Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It's a blah Wednesday and I'm actually okay that I'm spending it almost in its entirety at work or doing something for work. Had to drag my butt out of my warm sheets at 5:30 am for a two hour meeting, brave the (still) fog and rain and cold on the way home and while running errands and haven't moved from my bed, computer, and robe since I got home. Now it's already time to get ready for work and even though I don't mind going it's the getting ready part I'm dreading!!!! Tip toeing it back into the bathroom, slowly and whinely peeling off my robe and slippers only to stand in a cold bathroom while getting ready after. Boo on that.

However, with the low key couple of days as the week plays out I wouldn't mind if this weather decided to come back Friday - My day off! :D And I'd spend it like I am now. With greasy hair :P

Before I go put on my face for work..I think I'm going to procrastinate and play along in today's
Wee Bit of Me Wednesdays! 

If you'd like to play along, make sure you're in a yellow polka dotted fuzzy robe like moi! 
And thank you for all of those who loved, commented, and suggested 
on my first weekly tutorial yesterday!! 

{one} Do you collect anything? If so what and for how long?
I don't really collect anything. But I've had lots of ideas thrifting of things that would be neat. Maybe stay tuned... :)

{two} What is one cleaning tip that you swear by?

{three} Who would call for bailmoney?
My mamacita no questions asked. She'd want to hear all about it in the car on the way home and then try and reprimand me for it when we get home. :) 

{four} What is one thing you miss about being a kid?
Riding in cars. I used to sit in the backseat, lean my head against the window and just stare at things outside while driving by. And think and dream and think and dream. Sometimes when I see kids drive by in cars around me, I wonder if they're doing the same thing. 

{five} Name a few of your guilty pleasures. 
Picking up the tabloids and flipping through them as fast as I can in the check out line. I honestly hate the tabloids and the way our society obsesses about it, yet I'm SUCH a hypocrite :P 

{six} What is a tradition that you would like to pass on to your significant other or family?
German Christmas traditions; the advent candle, advent calendar, decorating the tree the week of Christmas (not the month prior), and opening gifts on Christmas Eve. A tradition I would love to create is spending Christmas Eve with my family only. So when Nick and I have kids just the x amount of us in our jammies having the quietest, most peaceful evening. I think the holidays can get so crazy, hectic, and just more stressful than working! This way it would be an evening of love, peace and quiet, and peace on Earth :) :) at least for one night. 

{nine}  What do you  do to pamper yourself?
see my post from Monday :)

{ten} If you were to open a restaurant, what would it be called?
littmssunshine's cupcakes & friends

I skipped a few questions. For the complete Wee Wednesday game to to Leigh Ashley's page (link above)

xo. jess

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  1. OOO tabloids! That is a good guilty pleasure I didn't even think about!! Great post! I am your newest follower and I am excited to read more on your blog!

    Have an awesome day!