Friday, April 30, 2010

Fill In The Blank Friday

It's time! Thank you to miss Lauren who keeps us entertained every Friday with her series of filling in those blanks she has added a theme to this week: movies!

Play along and link back to her :) Happy Friday.

1. My absolute favorite movie of all time is Shakespeare in Love. I could listen to people talk like that all day long. :)
2. My favorite movie as a child anything that started off with an image of a white castle and a little spark going across the top in a half moon shape :)
3. The best movie quote ever is (I totally have to steal this from Lauren because it IS the best quote ever) by Noah from the notebook: "So it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever,you and me, everyday" ♥
4. My favorite movie actress is tie between Kate Winslet - she's simply brilliant and Nicole Kidman. She is fantastic in every single role.
5. The movie I could watch over and over Pride and Prejudice . Need I say more? :)
6. My favorite movie genre is period movies :) The Young Victoria, Marie Antoinette, Becoming Jane, Pride and Prejudice, The Duchess, do you have time, cuz I'll be here for awhile.

7. A movie I'd like to watch this weekend is Shakespear in Love ♥'re here! :)

So I realized this morning coffee cup in going a thousand directions as I'm passing my laptop sitting quietly on my desk that I have not blogged all week. Since my Tuesday post which was really about the weekend and my shitty Monday. This tells me that it's been another one of those blink weeks that go by faster than you can wake up the next morning..because when my alarm went felt like it was still Tuesday - not 3 days later.

I'm supposed to be working on this last minute paper that's due sometime today..but I really don't feel like it. :) So I'm going to blog. Maybe by doing so I'll remember what actually happened this week. Like always, Friday means squat to me. My fridays are usually always Mondays because I work tomorrow and Sunday and have Monday off :) Which considering my relationship with Monday works out pretty decently. Oh and let's not forget to all participate in Fill in The Blank Friday! :) I haven't done that in ages. Now if it was only sunny out :P just kidding - let's stick to staying positive today or I'll never survive.

First on the agenda: after a tedious and hard year my friend Bri is coming home! Well..her home is in California..but home is where the heart is..and I'm going to boldly speak for her when I say that her heart is here! :P I know I already posted a mini blog about this, but it's turning out that she is coming out earlier and that is even more exciting. She is going to stay with me and N to start out with..get her resettled this poor girl has to have shoulder surgery, because she's a little ball of energy and hurt herself surfing (i think :P) so I'm going to spend my Monday off getting her room all ready for her.
I missed Glee this week. Poop. I must remember to catch up on that over the weekend.

Oh let's see what else..

It's pretty certain but not yet official that I'm moving to another store in June at my work! This is very exciting and nervwracking to me :P But I'm more excited I think. I had a great interview with our regional manager yesterday. For some reason I just don't get nervous about interviews. I never have...I actually kind of enjoy them. Maybe it's because I love talking about myself :P but I hope I'm not that vain and self centered so I'm going to ignore that that might be the reason :) Or maybe it was because I was more excited about getting the opportunity to meet this important person..because I do at some point want to progress with the company and I knew I wasn't going to be heartbroken if it wasn't the right time for the promotion. However, as my life is notorious for doing this the way it wants and leaving my thoughts of out decided now was the time. My district manager called back with great news telling me that in June I will be moving to the new store opening in downtown Denver and not to forget that the rm loved me (what is with me this morning? in love with yourself much, Jessica?) But anyway..she hasn't spoken to my manager..and things aren't I don't want to talk about it much more..and the chance is my manager might be reading this anyway :) hi j. big news! :P

Moving on..other exciting news..I finally launched my wedding blog!! I thought about just incorporating it here..but then I played with a layout for it and thought of fun DIY series I could do and the blog was born :) If you love everything weddings like me, follow along! And stay tuned for DIY Mondays. The series will be launching for the first time May 3rd I believe is the day!
There are some news about the wedding this week, but because I'm keeping it separate :) You'll have to follow this link to read all about it. It's quite fun :) My bridezilla came out a bit. I'm starting to understand why brides can get a little bitchy. People just do not like when there is one day of out the year when they have to accept it's about someone else and not them. :)

I think that's about it for now. I'm excited to go participate in Fill In The Blank Friday! But before I go I have to show you the new trinket I scored at work yesterday.
We've had tons and tons of owl jewelry over the past 4 months..actually since I started there. And it was cute..but never really something I had to own..until :) we got a new necklace in yesterday and I'm totally smitten with it. And of course..there's no image of it online. :P So I guess you don't get to see it.

Well kids..have a HAPPY FRIDAY! Be good this weekend and I hope wherever you are there's sunshine .. ♥

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, She Found Me

After this day I had..what I would like to say to help myself feel ten times better about myself: "Monday, you're such a fucking bitch."

