Friday, November 05, 2010


Inspired by Lauren's blanks from today I thought I could post my compilations of hairdos I've tried out over the last few days. Then when the cute Bree at Simply.Girly. started posting about the smart way she gets cute beachy waves overnight (literally!) I thought why not hop on this little bandwagon? 

First I've slipped in a crappy picture of me trying to share with you my attempt at the fall trend for makeup. It turned out really good but I didn't have time or place to get a good picture. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. ;)  But a trend I've loved for a while is the ballet bun but my hair has been too short for it to go any higher than a mid pony tail. Well yesterday I snoozed around too long and didn't leave myself enough time to wash my hair and so I did my dramatic make up, flipped my hair upside down and pulled it into a classic bun at the crown of my head. I decided to give my bangs a little twist and pin, hairspray and voila! 

I ended up loving it! And the messier it got the cuter it was. I'm a fan of messy and this is definitely a do I'm repeating this winter. Especially if I keep adding to my scarf collection :)
Then this morning, more inspiration from Lauren and her blank series where she shares a trial video of the Crown Braid which I loved immediately! And after my lazy ass morning (!) I was not in the mood to get all wet and deal with a head of wet hair all afternoon, I decided to give my face a good wash, a little freshening up, and took a stab at mastering the crown braid with my short hair. (that's the only thing that sucks about having short hair) It seriously started falling out at the end, but I also braided it incorrectly, but also something I'm loving right now! I'm definitely gonna keep trying to perfect it, especially if my hair gets longer :) 

excuse the no make up and read cheeks from scrubbing my face.

it braids all the way around your head. 

and makes the cutest front braid. 


  1. love, love, love. you're adorable! now I kind of want to grow my hair

  2. Thank you thank you :) always love your comments.

  3. I love your hair!!! It looks great :) I have super long hair and I am always looking for new styles to do with my haaair.
    Have a lovely Sunday lady.

  4. Thx Morgan :D I'm jealous.. the crown braid is definitely so much better on long hair!