Monday, November 22, 2010

MadLibs #426

The shizznet aka "bestfriendshipbetween2guysandagirl" that is 

Birry.   Nick  &   jess

n Guess what I watched last night? 
b Criminal Minds?
n No. 
b I did. 
n baba abababababababa 
b South Park? 
nb hahahahahahahahahah


j Babe. 
n Ya. 
j You should really give me the rest of my cookie over there. 
n No. 
j Billy. 
b grunt. 
j You should really give me the rest of my cookie over there. 
b leans over and gets the cookie. 
j Thanks Birry!!
n Dude you're so ridiculous. 
b I'm right there. 
j I'm glad you see it that way. 


Billy is watching ESPN is on tv. Sportsannouncer and news are running. Jessica is blogging silently. 
b Shut your mouth. 
j scuse me?
b I was talking to the tv announcer. 


Nick is flashing the lighter in Birry's face. 
j uuuuh..I heard singeing. 
b Oh I'd break your face. 
n Why? Cuz I made a bald spot in your wolverine beard?


I'm editing the city ordinance the boys put together, got sidetracked and reminded by Billy to get back to work. 
b Arrrre you done with my ordinance?
j(winey) "Awh damn .. do I have to keep working on it?
b Yup
j Can you just,... be a little smarter?
b (stomps away feelings hurt..doing his Billy pacing) Wohw. Alrigh- THAT...That..was pretty good. I might, ya I'm gonna use that one day. (starting to mumble) That's a good'll come in handy. (whispering now) "can you just be a little smarter".


watching Family Guy Star Wars edition. A couch is being moved. 
b This looks like me and Quintin. Trying to move that couch in, Miami.....
j WHA-hahahahahahahahaha!! I forgot about thecouchinmiami !!!!!!
b THAT was such a pain in the ass


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  2. hahaha the first is my favorite too :) thanks. I know it's meager to your humor skills.

  3. OMG Batman!!! I'm rolling over here!!! You guys are the best!!! <3