Monday, November 22, 2010

Hair Too{s}day.

Volume 2. the bohemian bun

Welcome to my second official weekly tutorial  of what do to with your hair!! People are always asking me 

"How did you do that to your hair?" 

And so here are my answers, trials, and step by step tutorials of 

"How you can do that to your hair, too!"

Even though I missed the live AMA's, I was sure to catch up on all the performances tonight, favoring out with Rihanna who was absolutely stunning, sexy, and rockin' it in her performace, hating the BEP's yet again disappointing attempt at a performance, and being won over twice by two very disliked celebs, "Squinty", and Justin Bieber. But I have to be totally honest and say that after seeing squinty showin' up with 

this new do'...

...and is looking this adorable lately (!) I couldn't help myself but let myself get inspired by one of her most famous and well recognized look. 

What you need: 
A simple brush or comb to straighten out areas. Just a couple bobby pins no more than 4. (5 if you have preeetty long and heavy hair). A soft headband with the elastic band of your choosing. Hard headbands that don't go around your head all the way won't work. 

What you do:
- give your hair a soft comb through. messy hair is good. 
- Fix the front of your hairline or bangs if you have them so that you have a clean part line where your bangs will also split.
- you're going to want to place your headband exactly where the split ends. 
- fluff your hair out and from behind your eyes. fluff chunks and pieces in the front parts of your hair.  
- take your headband with the elastic part to be placed at the back of your head. 
- pull it over your head from back to front. make sure it's secure on your head. 
- move the headband around and push on your hair so that the headband can find it's sturdy place. (it might move up a little or go back from your forehead but that's ok. if you fight where it will fit naturally, you'll  be hating it all day)
- make sure your bangs and split line up with your part and fluff your bangs and hair around your face for a soft romantic look. 
- when your ready for the next step, your headband should be completely wrapping around your head on top of all of your hair. 
- now softly gather the very bottom layer of your locks from front to back and sweep up into a loose classic wrap around bun. 
- Secure with 1-2 bobby pins - it should be loose and just enough to hold your hair in place. 
- tug on tighter sections to keep the romantic look and messiness. 
- take loose sides gently pull them just above the headband and secure. (sometimes it takes some playing with. but, might I point out, can we please acknowledge that all while making my hair look awesome I'm watching TV? oh ya. I'm that talented.)
- pin. check your sides. and your bun. hairspray if you desire. give a last look at the tv. admire your work. 
- give yourself a smile.  

so you can go with a cleaner and more groomed bohemian bun

or even wear it with your hair down with your hair straight or curly! Just remember to have a clean part line and that the headband lines up comfortably on your head. 

happy . trials ! 


  1. Love the new hair post love!! You so smart!! xoxoxo

  2. this is such a cute style! I have a really cute soft headband and had no clue how to wear it without looking ridiculous so I am definitely going to try this look! and thank you for the blog award :)