Friday, November 05, 2010

Candy Canes & Laundromats

If you don't count the mini melt down I had today, my day was pretty fantastical. What else could you ask from a Friday than to sleep in, have a cup of coffee brought to you complete with toast by your hubby, not getting out of bed until 1:30pm, blogging blanks, and hanging out at the laundromat for two hours!! (at a pretty snazzy one if I may say. It was kind of adorable.)
Alright, so that last one isn't that great. But it cancels out when you come home to your guilty pleasure for dinner and Toy Story 3 rented for the evening. Especially when you realize you stopped at Meijer or as we pronounce it Meh-jer, and found yourself a brand new, yellow and white polka dot, fuzzy robe!! So you're not freezing your chicas off when standing in an ice cold bathroom in Detroit morning cold because there's no heater in the bathroom, trying to put your make up on straight while shivering. :D did ya follow all that? 

Not to mention! You stumble across these on your way to the check out!! sister and I would deVOUR these the last two Christmases that we lived together in Fort Collins, Colorado. I mean, we would polish off almost entire bags some nights. Some times even double trips to Target halfway 'cross town, because that's the only place that carried em. And every time we'd be shnuggled up inside, each queen of their own couch, tucked into our biggest CSU sweats, our own blankies, and our computers to keep us company. 
Every time. :) i miss you ♥


  1. Awww! I'm sorry you had a melt down... I had about 3 last week!! Thank goodness that week is over!
    ANNND I LOVE CANDY CANE KISSES!!! I will be running by the store today, to purchase my first bag of the season! :)

  2. I miss you so much!!!! i miss those days more then you can imagine!!! Seriously you just need to come home because i am having my little jessi withdrawls and let me tell you...that is NOT okay :(

  3. Thank you Heather. I feel much groovier today :) Definitely do it! I'm surprised I'm only half way through the bag.

    I miss you sooo much Julie!!! :( xo