Friday, November 26, 2010


I worked at 5am this morning. Before I opened my doors I had to step outside and address the anxious, scary mob that had been waiting for 2+ hours for F21 to open. 
I felt like I was at a Harry Potter premiere - the midnight showing :) Hope you all had a safe and fillin' holiday. 

I filled my belly yesterday. 
Filled my sales floor till my fingers bled today. 
And now, I'm finishing with 

Filling in the Blanks
play here

1. Black Friday is for crazy people. For greedy people. Not that I don't love a great deal and there's nothing wrong with wanting to save some $, but I have to tell you, maybe it's the place I work at, when people come out at 5AM to shop sales, then bitch/complain/moane the entire time, cussing out workers and other customers because she's trying to invent MORE discounts!??? She really celebrates peace on earth around Christmas time. 

2. Christmas shopping this year will include online shopping and paying shipping. 

3. Holiday shopping makes me warm on the inside. :) I l.o.v.e. shopping for other people. 

4. This year my Christmas list will include an iPad. That's seriously, all.i.want!!!

5. Bargain hunter, or full price shopper? Absolutely a bargain lover, but if I really really want something for a while I will analyze a smart justification and if I can find one, and I will splurge. 

6. The best and worse thing about shopping is best) The boost of confidence it gives you. worse) getting buyer's guilt after a frivolous day. 

7. Online shopper or in-person shopper? In-persontouchingeverythingwithmyeyes kinda gal. And I always have to have someone to go "UUh look at THIS!" with ;) 

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