Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcome back, sunshine.



I had no idea how else to start. And at this point I just wanna get around this "howdoIstartthis" writer's block so hello it was and woohoo I'm back ! What else can you expect from a "welcome back" party you have with  yourself and then share with others? :) But I hope you know I'm excited to have found my way back to my blogging self. 

I definitely did not realize how long the break really was which I fully blame on 2011 which is going by unbelievably fast. I think my mind is still back in May somewhere. ( And I'm about to write the schedule for week 3 of August at work-whaaa?! ) Anyhow, I have spent the last few weeks editing, changing, deleting, and creating on my little site so I hope you enjoy the new features. I have fun and exciting things put together to jump start myself back into blogger happiness!

Now let's visit for a second shall we? (Don't worry - I took the liberty of choosing the fast track option)

eins. N and I unfortunately have no news on our own home yet. Trust me you would have heard about that one. 

zwei. I was promoted about 7 weeks ago and am lovin it! Although it doesn't get less demanding and tiring at times, I've made progress on balancing work & life. N just started a new job a couple of weeks ago as a marketing/sampling representative for a new company. 

drei. Like I bitched the year has flown by. The summer was quiet. With the exception of two amaazing camping trips first for my birthday and then again for 4th of July weekend (posts later on this week!), we've been working hard on stringing things together for ourselves. 

vier. With the late afternoon warmth we've been having after the monsoons pass through, N and I have become quite the grilling lovers. With yours truly becoming quite the bad ass at the grill. 

funf. No. We are not having babies. (I have been asked that quite frequently lately. Think of it as an FAQ ;) ) 

six. It's been a very reflective few months. I feel a bit lost. Or finding myself in a really inbetween spot. Sort of in the middle of something. :) (stay tuned!?)

seven. I got to get my feet wet doing some work doing hair for a fashion show. Was super neat and gave me lots of inspiration and new ideas for Hair Too(s)day! (definitely stay tuned! And yes I will post about the show!)

eight. I hate to admit that my photography has hit the snooze quite a bit over this year. I have no excuses. I won't even try. It just wasn't happening. As of now, no action plan on how to tackle this. Open to suggestions! :) photoshoot anyone? 

nine. i heart thrifting! we all know this. But with our plans for moving there hasn't been much of it this summer. In reality, I'm just waiting for the good fall stuff ;) 

ten. I hope you enjoy all the new things as much as I'm happy to be back here :) 

xo . jess