I am truly sorry if that very bold and a bit vulgar statement disturbed you or makes you want to click away from my lovely pink blog page. A little insight about me - I'm famous for my manic Monday episodes. But I haven't had one like I had yesterday in quite some time. It was fairly interesting I should say.

You know those days where your waterworks are just turned on all damn day? Yup. That was me. Starting even at midnight the night before when N and I were going to bed. I thought "Oh I'll sleep it off, wake up and have a nice Monday off with N. Oh no. Not the case. After I woke feeling like a nice choo choo chain had over run me it took about .25 seconds for the waterworks to come flooding back.

Why you might ask? Oh I have no idea. :) Like always. I mean, I could tell you what I was whimpering about..but that's for another post :) Because I have been soooo excited to post about the great success I had, thanks to everyone that helped, pulling off Nick Surprise Birthday Party!!! :D

I know I have been pretty MIA from the blogging scene. I kept finding time to get on and at least keep up with every body else's postings, but couldn't get to sit down to do my own and I hate when I get that busy. So bare with me if this one is a little rambly and boring :) I was so busy getting last minute things for the party and with a little crazy!

So anyway..with the first Saturday off in awhile N and I had a great weekend with family and friends! :)
My sister and brother teasing each other on the couch with my sister's bf Dylan being very much entertained.

I had quite the cake debacle let me tell you - FYI - ice cream cakes go in the freezer. Not the fridge. FYI ;)

N's darling grandparents :)

N's dad and his younger sister J. They're all a smitten image of one another.


My best man & I :) I miss that kid.

Opening some gifts

N's adorable mom - she likes to dance.

Told you.

My beautiful mom on the left and her best friend..

At the end of the day...

..there sure was a lot of laughter.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bri & Jess Reunited

I just had to share with you all the fantastic news that one of my best friends Bri is coming back to Colorado after having to move home suddenly last year!! It has been so hard without her here everyday. She has helped me through a lot and was always ready for a midnight-frustration-driven-workout-venting session.

I cannot wait to have her back!! And yes, I am so selfish I think she's coming back only for me :) and that I'll get her all to myself once she's finally back in the beautiful state of Colorado. But it is difficult to explain how much I have missed this beautiful human being inside and out in my life.

I love you doll - I cannot wait to have you home!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

That's It! My fourth tattoo.

For awhile, since my third tattoo from a little over a year, I have been craving for another. I don't think I've ever talked about my tattoos, so I'll quickly catch you up on my ink ;)

My first tattoo was a somewhat short but never regretted decision. N and my best friend Jana went to California the summer of 2006, while Jana was visiting the US for 3 months. Nick, Jana and I decided basically on the plane there, we decided that we were all going to get tattoos while we were out there.
So on the last day, Jana got three stars from a lower back up to the middle of her back (she already had one of the three), Nick got a cross between his shoulder blades (also his second tattoo), and I got my first tattoo of a white lily on the inside of my ankle so I would always remember that trip and what it represented: youth, friendship, and love.
Later on, the black kept fading really fast and so I had it colored in.

My second tattoo came after a very trying and challenging year for me emotionally and mentally. N and I split up for nearly 6 monts, were not very nice to each other and did some things we will always reget, and I had a very hard time discovering myself. And so, at the beginning of 2008 I told myself that if I got three A's and a B that semester, after a barely C average the previous semester, I would get a tattoo of a sunflower on my neck to reflect the saying to always find the good in any situation, like the sunflower always finds and turn her head towards the sun. Well a small sunflower on my upper neck turned into a giant sunflower the size of a palm on my lower neck/upper back.
And my third tattoo is a family key I got matching with my sister Dina, best friend Jana, and cousin Kyra. I don't have any images of it yet, but as soon as I do I'll post one. It's a simple key with a heart shaped head. Dina & Kyra got theirs on their upper backs, between their shoulder blades, Jana got hers on the side of her ribs, and I got mine on my left wrist.

I have been wanting another one ever since, because it truly is, like they say, addicting. I have known that my next one was going to be a symbol for N & I. I had played with the ideas of a favorite quote of mine, or our wedding date numbers, our initals together, or the word "schatz" in really cursive. Like with my previous tattoos, once I know what I want I spend the next 6 months thinking about the perfect location on my body for it. I love showing off my tattoos, but in a tasteful way and I still like to have it in somewhat sexy/appealing spot.
So some of these areas that I've been thinking about were either next to or worked into the key on my wrist, or on the top/side part of my foot, or my latest thought was on the inside of my lower arm, close to the inside of my elbow.
That was until I came across an image tonight that made me stop dead. I know that is the spot for my next tattoo and it will be the quote I've thought about getting.
Right here, mine will say "I am, in every thought of my heart, yours."
I cannot wait! I am so excited. I am making an appointment tomorrow.

