Thursday, November 24, 2011

To Giving Thanks.

Currently it is 9:24pm, Happy Thanksgiving, if you are still celebrating strong - or if you're like me, it's early evening of the holiday that even has me officially in full Christmas *cheer* and you have parked your stuffed, pj wearing self into bed. I don't have to explain that I'm not one of the crazed midnight, all night, early bird, zombies..I mean shoppers. Although I can't deny that it wasn't more than ten minutes ago that N turned to me and suggested I hit the stores at 6am.

Wwhaaaaat?? And yes, I am totally considering! But we will leave that for tomorrow to decide, because what I really wanted to share with you, was the holiday Christmas cheer this day brought to me. But Christmas cheer isn't the greatest word to describe the warm reflective feeling I have tonight.
Excitement, relief, happiness, gratefulness, ... might all be a bit more descriptive than *cheer* but they all reflect a positive thing and therefore are all equally relevant.

It's been quite the year. Some months I've completely shoved to the back of my mind, which explains why it's by the far the fastest year gone by in a while. Which turns out to be perfectly convenient since I cannot wait to say goodbye and hello to the new year, for which I have big plans for already. A new home for N and I, returning to school, relocating to our favorite place in Colorado :-) new jobs, new plans, new hobbies, new alotta things! And it's going to be freaking fantastic.

But why would I babble you through 3 paragraphs and leave you without such an unrelated post title? Well, I wouldn't of course and so I have to explain that somewhere in that jumble of word vomit [aka] my heart thoughts, is the dearest thank you to all the friends, family, workfamily, bf's and long lost always friends that gave me so much this year. In the months where I felt rotten, through the months that I enjoyed, through the ones that flew by, and double thanks to those who stuck with me through the ones I have attempted to erase from memory.

Throughout all of them, I never expected to learn so much about myself and work up such an appetite for change. So what my answer should have been today as we were sharing what we are thankful for, was that I am thankful for you. For spending this year with me and keeping me your friend, lover, daughter, family all the way through. I look forward to a time of growth, happiness, love and most importantly discovery.

I wish you a wonderful holiday season.

xo . jess