my cousin/soulmate Katie, and Dina 

my Juriiie 

such handsome boys :) my younger brother Ty - so handsome

my cousin Sam & her then bf - 30 days later these cute kids got married and found out they were expecting :) congratulations! 

My friend Johannes who flew all the way from Germany to surprise me for my wedding. We hadn't seen each other since the 7th grade, 10 years ago. 

sleeping in the day after the wedding and hanging out in the backyard in sweats and with beer visiting with family, 
new and old. 

♥ ♥

Johannes talkin' with gma 

the day after wedding hair :)

my sister is back to cheery self now that the big day is over :) 

ladies, have some chips! 

family. ♥ I don't think I could have imagined a more perfect wedding week. 

Wish today was that Saturday again. Happy weekend!!

xo . jess

Friday, November 26, 2010

Photo Hunt Challenge.


I am quickly coming to the end of the November Photo Hunt Challenge and this is my image for thankful. 

xo . jess 


I worked at 5am this morning. Before I opened my doors I had to step outside and address the anxious, scary mob that had been waiting for 2+ hours for F21 to open. 
I felt like I was at a Harry Potter premiere - the midnight showing :) Hope you all had a safe and fillin' holiday. 

I filled my belly yesterday. 
Filled my sales floor till my fingers bled today. 
And now, I'm finishing with 

Filling in the Blanks
play here

1. Black Friday is for crazy people. For greedy people. Not that I don't love a great deal and there's nothing wrong with wanting to save some $, but I have to tell you, maybe it's the place I work at, when people come out at 5AM to shop sales, then bitch/complain/moane the entire time, cussing out workers and other customers because she's trying to invent MORE discounts!??? She really celebrates peace on earth around Christmas time. 

2. Christmas shopping this year will include online shopping and paying shipping. 

3. Holiday shopping makes me warm on the inside. :) I l.o.v.e. shopping for other people. 

4. This year my Christmas list will include an iPad. That's seriously, all.i.want!!!

5. Bargain hunter, or full price shopper? Absolutely a bargain lover, but if I really really want something for a while I will analyze a smart justification and if I can find one, and I will splurge. 

6. The best and worse thing about shopping is best) The boost of confidence it gives you. worse) getting buyer's guilt after a frivolous day. 

7. Online shopper or in-person shopper? In-persontouchingeverythingwithmyeyes kinda gal. And I always have to have someone to go "UUh look at THIS!" with ;) 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Photo Hunt Challenge.

{I ate this - Turkey edition}

oh yes. we did. 

the holidays are here.

I wish you all the happiest of Thanksgiving today. Hopefully you are as lucky and blessed as me to have a roof over your head, clothes to keep you warm, and friends, family, and loved ones to share it with. Who cares what you're eating, or how big your turkey was. How expensive the wine, or fancy your outfit. 

It is only 2pm eastern time and it has already been the best thanksgiving I have ever experienced. We all slept in this morning until almost 11am. It was freezing cold outside and raining silently. The smell of coffee and creamer lingers downstairs as well all make our way to the living room in our warmest sweats and curl back up on the couches. 
There's no stress. We have no where to get ready for, we have no one to make happy today. 
We are healthy, happy, and for today we have each other; the individuals that know you the best and understand you for you are and love you just the same. What more could you need than that? 

Regardless if you're running across the street in the rain to get a burger from the $1 menu at McDonald's or dressing in your finest shoes to eat the finest most expensive turkey. The most important thing is that you get to be happy and loved and not alone on the holidays. 

*happy holiday season*

may you appreciate the simple and 
most blessed things in life

xo . jess

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

..Back and Forth you Wrap me..

I usually become obsessed with lovey or serious songs a lot. And when I say obsessed it's because I've most likely tied the song to some certain event in my life that I then have to think about every time I hear this song.

Well I surprised myself again for once by becoming completely obsessed with this song in only the last 2 days. I caught myself in the car today completely rockin out and smiling to this song today with the radio blasting. I'd heard it a couple days ago and thought that the beat was catchy and pretty but then today I was in the car and I was listening to every word and then it happened. I got completely lost in a time span of about 2 months about 5 years ago in my life. I was completely fallin in love with N at the time and I love thinking back to this time and this song brought out memories I had completely forgotten about, about N and I.

The words these two sing to each other in the song are so parallel to what our relationship was like when we first got involved. We were both so shy around each other yet so sexually attracted to each other..yet whenever we got 5 minutes to ourselves we would turn into the best friends that just sat around and laughed and entertained each other with the others stupidity. It was the most intimate complex relationship I had ever felt with anyone. I was so attracted to him that sometimes when we were at parties we'd pretend not to know each other and flirt like we were complete strangers, but then when we were with friends we'd just give each others these smiles all night and N will still sometimes do it to this day - I love catching him do it. But when it was just the two of us we were so comfortable, at home with each other. It was like the next time being around each other was more addicting than the next.

