Thursday, November 18, 2010

Afternoon delight.

One comforting thought to my very pesky procrastination habit, is the comforting thought that most of my followers live in a time zone that puts them 2-3 hours behind me. So while I feel like a slacker not sitting down with my notebook until 6pm, all is well, because for you kids, it's only 3 or 4 pm! So let's hop to it shall we?

Apparently I don't have to feel so bad about missing Tuesday's hair day because I got some pretty positive comments from you about sharing my sexiness with you all :) Missed the post? Check it out here. Which, I love that you are loving one of my posts so much! That's definitely the most famous post I've shared with you so far - I need to make fun of myself more often! But really, I am sorry I promise to whip up something fabulous for next week. This week has just been a little .. odd. Not particularly bad but also definitely nothing good to report. Just..meh. Since Wednesday I've had to get up before 4am to get to my unusual opening shift at the store starting at 5am - not that unusual..just trying to get ahead of ourselves on holiday shipment and get ready for the most horrendous day in retail - ;) But even though I've been home by 3pm every day to enjoy my free afternoons, yesterday I only made it to 4:45pm before I passed out into a serious nap and today I am draaaaaaaagging! I even put on a pot of coffee not to long ago.

Oh don't worry. It's not too late for that. It's not helping one little bit. I'm still yawning continually, (like just now) and dabbing my constantly watering eyes (my eyes water like crazy when I yawn..people always ask me if I'm crying) and don't worry, I'm perfectly aware of the fact that this post is completely nonsensical .. and boring :D

BUT..I'll keep it short and sweet! I've got an award to accept and GIVE OUT! Check back to this post in a little bit to check out my little acceptance speech and winners :)

xo . jess 

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  1. My eyes water when I yawn, too. People always give me funny looks. I'm getting my hair done today and I hope the color comes out fabulous and darker and makes me think of you!!