Monday, January 31, 2011

'Bout those resolutions.

Every year I'm super pressured when the talk about "New Year's Resolution" starts a happenin'. With all the things swirling around in my head for the past few months, I've been thinking about things I want to be different in 2011 since about November. I gave myself the entire month to really think about the things I'm going to change this year and what my goals are going to be. 

Check out my new tab coming up later on today for my progress, reflection, and success. 

Right now I'm going to battle the snowstorm we got today and see if I can make it to downtown Denver in one piece. 

xo . jess

Vomit & Aviators

I hope you kids had a fabulous weekend. Mine was pretty eventful, random, and wonderful. I can't believe it's already over - but so excited that it is, at the same time, because it's almost February, the girls weekend in Aspen is almost here, and my amazing brother is going to be 13 years old this month! 

But for now, let me recap the last weekend of January 2011.

I had the day off and even though I have no pictures to show you, it was one of the funnest days I've had in a long time. My friend J, whose wedding I'm in later this year, invited us 'maids to go to a bridal show with her later in the afternoon. Of course, that just meant for us that we could use the EARLIER afternoon to shop our faces off. :) Which we certainly did. We enjoyed yummy cupcakes & mimosas around 10:30am..letting off some quick steam about work and other stresses in our life, hit the road to visit the J.Crew outlet store only to continue to poke around in Francesca's and White Balcony downtown Fort Collins, all afternoon. We quickly regretted our afternoon lunch stop at Old C's when we realized how many food and dessert vendors there were at the bridal show. Nevertheless, we manage to make room for the things we simply cannot resist, washing it all down with free wine :)) it was pure fabulousness, let me tell you. The day wouldn't have been complete with typical girls car rocking to the music, and a hysterical yet ridiculous laughing session in the bathroom. There ARE pictures of this I will have to track down for you :)

Saturday was not so great. At first I thought my midnight sickness that kept me up most of the night was to thank for the schmorgesborg of food I devoured only a few hours before, but when *tmi!?* blood came into the picture I called out of work and headed to the urgent care. Will have to see a specialist either this or next week so tried to make the best of that, was able to keep some food down, and couldn't help but enjoy a short walk to the park across the street late in the afternoon with my mom and N. 

I'm basically wearing pj's - yet nothing a casual blue trench and blanket scarf can't hide. 

Spending some time together before mr.ray had to work. 

Sat in the car wash watching the cool silly string stuff get squirted on my car :) looked soo pretty and clean afterward. 

Got to have breakfast with N and felt significantly better. Enjoyed some of your blogs over coffee and had a quick inspiration for this week's Hair Too(s)day (if you follow me on Twitter). Had a good and quick seeming day at work and have only tomorrow to work - which I'm praaaaaying we get snowed in like crazy! - otherwise I will have Tuesday off again. But when the weather is still almost 72 degrees in this beautiful state in January.. how can you not love living here???

Happy Weekend
xo . jess

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hair Too{s}day.

Volume 5: Retro Half/Full Up Do'

Welcome to my  weekly tutorial  of what do to with your hair!! People are always asking me 

"How did you do that to your hair?" 

And so here are my answers, trials, and step by step tutorials of 

"How you can do that to your hair, too!"

Good Morning and welcome back to Hair Too{s}day :)I'm super excited about this week's do, so I'm going to get to it without further ado! If you're new to my Too{s}day's, I give you a new idea of what to do with your hair, walk you through it, and show you a little video!


What you need: 
  • Bobby pins
  • Comb (the kind with the pointed handle for parting hair)
  • A curling device - curling iron of about 1 - 1 1/2 inches or curling stick (*don't let the curling iron be too big)
  • Hairspray
  • And your pretty face! :)