I have no idea why but whenever I hear this song I just have these flash memories of us laughing together, flirting, and being together I forget everything around me while it's playing.

I don't think I could have ever hoped for myself to be any happier than I am right now with him in my life.

Photo Hunt Challenge.

{Home Sweet Home}

I chose this old picture of 4 very special guys and me. We were camping with a bunch of friends in the Rocky Mountains Colorado and we were half way through a whole day of 4 wheeling. 

For me this pictures symbolizes so many things that I didn't think a picture of 5 people and landscape could symbolize. I love looking at it and thinking of completely different things about my life. To me it resembles nothing but 

home. sweet. home. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hair Too{s}day.

Volume 2. the bohemian bun

Welcome to my second official weekly tutorial  of what do to with your hair!! People are always asking me 

"How did you do that to your hair?" 

And so here are my answers, trials, and step by step tutorials of 

"How you can do that to your hair, too!"

Even though I missed the live AMA's, I was sure to catch up on all the performances tonight, favoring out with Rihanna who was absolutely stunning, sexy, and rockin' it in her performace, hating the BEP's yet again disappointing attempt at a performance, and being won over twice by two very disliked celebs, "Squinty", and Justin Bieber. But I have to be totally honest and say that after seeing squinty showin' up with 

this new do'...

...and is looking this adorable lately (!) I couldn't help myself but let myself get inspired by one of her most famous and well recognized look. 

What you need: 
A simple brush or comb to straighten out areas. Just a couple bobby pins no more than 4. (5 if you have preeetty long and heavy hair). A soft headband with the elastic band of your choosing. Hard headbands that don't go around your head all the way won't work. 

What you do:
- give your hair a soft comb through. messy hair is good. 
- Fix the front of your hairline or bangs if you have them so that you have a clean part line where your bangs will also split.
- you're going to want to place your headband exactly where the split ends. 
- fluff your hair out and from behind your eyes. fluff chunks and pieces in the front parts of your hair.  
- take your headband with the elastic part to be placed at the back of your head. 
- pull it over your head from back to front. make sure it's secure on your head. 
- move the headband around and push on your hair so that the headband can find it's sturdy place. (it might move up a little or go back from your forehead but that's ok. if you fight where it will fit naturally, you'll  be hating it all day)
- make sure your bangs and split line up with your part and fluff your bangs and hair around your face for a soft romantic look. 
- when your ready for the next step, your headband should be completely wrapping around your head on top of all of your hair. 
- now softly gather the very bottom layer of your locks from front to back and sweep up into a loose classic wrap around bun. 
- Secure with 1-2 bobby pins - it should be loose and just enough to hold your hair in place. 
- tug on tighter sections to keep the romantic look and messiness. 
- take loose sides gently pull them just above the headband and secure. (sometimes it takes some playing with. but, might I point out, can we please acknowledge that all while making my hair look awesome I'm watching TV? oh ya. I'm that talented.)
- pin. check your sides. and your bun. hairspray if you desire. give a last look at the tv. admire your work. 
- give yourself a smile.  

so you can go with a cleaner and more groomed bohemian bun

or even wear it with your hair down with your hair straight or curly! Just remember to have a clean part line and that the headband lines up comfortably on your head. 

happy . trials ! 

MadLibs #426

The shizznet aka "bestfriendshipbetween2guysandagirl" that is 

Birry.   Nick  &   jess

n Guess what I watched last night? 
b Criminal Minds?
n No. 
b I did. 
n baba abababababababa 
b South Park? 
nb hahahahahahahahahah


j Babe. 
n Ya. 
j You should really give me the rest of my cookie over there. 
n No. 
j Billy. 
b grunt. 
j You should really give me the rest of my cookie over there. 
b leans over and gets the cookie. 
j Thanks Birry!!
n Dude you're so ridiculous. 
b I'm right there. 
j I'm glad you see it that way. 


Billy is watching ESPN is on tv. Sportsannouncer and news are running. Jessica is blogging silently. 
b Shut your mouth. 
j scuse me?
b I was talking to the tv announcer. 


Nick is flashing the lighter in Birry's face. 
j uuuuh..I heard singeing. 
b Oh I'd break your face. 
n Why? Cuz I made a bald spot in your wolverine beard?