Caution - Bump in the Road


So I know I mentioned that N and I are experiencing a little bit of a bump in the road. I know that I've also mentioned that we were trying to buy a house, somewhat in the Denver metro area. Why in the Denver area you ask? Well, originally I was supposed to student teach in Brighton and in the hopes of getting a job there or at another local high school there after we realized we needed to move.
Then that didn't happen but I still got a job in Broomfield and so we still thought - yup gotta move. So we started looking. And we figured out that there are 3 things we didn't want to compromise on.
1. We had to have a yard for Oliver. He grew up with a huge backyard in the house we're in now and we couldn't get ourselves to take that away from him. Especially because our busy schedules don't allow us to take him to the park as often as we'd like and so we feel better knowing he's got his adventureland out back to keep him exercised and healthy.
2. At least another bedroom if not 2 extra bedrooms besides the master. We've been spoiled with the 4 bedroom house we're in now (N's mother bought the house his sophomore year and has been renting out to him since) and we just really want to have at least an office/guest bedroom, or both.
3. NO Apartment. We've always hated apartments. We're just house people. But we were ready to at least settle for a town home/condo type house.

So off we go, searching for our first house to start our little newlywedded bliss in sometime this year. And what do we find? -NOTHING-
No yards. No extra bedrooms. Only apartments. And also nothing for rent. We quickly realized we'd have to up our search to look into actual houses. And that was a little more uplifting. We found a few. One in particular that we fell in love with! here is where the compromising began: the house we loved was in Johnstown, between Erie and Loveland. So the talk of commute came up. At first, I have to admit I was super reluctant. I did not like the idea of driving up and down I-25 everyday. Remaining further away from family and friends that have started to move back home after college, etc.
So on Saturday Nick goes and meets with the lender and realtor we'd been talking to - and totally gets shut down. Not that they were mean, but buying a house, or at least one that is not falling apart at its hinges and still applies to the above mentioned limitations, is just not in the cards right now.

I'm going to fast forward a little the part where we realized we had two options.
1. We REALLY compromise, put our limitations out the door and settle for something way small in the Denver area. We'd have no commute. No yard. Maybe an extra office room. And loads of neighbors. Oh ya and we'd pay about $1000-$1200 a month.


2. We talk to N's mother about buying the house we're in now from her and stay right where we are. The pros are: 4 bedrooms, Oliver keeps his adventureland, our own garage, quiet neighborhood, and our own house. Oh ya. For the same price as the mini house above. The one con: commuting.

So we've spent the entire weekend talking about it. Going back and forth racking our brains. Deciding one minute on the apartment and the next on the house.
Then yesterday afternoon I came home from work and it was so nice we grabbed our sneakers and took Oli to the park. As we're walking hand in hand along the walk way to the park literally right behind our house we turn the corner to the field and see the foothills and horsetooth lit up in sunset. We literally stopped, looked at each other and knew. We're going with option #2.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Six Senses Saturday

I am a newbie this week to The World is My Oyster's Six Senses Saturday and since I love being a newbie and participating in other people's blog series I am excited about participating is this week's edition!

The not so tasy Zicam drop I picked up from the store about 30 minutes ago to help me get over this stupid cold before it even starts. I heard they work really well though..let's hope so.

The lingering not quite cherry smell from the zicam drop :)

The rest of this year falling quite nicely into place.

My sister in law's dramatic girlfriend yapping away on the phone. She's on the opposite couch of me..and I can hear her as if she's sitting right next to me. Haha my sister in law just has the phone laying in her lap and this girl hasn't taken a breath in 3 minutes.

I'm growing out my bangs and there is this one piece that keeps falling into my face. It's driving me crazy!

Like this compromise is going to work out perfectly :) For more details check out my fiance and I are in the works of buying a house and hit a little road bump today that I think might actually be the best thing to ever happen.

If you'd like to participate head over to The World is My Oyster and play along! Make sure to link back to her blog.
What are your senses doing today?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My real life Big Bang

Couldn't be more excited about running into these guys' blog. I look forward to following along. Let me introduce to you: the real Big Bang Theory boys over at Two Poor Guys.