What you do: 
  1. This do will work with either freshly washed hair, or second day hair. The only thing you need to do prior to completing this look is curl your hair with either your curling stick, like I did, or with a curling iron. Curl your hair normal, just all over, but if you're using a curling iron, make sure you're not letting your waves get too shirley temple --> You can avoid this by keeping the sections you're curling thicker and letting your waves be looser. 
  2. Next part your hair on which ever side you prefer, but make sure the part lines up with the outer edge of your eye brow, giving you a pretty deep clean part. 
  3. You want to part a good chunk of hair over, so once you've found the part, pull the comb from your hairline back to almost the crown of your head. Just a little bit past the middle. (not pictured in video) You should now have a slim section of your on one side, and a good amount neatly parted on the other. We are going to create a roll, so you're going to need all that chunkness to get a poofy roll. 
  4. Start with a small layer of hair at the very beginning of your part and give it a good little twist. Next is almost like braiding but so much easier. Picking up small even chunks, you're going to pull them back over the twisted part and give it a new twist so both of your hair pieces become one and you can see the twist form. 
  5. You can see me do it in the video, but after every new twist, poof it up a little so that the poof sort of stands up and your twist looks thicker. 
  6. Keep adding pieces of hair and continue until your right ear is completely exposed. 
  7. Give your twist some final touches and place it diagonally above your ear and secure with bobby pins. ** this can be tricky as your twist could be pretty heavy - so make sure you have it safely secured before letting go completely - that way you avoid it falling out and you have to start all over ;) 
  8. Once secure, simply hold the area with the bobby pins and place and fluff out the twisted hair in case it's sticking in all different directions at the moment. Holding the pins will keep you from pulling too hard and pulling them out - again causing you to fix it :). 
  9. check your curls - you can either touch up sections around your ear or in the back to ensure they lay correctly. 
  10. Now to the other side of your head that has the slimmer section of hair: again check your curls here. Not too curly but nice and wavy. 
  11. When you're satisfied with your curls, gently tuck the section behind your ear. 
  12. Check all over and hairspray your curls and definitely your twist, especially if you've got shorter bangs. 
  13. Half up do done!!
If you want your hair a little more simple yet chic go for the all up do:

  1. Start on the side with your twist by bringing all of your head around the back to the other side, folding it under as you go. When hair is curled like yours should be, pinning up hair is the easiest thing, because it's always going to look cute. 
  2. Once you've reached the opposite side of your neck, secure your hair firmly but not to firm :P at the base of your neck. 
  3. Then simply secure the section that's sitting behind your ear with a pin right behind your ear. You can give it a little push up for volume, allowing the curl to still show even though it's pinned. 
  4. Then simple twist or gather your ends together and loosely pin those up as well. 
  5. Check for fly aways or strands that go out, pin if needed or leave for a little glamorous effect and hairspray! :) 
Your "Notebook" circa 1930's/1940'2 look is complete! Add your smoking hot red lipstick and take your grown up looking self out! :) 

I hope you enjoyed this week's do! I always love to see your own successes or misses too! :)

Happy Tuesday.
xo . jess

Monday, January 24, 2011


I don't think a day goes by that I don't envision N and I finally having our own space. Our own master bedroom. Our own kitchen. Simply everything our own. A place for me to decorate the walls with our life, friends, and families. For now, and I'm completely content with it, really (!) we are living with my mom, where we actually have quite the space to ourself. 

She has a massive basement, complete with self constructed walk in closet (the thing is huge! It's more of a huge storage area turned into closet in which mr.ray and I can both get dressed in at the same time!), anyway, this basement is more like a little studio apartment for us at the moment and like I said - with the financial situation we're working to get out of by hopefully the summertime, this, for now, is perfect. 
Plus, who wouldn't choose mom's homecooking as long as they possibly can??? :D Especially my mother's! 

So here's our truly humble a bode:

cute huh. 

You may start to find this post super odd and especially girly, more so than usual, but I've been wanting to share this with you forever so you're going to sit here and like it. :) 
Well, I have this one thing I'm pretty proud of and that's my vanity. I have a.l.w.a.y.s. wanted a vanity. I've always hated putting my make up on in the bathroom, and I used to hate waiting for my bathroom mirror to unfog after the shower. Then last year when N moved to Michigan ahead of time without me, I started searching every thrift and vintage store in town to put together my own perfect vanity. Of course I could have just wished for an expensive perfect one from some catalog or store, but who's got that kinda $? :) At least I don't right now and thrifting it is so much better anyways. 

My table is actually an old sewing table. The top layer folds open and the drawers have tons of little spaces, perfect for bobby pins, extra make up and other girly crap you collect like that. 

two of my favorite things: the garter my mom wore on her wedding day that I then wore on mine, and my little sleep mask that helps me when I have a hard time falling asleep. 