I'm editing the city ordinance the boys put together, got sidetracked and reminded by Billy to get back to work. 
b Arrrre you done with my ordinance?
j(winey) "Awh damn .. do I have to keep working on it?
b Yup
j Can you just,... be a little smarter?
b (stomps away feelings hurt..doing his Billy pacing) Wohw. Alrigh- THAT...That..was pretty good. I might, ya I'm gonna use that one day. (starting to mumble) That's a good'll come in handy. (whispering now) "can you just be a little smarter".


watching Family Guy Star Wars edition. A couch is being moved. 
b This looks like me and Quintin. Trying to move that couch in, Miami.....
j WHA-hahahahahahahahaha!! I forgot about thecouchinmiami !!!!!!
b THAT was such a pain in the ass

Sunday, November 21, 2010

where to miss?

I hope you all had wonderful weekends! I seem to have lost all sense of time and date and after getting today to sleep in, go to Coney's for a comfort food breakfast, lay on the couch and veg..I have to go to woooooork!! :( *sniff* somehow I was volunteered to be the supervising manager of tonight's stock party at work. Since we are overstocked for the holidays we can't keep up with processing it and getting it to the floor, so myself and 5 other lucky peeps got volunteered for a piece of pie 7-12pm shift tonight.

I'm so stopping by Starbucks for a grande something (a venti is just a disgusting amount of any type of liquid).

But I have to say it's a nice balance for my lazy self, because otherwise I become too comfy in my veg state and never get back up. After our much too large breakfast we came back to the house and vegged about to some football on the couch, relaxing off our food coma (practicing for Thanksgiving right?) and goofin' around. About an hour ago N found Titanic on tv and agreed to flip between more football and Leo :) I got the good parts but it just makes me realize that that movie is most likely where my hopeless romanticism was born. A shaggy haired Leo, a beautiful Kate, piano music and never ending love left a little crazy haired brown eyed girl like me pretty defenseless. The "flying" scene as well as the drawing scene still produce the biggest sigh and make my heart flutter all over. :) :) ridiculous I know (Erin's going *siiiiiiiiiiiigh* :D )

how can you not melt. 

my favorite on screen love. hands.down.

The rest of my free evening was spent with N and I sharing a couch; me spread out over half and N manning his 1/3. Oli making weird noises on the floor and getting a yummy breakfast from my hubby. Pulled apart pork sandwiches with a glass of milk. Oh soo healthy :) Especially topped off with a hot searing cup of caramel machiatto coffee. :) nevermind you starbucks! 

happy sunday . 

xo . jess more for the road..

okay .. just one more..

alrigh, I'm done.

I'm Stylish & Smiley. Apparently.

hi kids. 

I gave a little hint earlier that I have a little acceptance to post! The wonderful, adorable, spunky, kick ass chica Mandee from [the bear naked truth] awarded me this fantastical 
blog award.

this is my third award and thank you thank you thank you to Mandee for awarding me with it! In order to accept the award I have to tell you 
7 things about myself
if you're not really interested just jump on to the bottom and see who I awarded the 
>Stylish blogger award<

Before I go on, I have to admit that I cheated a little. What was pure laziness has now turned pure genius. At least in my eyes. ;) I've been working on this post for days..and poking myself in the eyeball with a fork seemed more fun than finding 7 things to tell you about myself. I've been such a laaaazy blogger this week! So instead, here are 7 things some of my favorite peeps say about me.  
1. my love Nathalia says that - "You're definitely bubbley and a happy person I think. And you're always smiling!"

2. my mommy says that - "How funny you are!"

3. my little sisterinlaw says that - "You are the most caring person I have ever met and the best sister in law eva!"

4. my bffe/cousin/soulmate says that - "One of my favorite things about you is how comfortable you are in your own skin. You know who you are, who you want to be, what you like, etc.. :)" 

5. my lying little sister says that - "You are secretly a stoner and you looooove it :D bahahaha."

5.1. my truth telling sister says that - "You're the most giving and loving person I know :) Someone with a veeery very big heart."

6. my all secrets knowing friend Ryan says that - "That you are ALWAYS smiling. The only time I haven't seen you smile is when you are about to cry from being sad. But it's so hard to read if you are in a bad mood, because you always have something to smile about apparently."

7. N tells me through Facebook chat - me "If you told someone one thing about me, what would you say?" n "Perfect."


Check out these blogger's sites as they accept their Stylish Blogger Award from 
yours truly. 

One of my new fav's 
Rachel at 


The adorable girls
Meryl & Bev at


At my weekly guilty pleasure
Ryan at

post this award back to your blogs and tell us 7 things about yourself. then award 3 other bloggers and let them know that you've awarded them by commenting on their blogs. 

Fillin' those blanks..Saturday..okay Sunday

There's been a lot going on this week and the creativity cat hasn't really hit me lately with work in the full holiday swing and all the funnthings goin' on here :) I still have my award to accept later today!! But for now I will fill some blanks (!) and enjoy my short yet quiet morning before work.