And Everything Is Going To The Beat

It's been a pretty exciting day! I finally squared away my graduation date (May 14th) :D wohoo - we took my sister in law J. to see our potential house. She loved it and started talking about getting her man friend to think about looking into the area for when they find a place to live - we could be neighbors and ride our cruiser bikes to the pool together :)
After our usual routine of turning on a movie but ended up napping every time I'm up here, we decided we needed to get out of the house and give Oliver a walk. So we hopped in the car with Oli in the back and headed for downtown Fort Collins.
It was the perfect weather today! Warm but not at all too hot, with just a little wind..Oliver was behaving perfectly while we were peroozing down town, and the gelato Nick stopped and got for us melted in our mouths. We ended parking ourselves on a bench in the sunshine to enjoy it and we inhaled those two poor cones within minutes.
:) Chocolate Mint Ice Cream - so not a mint lover but this was AMAZING!

While I have not forgotten about the wonderful series Where in The World Wednesday, this will count as a double whammy post! So happy WITWW people. Hope you got to enjoy some of the rays I soaked up today.

Oh yes..and today's theme song:
Passion Pit - Sleeyhead

It's Wednesday and that means it's time for my feature, Where In The World Wednesday!
If you participate, please take the button the fabulous Feris made to use in your post!

The idea of WITWW is to post a picture of you in someplace in the doesn't have to be somewhere foreign or tropical. Just a picture of you somewhere that you consider traveling. It might even be somewhere in your own hometown! Feel free to get creative and post where you WISH you could travel, old scanned pictures of vacations from years ago or even feel free to repeat a destination with different photos! Get creative.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Wedding Website

Despite all the drama surrounding the wedding lately, and the unsureness of everything I spent the evening updating our wedding website and it got me all ueber excited all over again.

I'm so proud of our little website..I thought what the heck - I'll share it with my readers!

This is the fun image I created for our home page. If you want to sneak a peak at our wedding website check it out here.

So Not A Denim Girl

I don't think I've ever shared the part about me that I am really not a denim girl at all!? Well, now you know. I don't know what it is. I just never wear jeans. I'd rather slip on a high waisted skirt, or actual pants like linen or even on the rare occasion cargos..the only denim you'll really ever catch me is my perfectly worn in boyfriend jeans and once a happy season in a jean jacket but that's only on a warm summer night.
So when I received this tweet from lucky mag about this springs hot accessories, I was a little upset and disappointed. Nevertheless, since it is clearly impossible for me to NOT like anythin that has to do with fashion I found three items that I must have! =P

Love this giant denim bag - especially with the buckle strap!

These would be adorable with a simple white summer dress (and a cropped jean jacket ;))

Ahh - love this! Light linen pants, white baggy tank and a skinny red belt! (Don't forget the brown gladiator sandals) 

Home Sweet Hopeful

I have today off again - I have to say again, but even though it was a crazy week last week, it went by so fast that now that I have 5 minutes to relax and breathe, I can appreciate my time with N and with him the world just tends to slow down a bit.

That has to be one of the greatest feelings in the world.
So anyway, after taking him to school this morning so he could check on his weird bacteria growing in his lab..grabbing a quick breakfast..I looped back around the get him and we headed to look at the houses we are looking into buying at the moment.

Turns out the one we absolutely fell in love with the first time we looked is totally out of our price range, and the only ones we could afford were the two we liked the least. However, when we saw those two they weren't done on the inside and so we basically just saw the floorplan. This time around they were and we re-fell into love with one of the two and are now excited all over again.

The house has 3 upstairs bedrooms, including a master bedroom with its own bathroom and 2 walk in closets - score! and with the finished basement we'd chose, there'd be a 4th bedroom and 3rd bathroom with an adjacent entertainment room, perfect for our projector and slouchy couches so we could create our own movie/gaming room; the front door opens up into a front family room on the main level, continues up kitty stairs into the dining and kitchen area (which is beautifully open and has a big island in the middle -score 2) and curves around down kitty stairs into a living room with fireplace and beautiful open wide windows overlooking the backyard. Score score score!!
It's so beautiful and perfect and the best first home we could ever think of owning. We are so happy that we were able to replace the first one we loved with one that we might love even more. Now all we have to do is sit down, budget bills vs income, make a few calls, cross our fingers and hope that we can get approved!

Not like we have anything else to worry, stress, and sweat about. Wedding things aren't looking to hot right now. We're getting really discouraged and a little sad, because even though we are aware that weddings are stressful, we don't want it to be this negative thing, that we don't know if we can even pay for it the closer and closer it get's to the actual wedding?! So..besides crying and freaking out our plan is to completely get the wedding thing sqared away, aka figure out once and for all if we can pay for it, and if not, we will cancel it. We have no other choice, and even though neither of us want to go through with that plan at all, it's the only way we see out.

Until the details of all these things pan out, we can only wait, comfort each other when the stress bubbles over, and be hopeful.