Monday, November 08, 2010

Teenage Dream

Today was kind of fantastic. {1} I had the day off. Hollaaaa! Who doesn't want to stay home on Mondays instead of get out of our warm beds (especially in November) and fight a good case of the Mondays. And according to my today's Facebook News Feed.. every one and their mom had a shitty Monday. Aren't I a nice refreshment from all the complaining?? :P 

Alright I should be nice. I hate Mondays. Days like today make the fact that I work weekends almost okay. Because I'm starting to think I'd rather work a Sunday than Monday. And that means a lot. The one thing I love about Mondays, is that the thrift stores are either always empty or they have just put new stuff out from things that were dropped off on Sunday and you get to snag it all! Unfortunately, my wallet is on a serious diet and that stupid bitch wouldn't let me spent any money today. To be fair, she did take me out for a coffee. Which reminds me that I tried my very first Peppermint Mocha today!

You have to understand that I used to never, ever (!) drink coffee. Tea only. I hated the smell of coffee, the slightest taste (I would refuse to use a spoon that had even had the slightest contact with java) and I was definitely not a Starbucks regular. Then I started my student teaching at a middle school. I shook hands with coffee and instead it kept me awake at 7:20am first period. Come to think of it, that was a year ago. My tea only days are long gone. I still looove a hot, steaming, cozy cup of tea but I love me some coffee. But branching out on the Starbucks menu is a big thing for me and to wrap this nonsense talk up quickly.. the peppermint mocha didn't really do it for me :/ sorry peppermintmocha lovers. I'll stick with a Vanilla Chai Latte from now on ;) 

I wish I could get paid for thrifting. I would be okay with travelling all day long from thrift store to thrift store finding the best stuff. I would be like the Rachel Zoe of blogging. :D (quick - someone ask me what I wanna be when I grow up!) Since N and I decided to leave most of our furniture and other things in Colorado so that we can stay "clutterless" out here and easily ready to pack up and leave (literally) if things out here happen to go sour, (breath!) I am going to get the chance to start ransacking every thrift store in the area to decorate and refurbish, in a way, our soon-to-be home! Which doesn't sound too exciting and maybe a little weird to most, but for me h.e.a.v.e.n.!!!! And I was once again proven right that you simply cannot go into a thrift store and not finding something amazing. 

I hope this is still there when I go back and get this dresser so I can sand and repaint it. It's super tall and I've been dieing for a high dresser! 

A record player. The coolest thing I've seen completely in tact and in great condition at a thrift store. I would love this for something in my place. 

I had a really hard time not buying it. A light blue vintage suitcase with the cutest pattern on the inside. UGH! I'm going back. :) 

Check, out, this heinous, coat! (I'm hoping my mom will post "I had this in the 90's!") inspiration of mine and N's wedding preview getting posted online today (even though we still don't have our wedding pictures((!))) and the fact that I got to post it for my 200th post today!! :D I'm sharing with you some thoughts that I took the time to jot down the other day. 

you were warned. 


I have to give you a warning before you go on any further. This post contains lots of mush, love, and happily ever after.
Regardless of all the changes we’ve been through together in the last month; got married, went on a honeymoon, moved our family halfway across the country, and we’re not exactly well off..we’re definitely in that small percentile of the country that’s struggling at the moment. Not to mention we have a wedding to pay off, we are on the border of living comfortably and getting by. But in the last couple of weeks I’ve been realizing that that is perfectly fine. At least for us. Because every night when we get into bed and find ourselves comfortable in the exact same way we always sleep, we’re happy. Our bed is warm, we still laugh in the dark for at least 30 minutes before falling asleep, and we have our Oli already snoring nearby.
Of course we have shit days. Where we’re both in shit moods, stressed out, worried, upset, crying what have you. Of course we wouldn’t mind living more comfortably than getting by. Be able to get a big house, pop out some babies and sip lemonade on our porch till the end of our days. But we know we’ll get there. We just have to make the trip first. And what’s wrong with honest living for awhile. Nada. Because this is our life and I love it. I would take looking at my husband and getting butterflies, giving him kisses all over his face until he’s annoyed over a new car, fancy clothes, a big house, any day! Those things are just “stuff”. And it clutters. And it distracts you from what’s important. What matters.
And well. N matters to me. The way he looks at me. The stupid face he makes when he walks in on me changing clothes. The way he lets himself get vulnerable when it’s just him and I. His hugs that could make any sorrow seam small. The fact that I know we will live, grow, love, and be together until we’re wrecking havoc in the old folks home together. With Billy pacing around the common room in his walker. 


  1. It's the times when you write this sort of stuff Jess that you make me soo happy to be your friend. You are such a loving person, and have such a unique personality. If things don't work out in MI, just come back and get in on the beer making with me and Gary ;-) We could always use a hot lady to promote our product :-)

  2. If you don't like peppermint mocha {crazy person!}, you should try the toffee mocha! It's damn gooooood :) My favorite.