Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Smog. Fog. I Still Can't See


It's been super foggy here only since this morning, but it's hung around all day lingering and stayed pretty thick that it feels like it's been like this for weeks. I'm still not going to whine if it's like this on Friday, because a quiet day in bed with the blinds open in my robe and movies might be the most fantastic thing in awhile, but on my way home it was so hard to see I almost missed my turn off.
(Yesss I'm aware of the fact that I'm a horrible run-on-sentence-whore)
Yet, I was stumped by this lovely state called Michigan once again. I'm walking out of work, and maybe this isn't even a Michigan thing and it's more of a Jessica's-thedumbass-that-was-raised-in-Europe-and-doesn't-know-these-things things, but it is clearly foggy again as my team and I exit the building and my head cashier says "Uuuuuhhhh - oooohhhh!!? I thought it was smoggy but it's actually just foggy!"
A big fat W.T.F. walked over and claimed front row on my forehead. 

What on earth is smog? Of course I'm not going to ask N! Like he needs another thing to laugh at me for, because I wasn't born in the land of the free!! So, could someone please, quietly explain in a sweet little comment what the difference is!? Because when it's 10:13pm and pitch black outside ye can't see a damn thing whether it's smog or fog. thank you

Either way tomorrow is sorta my Friday and I'm off by 2 and schnuggled into my bed complete with robe, movies, and a doggie at the foot of the bed just sleeeeeeeeeping. :) Don't judge me - I'm in no way denial that I'm a lazy ass. Don't worry. New year's resolutions are right around the corner!

Before I go I have LOVED logging into my dashboard this week because in the last 3 days I have gathered 5 new followers!! :D
I love it!! HI, thank you and 


sorry. that was a little overthetopcreepy :) but seriously high and thank you for 
hanging out here in my little corner. I hope I'm
somewhat of an entertainment.

xo . jess

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  1. Having grown up in SoCal, I know exactly what smog is. It is when the pollution in the air settles. It happens when there is no air movement (wind) to circulate it. It is a sort of mucky dirt in the sky color. Its one of those things that you know it when you see it. Fog hangs much lower in the sky and looks like clouds - smog literally looks like dirty air.

    Sorry its not the most technical of answers- but hope it helped