Friday, November 05, 2010

Blanky Blanks

Fill in the Blanks Friday

If you've never participated, you're missing out. It's a blast blast. Lauren asks the questions. You repost and answer them. Then you linky back to her adorable blog and voila!! You've played along. 

My last haircut was a few weeks before my wedding. I was so scared to have scissors come near my head, because no matter how good your hairdresser, they always get scissor happy. ALWAYS! I wanted all the length I could get for my updo. I still feel bad for how annoying I must've been stressing the point that I wanted the tiniest trim and relayering as possible. :) poor hairdresser.

My most daring hair moment was when I whacked off 12 inches of hair a year ago. 

And keep chopping it back to my chin when it hits my shoulders. 

A hairstyle I'd never be brave enough to try is a soccer mom hairdo. The really really short "halle berry" style. On the flipside (I'd love to try a pixie hair cut one day!!)

I've always dreamt of being (blonde, brunette or red-head) ..I always loved my brown haircolor and was always content with my brown hues until I caught a scene of Kate Walsh from Grey's. Since that day, I've wanted to be a red head like her. 

My go-to hairdo is lazy braids. I know, sounds complicated. But I'd rather braid a chunk of hair around my head or down the side (when it was/wouldbe long) than spend the time to dry, or tame my curls. 

My biggest hair disaster was (my mom is already laughing) when I was going to my first kid's club type thing when I lived in Germany. All my friends were going and it was my first time. I wanted curly hair so my mom suggested what she and her sister used to do when they were little; sleeping with socks rolled into your hair, like rollers. Let's just say I put Shirley Temple to shame. I was mortified. 

A hairstyle I'm dieing to try is a pixie. And it would have to be blonde. :) 

My best hair day was my wedding day :) I did it myself (along with all of my bridesmaids and mom's hair. It was the most calming thing to keep me occupied all day. 

The worst hairstyle I ever had was, like the rest of you, in middle school. Maybe even elementary!? The good thing was, my sister and I got the same style!! :P so we go through the humiliation of looking back, together. At the time we loved the Spice Girls and apparently thought it would be so cool to have two single yellow blonde streaks like Ginger Spice. (we are 90's babies alright? back off) 

My hair is my favorite asset about myself. 

(thanks Lauren. All this hairapy made me realize how bad I want this color again. I'm going to the store as we speak)

xo . jess 


  1. I LURVE that deep burgundy color on your pretty head - you have the PERFECT skin tone for it!

  2. Omgosh, you are too cute! And I love the last pic (I mean you look awesome in all the pictures.) But the last picture, I love the bangs and color! TOO CUTE!

  3. I absolutely adored when you chopped off your hair and cut bangs. I love you in bangs!

  4. Your hair is always gorgeous - cuz the person sitting under it is! By the way, I thought I was the one who inspired your blonde streak phase! :p Aunt Mertle

  5. Thank you thank you thank you girls :D You're all too sweet. mandee, heather & erin thank you! I am going back to red here very soon!! :) I miss it!
    Thanks Aunty Mertle! I forgot about that picture of you :) You definitely pulled it off better than I did.