Monday, November 15, 2010

Spread The Joy.

So I realize that it's right around the spirit of peace and love and above all joy and that I should be all candy canes and peppermint, but my job is killing me tonight. I say "tonight" to make myself a little less stressed, because at the end of the day no matter how much I hate it "overall" instead, I have to stay there because we rely 110% on that money and I will not find something until after the holiday season. So, "tonight", it is.

I'm going to try and keep this brief, because I don't want to vent about my job online that much, but I just have to get this, perfectly legit, frustration off my chest. So when we moved out here I kept the same position that I had in Colorado. I was simple being transferred to a new store. Well, in Colorado I was part of a fantastic management team, worked in a supporting and growth fuelling (?) environment, haha I mean that I felt like my boss cared about my growth as a manager and move up in the company lol (aka growth fuelling haha ). I quickly had the opportunity to help first hand in a pretty big project that required a lot of my time and I got to experience very much for a person in my position. Quickly after I was offered a promotion that I had to turn down even then, because I didn't feel right taking this position and what the position was for when I already knew I was going to leave the district so soon.

Then..I end my last couple of weeks quietly at my position and get transferred out here after being off for a month for my wedding, our honeymoon, and our trip out here.

The first day here was a complete disaster. I was so .. "rusty" .. I had forgotten how to do everything for a couple hours and my new manager looked at me like I was crazy. "I'm sorry. I just got married. I'm a stupid lovedrunk newlywed - I KNOW. But can you laugh with me just a little??"
No. Not a crack of the slightest smile. The rest of the first week wasn't much better. I find out half the management team is actually leaving, and I"m the only manager staying behind. Everything Jess knows = WRONG. Everything howitsdoneinMichigan = THE10COMMANDMENTS. The next two weeks were like that. Everything I did was wrong, but it was almost like that math problem you know the answer to, but the PROCESS of how you got there is just a little different from what your greasy math teacher would like you to show!!! But no. I was going to live and breathe the way it was done out here and I was made to feel stupid for knowing a different way.

Week three, getting a little better, except for the fact that adjusting or fitting in with the new management team proves a little difficult and has now turned to frustration.

Week four (literally TODAY) comes completely full circle and I'm having the 2nd worst day since I've been out here simply because of my job. I almost went in the back twice to get my stuff, drop my keys on the counter and walk out. But I can't. Because I know it's not the company. I love working for this company, because the best days I've had here have been when I'm by myself and we're having a fantastic day, sales are great, customer interaction is on, and the floor is running smoothly. I love the way this company runs and therefore, as much as I want to quit on the store I can't quit on the company.

I simply have to suck it up and get my right opportunity or for a total cliche "moment to shine" back and gun it.

Thank you for my holyshitits12:53am banter!! And my apologies for the midnightdirtymouth. Think I'll take my slaphappy/halfasleep self upstairs and under the sheets where an adorable warm hubby is waiting for me! ♥

yuk. I hate that word. 


the way my best friend hates the word "moist" 




xo . jesszzzzzzz....


  1. your blog is the cutest and i admire it :) and dont you worry jess like my mother always tells me this to shall pass :)

  2. If I did not love reading your blog so much, I may have stopped just because you used the 'm' word. Totally crossing the line. ;) GRRRRROOOOOSSSSS!!!!!

  3. I'm sorry that things are going so rough for you. I'm not surprised that the way people in Michigan act is making you feel that way. I visit Tennessee every year to see family, and I'm always amazed at how friendly everyone is! I would definitely advise you to move... eventually. ;)
    Maybe they're all just bitter because they hate the weather? haha. :)
    Hope your day gets better!