A simple comfy chair complete with a vintage gold mirror, a mason jar to hold my brushes (I'm a big brush girl), my favorite picture of my godson, and my favorite item: my vintage jewelry box that I use to hold my make up. It might possibly be the best idea I've ever had. I saw this on another blog mooonths ago, when I first started blogging a good year ago and the other morning when I was doing my make up, it came back to me and so I'm recreating it here in my corner. If you want to play along, I created a linky that I'll keep open till the end of the week! :)

What's in your make up bag?

1.  Mary Kay Concealer - a woman's bf in liquid form. I don't use this everyday, but when I do need it, this Mary Kay Concealer is by far the best. 

2.  E.L.F. Sharpener - pretty self explanatory I believe. 

3.  Urban Decay Eye Primer - This was a piece of wedding make up I purchased. It's aaamazing and doesn't let anything run! But at almost $16 a bottle I use it very sparingly.

4.  E.L.F. Liquid Eyeliner - Impulse buy from Target just couldn't resist the silver, brown, and metallic black. This comes out on special occasions, but every time I do, I realize how much I love liquid eyeliner when it's done right!

5.  Stud Earrings - not a make up bag usual. But, unfortunately for my collection of dangly earrings, I can't remember the last time I've worn anything else but studs. I love my growing collection and I feel funny with danglies, unless it's out on the town. I keep these close in case I feel a sudden change of heart and need a different pair. 

6.  Bobby pins - gotta hold my bangs back somehow when applying my base ;)

7.  Maybelline Eyeshadow - I own a couple of these Maybelline sets. The color combos are always perfect and even though I don't use them that often on myself, they're the first thing I reach for when I'm asked to do someone else's make up. 

8.  Sephora "Perfect Lash Plumer" - I got a sample of this kind in my wedding make up and was so upset when it ran out. It's absolutely worth the $12. No clumps, slightly lengthens and thickens your lashes. 

9.  Make Up For Ever HD Fake Lashes - These were meant again, for my wedding day, but with the mascara I used my lashes were so thick already and my make up flawless that I just went without them. So I'm saving them of course for a special occasion. 

10.  Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in "Twilight" - a reeeeally deep deep red, also a special occasion only, but I love it that I always want to buy other colors from the brand. Since sometime last year I've fallen in love with lipstick and then cheated on that with lip stain. You just can't beat not having to worry about your lip color all day. 

11.  Mary Kay Blush in "Sunny Spice" - also something I just recently started using religiously. Now I'm on my second blush brush and experimenting with different shades. 

12.  Make Up For Ever "HD Foundation" #125 - Most amazing foundation that doesn't feel like foundation because it's so light, yet covers your face in a perfectly even shade and doesn't run whatsoever! Of course, from my wedding make up, but I can already tell you that when I run out of this bottle, it just might be the one make up thing I splurge the $35 on. It's fantastic. 

13.  L'Oreal "true match" pressed powder in "Buff Beige" - my favorite go to quick coverage when I've got the day off or just don't want to spend the 15-20min of putting on my full face :P

14. Labello Classic (the best and German chapstick) & CO Bigelow Apothecaries "mentha lip tint" from Bath & Body Works - I used to see them at B&BW and thought "I'd never spend $8 on lip gloss, but it's as if there's chapstick built right in! And for a girl who a) always has chapped lips or b) picks at her lips when they're dry, lip care is a must in my make up regimen. 

Hope you thought this was fun! I'd love for you to play along. So excited to share tomorrow's Hair Too{s}day with you!

xo . jess

Thursday, January 20, 2011


1. My favorite quote is "I am, with every thought of my heart, yours". Need I say more? :)

2. A bad habit I have is picking at my cuticles. Yes, unfortunately until they get sore and red and sometimes even bleed. It's gross. My husband will smack my hand (out of love for my hands, he loves them for some reason) if he catches me doing it. Sometimes I go through phases where I'm really good and my fingers look awesome! Then my ugly nervous habit will have horrible weeks and I'm rubbing cuticle creams and oils on them all day. But never EVER have I bit my nails. That's totally gross to me. I know. I'm a hypocrite. 

3. The first time I felt like a grown up was the basically the entire time we were driving/moving to Michigan. N and I spent the whole car ride in the same position; N at the wheel and me with my feet on the dash or head on his shoulder, talking all night long about our future and what we want for our lives. Most romantic night of my life. 

