Thursday, May 31, 2012

midnight babble.

I have no idea where the night went. But I'm glad to be snuggled in my bed and half asleep as I'm writing this. I spent the evening packing together my things to spend the weekend in the mountains for my birthday camping trip :) Tomorrow straight after work I will be joining N and some family at Red Feather's and I can't waaaaait. I'm almost as excited as I am, to get to go to sleep right now.

I hope you all have a great rest of your week. I'll see you on the flipside peeps...when I'll be 25! aaah. But first, some pictures for you all from our (as always beautiful) sunshine walk Monday.

tree cotton. 

the most random fire hydrant. 


it was a plain jane outfit kind of day. Told you I'd be living in boyfriend jean shorts this summer. Showing off my favorite thrift store find of the season - my gold acorn necklace.


xo . jess

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

hazy day and a fishing trip.

It was a pretty close to perfect Memorial Day weekend. I know that's pretty cheesy to say. But when I had to go to work yesterday morning I couldn't really feel bad for having to work the holiday (not only because work = time and a half :P ) but because the weekend was soo great it felt as if I had 4 days off instead of just two. only 3, I get to start my camping birthday weekend and I am sooo excited!

But let me not get ahead of myself .. because I'm hoping I'll get a chance tomorrow repeat my very relaxing, very hotsummerafternoon activity from Saturday, which was being lazy with a book by the pool. We spent the morning double teaming a serious cleaning session on the apartment, made some pb&j's and snagged ourselves a pair of loungers. 

It was heaven.


Sneaking up on a little quad of baby geese on the walk home :] they were soo cute <3

Mommy goose giving me the stink eye. Alright alright, I'm going. 

Later that day, Dad visited us for an overnight stay as we were planning on an early trip to Red Feather Lakes the next morning, for our first fishing trip of the season. We picked up our shiny new annual passes and went for wings for dinner. Where we proceeded to over do it a little on the wings + beer, plus we ate anxiously and cringing because the UFC fights were the main event and every where we looked were bending knees and bloody faces and I'm sorry...those nasty swellings those people get on their ears from that fighting...*gag* (scuse me...) how does anyone watch that for fun!??

Despite the cringing - it was a great evening :) we were just so excited for Sunday!


Escaping to the mountains for a day, beautiful Red Feather's, and Uncle's Pizza. No words needed. No better combination for a Sunday if you ask me.

Happy Tuesday everyone. 


xo . jess

Monday, May 28, 2012

In Memoriam.

☆  Happy Memorial Day ☆

God bless the soldiers that gave their lives protecting this country and thank you to those that continue to part from their homes, families, and friends in order to serve this country. 

Thank you cousin Wade, may you be safe and well. 
We miss and love you   


xo . jess 

Friday, May 25, 2012


Yesterday we were blessed with a day of rain! Hopefully that will have put an end to the still smoking remains of the Hewlett fire that burnt all of last week just a few minutes west of town. Although we desperately needed it, I was sooo looking forward to parking my lazy ass by the pool and working on my afternoon buzz with N. And a tan too, of course. 

But since the weather had other plans, we took a raincheck for Saturday, took care of a much needed Goodwill trip (my car couldn't fit more junk to in its trunk ;) .... << aaah clevaa :P ) and snapped this little gem while running to the car in the rain. Excuse my creepy awkward "quicksmile". 

Since there really isn't much for entertainment when everything is wet outside, we kept it relaxed and made for an easy going Wednesday. For dinner I let N talk to me into making my specialty - grilled cheese & tomato soup - and although I was whiny at first, I came around and remembered how yummy they are if I make em juuust right. 

And because the new light bulb for our tv still hadn't been delivered, we took to the board games. Where I proceeded to hand out some serious Yahtzee ass kicking. Check out the YATHZEE  via first roll of the 2nd round there  ^ and a large street in one roll down here. who's your daddy?

To soothe N's pain of defeat, I was a good wife and sunk it with a generous helping of cookies & milk. If it's game night, we go all out. Just ask our friends Ty & Heidi :)

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend everyone! Happy Memorial Day 
xo . jess

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

a bike ride.

N and I have started a list of things to do this summer. To help keep ourselves accountable I've created a page to help us stay on track and entertained this summer :) Dates, places, and activities are all included on this list and the other day we took advantage of the amazing pre summer weather, dusted off our stillinneedofmaintenance road bikes, and rode them up the street for lunch.


We ate at Fuzzy's Tacos - a delicious place for baja tacos and neat little place to enjoy lunch in the sun. Although I got to enjoy a day off today, work has been busy and will finish itself off with a little bang as I got invited to a meeting Friday. Then it's hellooo weekend. Maybe with a repeat of this deliciousness.

The afternoon was too nice, not to sip on a little spiked something. 


N thought it was thumbs up and food showing.


I look forward to the weekend and hope it brings some relaxed pool time, more bike riding, and for sure some fishing :) Last minute plans with a friend who was coming to visit fell through, so my father in law is coming up for a lazy Sunday + fishing combo.

Don't laugh..I am well aware my bike still needs some lovin' - :P my seat is too short and I only almost killed myself 3 times because the back break is hardly connected - but it's all good. We just wanted to enjoy the day we said screw it. :) it was fantastic.


xo . jess

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Fire, Italians, and Baseball.

N was home when I come home from a super shit close at work. And now I'm even fitting in time to share with you the lost Wednesday from this week. --> In my last post I told you I spent my Wed moving neglected furniture/crap from Denver..when really, N + I had the day off, we cleaned off and tried off our bikes for the first time this season, aaaand went to a Rockies' game.

My apologies for the unintended lie. If anyone finds my mind....
So here I am to tell you how I really spent my Wednesday.

Which was smokey. And pretty scary. And really saddening, because we have had a large wildfire burning out of control since Tuesday. And during our bike ride/luncheon we took the above picture - the rising smoke cloud was yellow and pink with flames for about 15-20 minutes until the wind picked it up and smoke was literally rolling into town as we sat outside had lunch and rode our bikes home after.

After our bike ride we turned around and hit the road to meet N's family for a Rockies' game and I took these going south on I25 right outside of Fort Collins. Follow the storm cloud all the way to the left end of the picture..and in that direction is where we came from. It was nuts!

It's raining smoke and ash in Fort Collins.

Approximately 50 miles the Coors Field stadium with our amazing seats thanks to Grandpaa.

With Grandpaa and uncletony :) 

Yours truly.

And the coolest cousin that we are soo sad to see goo! But we all grow up and go our ways :]

iiiiiek :] I kinda loved my hair. I'm thinking a favorite hair do for hot summer days, for sure. 

thanx for the skittles and ice tea max :) we're gonna miss you. Rockies' win!

xo . jess