Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shutterfly Give*Away

Through the delightful blogging world I came across the amazing give away Shutterfly is offering all bloggers!!

If you would like to get your free 50 holiday cards follow this link and submit your blog. 

I am so excited for this offer because all throughout college, when it was that time of year and I would walk past all the Christmas card stocked in the stores, I would get a little gitty. I love sending things in the mail. Makes it feel so old school :) and every year I would tell myself "Okay, this year I'm really going to send them all out." So I would purchase 2-3 packets of one adorable set of Christmas cards cuter than the next, get home and neatly stack them on my desk ready to be filled with witty little holiday wishes, addressed, and stamped. 

They were always a great hit! People loved receiving my Christmas cards always sent out perfectly on time. 

At least, that's how it would have played out if I ever sent them. 

But I have already told myself weeks ago, since I love to be clique, that since it's N and my first Christmas as a married couple and I have about 600 beautiful wedding photos to use for our first Christmas card from our little family, that this year those Christmas cards were going to be sent out without fail. :) I'm so excited for this offer, because Shutterfly has some of the best Christmas photo holiday cards. I think I might become one of those married women that sends cards for every little occasion, because I could spend hours picking out and creating my personalized cards, like this Christmas card that I think I have narrowed it down to for this year. 

I'm already half way done creating my own personalized Wall Calendar - yes with pictures of our wedding!! :P I've included some of family and our honeymoon. Can't wait to receive it in the mail and find the perfect spot for it in our kitchen. Head over to Shutterfly to check out their desk calendars and post calendar posters that are easy and fun to make your own! 

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