4. Weekends are something I would welcome about adult life if I ever stop working weekends. 

5. When I was a child I wished my name was Tiffany. haha or Vanessa I think. I thought Tiffany was the all*american girl name when I was growing up in Germany and I'd envy every one of my cousins' friends if they were named "Tiff". Come to find out..I already have a pretty awesome all*american girl name :) 

6. I wish that there was no time restrictions. Sometimes, well shit, ALL the time, I feel pressured by time and like I never have enough. I would love a happy median between time restriction, because let's face it, otherwise there'd never be enough "time" because we'd just find it with more things to fill and not get done, but just a happy median, where we're still doing the things we love, but works not getting in the way, or school, etc. 

7. A secret I have is that I loooove sleeping with those silly-wannabe-glamorous eye cover things. I found one in my room one time, and I was in the middle of my senior year working on my Teacher Work Sample and I'd be up for hours into the night. For weeks after I had the hardest time falling asleep at nights, because I always felt I needed to get stuff done so I thought "what the hell" and it worked wonders! The second I put it on and I wasn't able to constantly open my eyes again :P I'd give up and just fall asleep. I know. It's preeeetty ridiculous. Hence, the secret. .... oh wait. 

how cute are theeeese?
check them out here

xo . jess

tweet tweet.

I'm pretty sure it's not so cool of me to always link up images I use..but I think it's so teeedious and it'd be much easier if you all just knew that 50% of my images come from yours truly and the other 50% come from the greatest yet sometimes freaking weird random images website

I don't usually just post random pictures I like, but tonight's an exception. I was searching around on this site and found these awesome ones. No idea where they're from, but I LOVE them. 
Especially this birdie one. 
I absolutely ♥ cute birds like this

love this saying. i must have it hanging in my house.

and lastly... 


good night moon, 
xo . jess

I love you SP.

Alright. I have to confess. I have this thing. This, activity, I guess you could call it, that I looove to do. Some people look down on it and are completely turned off by it. Some people, mostly guys, totally get it. So, I guess in a way you could say that this is such "a guy" thing for me to do, when I tell people, it kind of shocks them (!?) in a way. Unless you know me know me :) then you've unfortunately have been exposed to that attractive side of me and I can be lucky if you're still in my life after. 

I know I'm treading some serious thin ice here. I'm afraid that I might even lose a follower or two, but I feel fantastic lately; I'm energized, positive, less anxious, laughing, quickly getting better and better at letting things bounce off-vent for five minutes-and move on, and shit, this is still my blog and I refuse not to be myself. So, I apologize in advance. I'm going in. I hope you'll still love me after the fact. Maybe I'll find that I'm making a big too*hoot about nothing and you're going to meet me on the other side saying, wait, that was it? 

Whether I'm alone or with a group of guy friends, 
or with my little brother late at night when it's just us two home and we're hanging out in either one of our rooms' ...

>> watching <<

If you're still here and are screaming "me tooo!" - yay! Let's be bffs. :P I don't know why. I just looooooove this show. Over the past 3 years I have always had roommates most of them boys, including N. When we lived in our house in Fort Collins we rented out our 2 other bedrooms to friends. Somehow, well - not somehow - living with 3 boys will do it, but watching South Park quickly became a ritual, then part of every late night hang out and pretty soon, I was hooked. 

One of my best friends Johannes who lives back home is ten times worse - but together we know how amazing South Park is! :P When he came here for my wedding he wanted to go to South Park soo bad..but we just couldn't find the time. He is trying to get back here to study later this year so I will definitely take him then. But I remember having a conversation about it when he was here that I was saying that I feel almost like you sort of have to live in Colorado to really love it. I feel like there are always so many obvious and not so obvious Colorado references that just make the show. 

Don't get me wrong. I have seen my fair share of South Park episodes that just go one step over the line and okay..then I'll kind of not get so into the episode. But the majority are harmless, true, genius, and most importantly, hilarious. It's as simple as that. 

I hope I have not offended you - like I said the show can be pretty out there. But I feel better to have been able to share this side of me with you here tonight :) :) :) 

xo . jess

Tonight I'm writing you from underneath the covers of my sheets with pure guilt pushing me to tell you about my day. Don't get me wrong, I loove blogging :) Lately, this whole being positive thing in the new year, enjoying everyday, and looking for little pockets of sunshine in my life has kept me so busy and on my toes that it's taken some adjustment to this new schedule. 

