Sunday, November 21, 2010

where to miss?

I hope you all had wonderful weekends! I seem to have lost all sense of time and date and after getting today to sleep in, go to Coney's for a comfort food breakfast, lay on the couch and veg..I have to go to woooooork!! :( *sniff* somehow I was volunteered to be the supervising manager of tonight's stock party at work. Since we are overstocked for the holidays we can't keep up with processing it and getting it to the floor, so myself and 5 other lucky peeps got volunteered for a piece of pie 7-12pm shift tonight.

I'm so stopping by Starbucks for a grande something (a venti is just a disgusting amount of any type of liquid).

But I have to say it's a nice balance for my lazy self, because otherwise I become too comfy in my veg state and never get back up. After our much too large breakfast we came back to the house and vegged about to some football on the couch, relaxing off our food coma (practicing for Thanksgiving right?) and goofin' around. About an hour ago N found Titanic on tv and agreed to flip between more football and Leo :) I got the good parts but it just makes me realize that that movie is most likely where my hopeless romanticism was born. A shaggy haired Leo, a beautiful Kate, piano music and never ending love left a little crazy haired brown eyed girl like me pretty defenseless. The "flying" scene as well as the drawing scene still produce the biggest sigh and make my heart flutter all over. :) :) ridiculous I know (Erin's going *siiiiiiiiiiiigh* :D )

how can you not melt. 

my favorite on screen love. hands.down.

The rest of my free evening was spent with N and I sharing a couch; me spread out over half and N manning his 1/3. Oli making weird noises on the floor and getting a yummy breakfast from my hubby. Pulled apart pork sandwiches with a glass of milk. Oh soo healthy :) Especially topped off with a hot searing cup of caramel machiatto coffee. :) nevermind you starbucks! 

happy sunday . 

xo . jess more for the road..

okay .. just one more..

alrigh, I'm done.


  1. Totally sighing over here! :-) I'm pretty sure Kate and Leo's romance was what turned me into a hopeless romantic, too. I love them.

  2. Oh live in such a fun little world!! Ich liebe dich!!! xoxox

  3. hehe Erin. While I was watching the movie I thought "I hope Erin is watching"
    and yes mommy! Especially because you're in iiiittt :D