Sunday, October 31, 2010

big. pink. and furry.

What was that? Don't ask me, because even though I'm pretty sure I'm over it, something was up and I couldn't begin to tell you what it was. Well, ok you're right. I could. I could talk your ear off for hours boring you with my theories. The short version is, let's face it, is that I'm an emotional young miss. I over analyze, I criticize, I get sad, I cry, I pout,..all those uber attractive things all of us (girls and boys) have our own little copy of.

In clear words - the first couple days were a cultureshock and mini overload of realizing ijustgotmarried, imawife, immovinghalfwayacroosthecountry, iwontseemymamacitaeveryweek, imgonnamissouton... (insert ~10-15 events) and so on and so on. But fortunately, this last week was much better. I had better days at work, I got a little of my confidence back, I made some friends at work, I woke up with N's arm wrapped around me every morning, and I managed to throw together some cute outfits. My bangs also looked smashing every day of the week.

Look how perfect they are. And if you caught my tweets from Wednesday..this is the rockin famous big pink furry vest. The last thing I bought at my old store, so self conscious to wear it, but haven't gotten this many compliments on an outfit in a long time, famous vest. I loved it. Have worn it twice since, and firmly believe every girl needs to rock a furry vest this season. :)

In retrospect, it was a pretty fantastic week. Despite the fact that we still haven't had luck with our house hunting. We continue to grind our teeth and keep looking. I'll alert you as soon as the situation is looking up. 

Which already brings us to Halloween weekend which also has pretty decent with N, Birry and I all having today off from work and two nights of successful crappingourpantswithscarymoviewatching nights. Lounging around this spooky day together, munchin', and watching more superscarydon'tleavemealone, movies. 

have a happy halloween.


  1. glad things are looking up for you! :)

  2. thank you doll :) loving all your blog posts the past month! You're so on top of it and adorable at the same time.