I decided that there are a couple of highlights from last week that I still want to share with you, and I have an idea for a blog post maybe tomorrow night that I can't wait to try. ((rumor has it that littms is trying to get mr.ray to come on once a week! stay tuned!))
But moving forward I can't wait to share with you my committed progress to the gym, my growing goal list for 2011 - I give myself the entire first month of the year to really grasp my resolutions and goals - and wonderful days that I get to spend with N like today. 

We started, of course, at the gym where it was so nice not to have to work out in a hurry since neither of us had to work today. Day 3 is definitely not like day 1 last week - my LOVE for running is quickly coming back to me and training for the spring time will be cake! :P With lots of sweat and pain none the less. A quick shower and costume change put us at Noodle's for an amaaaazing bowl of Mac'n Cheese :)) It more than hit the spot, let me tell you! 

mr. ray lovin' his penne.rosa

warm on the inside..

while N is a good hubby and gets the collecting snow off my car. 

Colorado decides it's time for a blizzard and so we get snowed in, stuck, and hit rush hour out of Boulder - FML - and it takes us almost 2 hours to go 4 miles. I'M NOT KIDDING. N fell asleep and when he woke back up we were still in this:

It was freakin'' miserable!! But once we got out of that hot mess, we met up with my mom, Bev & friends at Corona's for some much needed happy*hour margarita's and forgot all about the snowy day. 

xo . jess

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coming Back to You

I am so sorry you guys. Life has been running in the *blink* of an eye! I looked today and had to swallow the fact that I haven't blogged in 5 days! NO BUENO, NO!!
I have been working and having off, spending time with friends, going to the gym on a daily basis - go me!, doing chores, loving my husband, and getting some serious me time. I am taking the rest of tonight off to think about whether or not I'm going to come back tomorrow recaping some of the highlights I've kept from you the past week/days and promise, 
to be back in full swing tomorrow. 

I have even gained >>2 brandspankinnew new followers<< in this little moment of silencio, so I better get my act together and get back on my blogging rocking horsey first thing tomorrow. 

I hope you'll still love me in the mornin*
xo . jess

Thursday, January 13, 2011

skinny for the wedding.

I have exciting news! Or at least, I totally have exciting news for me. I was hopping up and down in my car on my way to work today when I read and email from our wedding photography Adam Houseman from Imthiaz Photography sent me an email saying that our wedding pictures were picked up by the lovely wedding blog With This Ring and will go live sometime in February!

I've had something stuck in my eye all afternoon. Yes, I felt that was viable information and pure entertainment for you to know. I am sorry. For a minute I was sitting here, wondering what the heck I was going to blog about tonight and I drew a complete blank. Hence, the random insert. 
But here we go - I remember now. the gym.

So - usually and somewhat unfortunately, when a modern woman in our society is getting married, she's usually on some sort of diet or trend in order to get herself as thin as possible for her big day. They all try to hide behind the fact that they're "just wanting to look their best" and every bridal magazine and dress shop will make you aware of the fact that you must "look your best". Don't get me wrong I was just as obsessed with what I was going to look like, as the next girl. Well of course! You're being photographed all day, probably even filmed, and you have anywhere from 75 - 300 people staring at you for quite some time. Well, starting last year there I was brainstorming how I was going to take the 8 months leading up to my wedding to get "skinny for the wedding". Well, turns out I was going to spend the entire year (unfortunately almost literally) NOT doing what I had planned. I don't think I set a single foot in a gym, or on the treadmill all year long. The two times I got up semi early on a Sunday off when I lived in Fort Collins, definitely don't count. But, all ends well and I still fit in my dress perfectly fine and manage to pose successfully without "weird arm fat" in the majority of my pictures. :P :P :P 

So today I finally went, to work out at the gym for the first time in basically a year. Mr. ray signed us up last week and of course, the guy couldn't have take a WORSE picture of me! I might as well have held the camera up my nose for him. was fantastic. I can't wait to go back tomorrow :) I used to be the biggest Yoga fan, and I would love to go back to it. 

Happy Friday peeps.

xo . jess

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Love You, Lilac.

Squeezed in a quick mani tonight.