Hope you all have a great weekend !! 
and if you want to play along with the blanks..go heaaa

My thanksgiving plans this year will include a day off work with my boys N and Birry and Oli. Not sure what we're going to eat yet but unfortunately we're missing out on a big feast this year. But that's okay because I'm looking at it like a free "get out of jail" card for my waist ;) Lord knows I'm a sucker for holiday food!

My favorite Thanksgiving was the thanksgiving holiday when my Nana and Jeffrey came to spend it with us in Colorado and my grandpa Jeff got on the ladder the very next day on his skinny golfer legs and insisted on hanging Christmas lights the very next day. 

My signature Thanksgiving dish is ..once I start cooking and embracing my housewife role I'll get back to you. 

My favorite Thanksgiving food is the dessert :) duh

Thanksgiving free association! Will someone please explain to me, what this means???!!!! Do you just say random words about Thanksgiving that relate to you?? I know I's the German thing. 

I am thankful for a family that loves me unconditionally; someone to love me for who I am; family and friends that would travel the world to see me; my health; loving myself for who I am; knowing who I am; a younger sister to protect her big sister; a younger brother whom I can use as an excuse to watch Spongebob and play video games; a best friend that let's me tease him till the sun turns green; a goofy puppy; the ability to love and be grateful.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Afternoon delight.

One comforting thought to my very pesky procrastination habit, is the comforting thought that most of my followers live in a time zone that puts them 2-3 hours behind me. So while I feel like a slacker not sitting down with my notebook until 6pm, all is well, because for you kids, it's only 3 or 4 pm! So let's hop to it shall we?

Apparently I don't have to feel so bad about missing Tuesday's hair day because I got some pretty positive comments from you about sharing my sexiness with you all :) Missed the post? Check it out here. Which, I love that you are loving one of my posts so much! That's definitely the most famous post I've shared with you so far - I need to make fun of myself more often! But really, I am sorry I promise to whip up something fabulous for next week. This week has just been a little .. odd. Not particularly bad but also definitely nothing good to report. Just..meh. Since Wednesday I've had to get up before 4am to get to my unusual opening shift at the store starting at 5am - not that unusual..just trying to get ahead of ourselves on holiday shipment and get ready for the most horrendous day in retail - ;) But even though I've been home by 3pm every day to enjoy my free afternoons, yesterday I only made it to 4:45pm before I passed out into a serious nap and today I am draaaaaaaagging! I even put on a pot of coffee not to long ago.

Oh don't worry. It's not too late for that. It's not helping one little bit. I'm still yawning continually, (like just now) and dabbing my constantly watering eyes (my eyes water like crazy when I yawn..people always ask me if I'm crying) and don't worry, I'm perfectly aware of the fact that this post is completely nonsensical .. and boring :D

BUT..I'll keep it short and sweet! I've got an award to accept and GIVE OUT! Check back to this post in a little bit to check out my little acceptance speech and winners :)

xo . jess 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hair Too{s}day..wait, Wednesday?

I'm really really sorry kids. I totally flaked out on yesterday hair.tuesday and let ya down!! Yesterday was just not a good day for me AT ALL,. I woke up grumpy and could NOT snap out of it. On the contrary, it just got worse with every hour. On top of that I was having one of those, I don't have anything to wear I hate everything on me mornings :P and it was my day OFF people. It was ridiculous! The whole rest of the day was totally wasted on me trying to snap out of my bad mood, be cause as much as I hating being so upset and girly and bitchy all day I couldn't talk myself out of it. So I just rode out the bitchy wave had a a nice enough evening with N instead.

But since I owe you big time for skipping out yesterday I know just the way to make up for it. Even at my own expense, and it even fits with my skipped tutorial from yesterday ...

so..this morning, my lucky butt had to be to work at 5am. Unlucky for me it takes me almost 40 minutes to get to work, so I have to leave my house by 4:15am, and wake up around ... ooohh 3:30am to make myself semi presentable for work. Let me tell you, it was a bitch. 
So as I'm deliriously stumbling to the bathroom I have the feeling that something is goin' on with the front part of my hair, but what do I as I'm walking over to the sink to start brushing my teeth I happen to look up and find this absolute beauty staring back at me!!

Oh ya. I'm sooo incredibly sexy. 

now please, someone tell me that it's impossible for me to have bad hair days. 

who needs a headband to wash your face when your bangs are holding themselves back :D 

You want sexy morning hair like mine? 

1. Ensure that you're waking hour is at least in the "ungodly" hours of the morning to ensure ueber sexiness. 

2. Be sure to sleep in a position where your face is planted firmly in your sheets with your bangs laying out over your pillow. For extra volume, alternate from one side of your forehead to the other to make sure you get all of your bangs in the air. 

3. Add morning breath and VOILA! 

Whoever you're waking up next to won't be able to resist ;)