Monday, November 01, 2010

I'm a Pretty Cool Girl

Got your seatbelts on? I've got quite a few things for you tonight..a little juiciness, a little confessions, and even some cheesy love! I'll save that for last so you know when the best time would be to skip on outta here. to best split this up. Juicy first? Or confessions first.
I think a clean slate is always a best start so let's on to confessions by littmssunshine.

I'm not a drama queen. Am I? I hope you answered no, or that you're agreeing with me on my denial of the opposite. But I have some pretty solid confidences that I'm not. I'm one of the guys. N, Birry and I had a conversation today about girls that are really cool until they start dating one of your friends and she becomes a total bitch. And towards the end of our discussion where we were acknowledging the fact that we are kind of a bunch of assholes and that to each their own when my mouth over here pulls a quick one on me and I let out "damn, I'm a pretty cool girl" 
Who does that??

Apparently, I do. Soo..back to the part where we were discussing my confession. (nope that wasn't it. back to the part where I was a drama queen? Ya. We're back there) I'm pretty relaxed, good listener, but one of my favorite guilty pleasures? gossip.
But wait! I swear I'm not a drama queeeen! It's just that, every once in awhile, I just need a quick fix. Just a small ounce of juicy juicy drama. A couple "NO WAY" "Shut UP!" 's and I'm good to go!! For at least a few weeks. And tonight I came home from work to my boys on the couch when I realize that I keep trying to tell them something and just aren't getting the right reaction. When I realize that I'm trying to gossip with the boys! And so, I admit it.
There's a small piece of me that is a total gossip slut.

Let's move on ya? To the juicy part. You might actually find this super lame, but it's easy on the eyes and so ye might enjoy it :P I love an awesome picture. Something that you've distorted or photoshopped in an awesome way. I play with my pictures all the time and sometimes when I see a really neat picture from someone else I secretly save it and I keep them all in a folder and make them my screen saver sometimes. (I swear I don't use them for other purposes!) But tonight my beautiful sister posted an awesome picture of herself and I want to share it with you guys.

Oh yea. She's pretty beautiful. 

I apologize for the quickie. It took me way longer to write this than I thought and I'm lagging..and I have to get up again in 4.5 hours..I gotta call it a night. But I'll give you a raincheck and devote tomorrow's post towards the cheesy love I owe you. 

xo . jess 


  1. agree on ALL points. I don't consider myself a drama queen by any means, but I admit that I do love a bit of gossip every now & then! ;)

  2. Dudette, gossip is what makes (my) world go round. Life is just boring otherwise. <3