"Do You Lilac It?"
my new favorite color from O.P.I.
I have not been this obsessed with a nail color since I discovered black. 
(don't you love my cream and pink "Deer to My Heart" jammies? I might very well never take them off)

gute nacht liebe kinder
xo . jess

bits of littms

Ringing in the year with some 

{one} have you ever been on tv?
YES.And it was one of the coolest things that I've ever experienced; after the Rocky Mountain Show Down which is  Colorado's civil rivalry for those unfortunate souls that don't reside in Colorado, N and all of our friends and I rushed the field after we beat the CU BUFFS in their home stadium. It was hands down one of the craziest, most surreal, best moments of my college life. Anyway, friends of ours and family told us after the game that they saw us running around, jumping, and cheering behind players and newscasters . It was so cool.

{two} what was the best movie you saw last?
That I saw last would unfortunately have to be Salt. Unfortunately, yea. The woman is a freaking weirdo, but she is one kickass actress. And if you deny it, you're just an idiot.

{three} do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?
Definitely out. Actually, "half on the floor and out" would be a more accurate description.

{four} do you cut coupons?
Are you for real? You realize you're asking "Do you want to pay full price for one tub of ice cream  or get two for one?"

{five} do you ever count your steps when you walk?
Do farts count?

{six} what sauce do you dip your chicken nuggets in?
Chick Fil A nuggest go in Polynesian Sauce. McDonald's nuggs go in Sweet & Sour. What other options are there?

{seven} do you have any magazine subscriptions?
No. Not at the moment, which is weird. My Marie Claire and Brides just ended. Thanks for the reminder. What's my gift?

{eight} when was the last time you wrote a letter on paper?
LAST SUNDAY. To the only girl that will love them as much as me writing them Katie.

{nine} what's your favorite fruit pie? 
Again. For real? There's only Apple.

{ten} black olives or green olives?
Must I ask again? 


Can you tell I'm feeling ueber smart assy today? :) It was one of those days. 

Happy Humpin'
xo . jess

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I know. I owe you a fatty. I've failed you two weeks in a row. I feel muy muy mal amigos. (I've been practicing my Spanish, because we have the sweetest Spanish only speaking lady at work and we always laugh when we try to communicate to each other and she gets so excited when I try to talk Spanish). So - I feel terrible that I failed to post TWO hairtuesdays in a row. 

I owe you a big fatty next week. For now, I have a lovely collection of randoms for you tonight. 

This morning I could not not start my day without a searing fresh hot cup of java from goody thankgodIstillhavegiftcardsfromChristmas 


Unfortunately, the Starbucks that was on my way to my morning pedi (thank you new boss at work!) downtown Denver, is
so slow.
It's painful. So I'm sitting there, I've already placed my order but two cars in front of me the line has stalled and I haven't paid yet, so I'm in drive-through line limbo and since I'm not the next person up I don't really have to pay attention just yet on when to go. Well, of course I reach for my phone and start to peruse. And since I've sort of sworn off Facebook lately, I ended up in my Camera Shots album and found a shit ton of pictures I've taken over the weekend and forgot to share with you. 

I know (!), I dare I! So here we go. 

I hate when I forget to sneakily tuck my seatbelt under my arm when I'm taking car pictures. (Not that that makes it ANY safer to take pictures while driving. I honestly am usually stopped at a stop light when I take mine.)

You can see a little better in the first picture, but my hair is f.i.n.a.l.l.y. long enough for me to do Milk Maid Braids. This was Saturday  I think, on my way to work. I wore a sear sucker onesie with light grey patterned tights, my navy blue boyfriend blazer, and worn in dark brown motorcycle boots. Combined with my pearlcameolocket jumble of necklaces, it was the perfect girly yet sexy combo and the braids were the cherry on the top. :)


Sunday night, Oliver was staring at lights on the wall like this for hours!! It's so painful to watch him, but ever since we moved into the little studio basement of my mother's house, he's obsessed with staring at the ceiling and walls for reflections in our phones, computers, it's ridiculous. 


This was my idea for this week's Hair.Tuesday I think and I was in the mood to try photo instructions this time. 

I wanted to wear a headband this morning, but my hair wasn't staying tamed in anything I had and so I thought "Why not braid it the top of my head?" 

I played with it a couple times, left my bangs and loose ends out and it turned out adorable. 
(Sorry for the grungy white tank. I'm so weird, but I get back in my jammies if they're pretty clean to get ready after I shower :P)


And lastly, I give you this amazing lady. I went by her website tonight and spend a good two hours totally engulfed in how much I love her, adore her, and would love to be her :)

Happy Late Tuesday Night!

xo . jess