Monday, July 30, 2012

What's Not to Love?

A few weeks ago Nick and I got some company from my beloved father in law. We have the best time when he comes to visit and one of our favorite things to do is go out to eat. Usually our choices are either wings or pizza and on this particular night, it wasn't only pizza we chose, it was the best kind of pizza around: Uncle's Pizzeria.  

If you ever visit Fort Collins without trying this pizza, you are a fool. 

My favorite: white tomato. ♥ yum.

After we stuffed ourselves and walked out of the restaurant we realized there was no way we would be able to head straight back to the car. The evening was too beautiful, the weather perfect, and Fort Collins just oh so wonderful for a little after dinner stroll :) If you didn't know it about me, I'm a sucker for walks. 

I mean, what's not to love?

Since evening one was a freaking blast and we don't get to show off Fort Collins much, we headed back to Old Town for evening two and began the night with some delicious shrimp and some dangerous happy hour margs. 

With our bellies once again full we leisurely strolled through down with Old Town as our final destination. We had decided that should we get the urge to stop in another bar on the be it. But no evening stroll is complete in Fort Collins without poking your head in the Cupboard (an amazing housewares store). Nick's absolutely favorite place in Fort Collins. I'm still in the love/hate relationship because all I do whenever I go in there is drool over the mint colored Kitchen Aid on display and all 12 brothers and sisters in their beautiful punchy bright colors. I waaaant one :[  

We absolutely couldn't refuse a rest stop on the outdoor patio at Lucky's where we sat outside, crunched peanuts and drank beer. 

(did I mention this was the greatest summer night in Fort Collins to date)

We were happily surprised to find that the Bohemian Nights, free music event was going on and so we parked it in Old Town for awhile enjoyed the band. 

 Eventually this little couple worked their way a few steps in front of me and I couldn't help but snap a photo of the husband holding his wife. They were dancing to the music and so affectionate with each other. Nick and I agreed we will definitely be that rockin' little couple in 60some years. Absolutely warmed my simple romantic heart. 


Cheers and thank you for being the great city you are, Fort Collins.

Hope you all had a good Monday. Mine was quite eventful and didn't do much good for my already crumpled faith in humanity. However, I out did myself cooking one of my specialties this evening - grilled cheese sandwiches + tomato soup - and forced myself out on a walk with Nick in this very cooling 70 degree weather, despite my annoying sinus issues. Thank you rain and get the fuck ooooutta here, allergies! 


xo . jess

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What comes after June?

The month that makes you forget what day of the week it is, because the days are long, hot, and juicy with summer. I am having a hard time making myself believe that August is only days away. Especially after having said hello to this evening, with a delicious pot of Jambalaya rice cooked with Italian sausage fresh from Sunflower market, a perfect after-dinner walk in the 70 degree weather (thank you rain gods!) watching the sun go down, gushing about how much we just freaking love this city and absolutely everything about it. This has been one of the greatest summers I have had in a long time. And it was spent doing nothing much else but enjoying Fort Collins with bike rides, patio lunches, concerts, camping, fishing, and the occasional afternoon by the pool. I guess I shouldn't jump the gun just yet - August is just as much of a summer month as July, but it brings back to school and better yet - back to school festivals in this beautiful city. Such as New West Fest and Tour de Fat which I am soo looking forward to. Nevertheless, all of a sudden it will be September and as much as I will be sad to see this summer go, it is always followed by my favorite season :) So I can never stay sad for long. 

And since it is almost a month to the day since my last post, I am more mad with myself for the fact that while I neglected my blog for a good 4 weeks I was quite the busy bee with things to share that I was just to lazy or unmotivated to post. While July was busy flying by I was cooking new things, experimenting with delicious summer salads (oh yes - the kitchen is quickly becoming my new favorite place), wearing my still growing hippie locks in either a braid or el natural (not doing anything with your hair can be quite the penny saver - who knew!?), reading (!!) rocking out at the Foster the People concert (greatest night of the summer!!) and keeping it consistent with the camping. But I could shut up about it and just show you. Here's my July round up people. Next time I take half the summer off from blogging I'll leave an "out of the office" love note. Happy Hump day! 

xo . jess

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

in the kitchen.

Today I discovered that it only takes 4 easy steps to make one delicious summer treat and so 
I made...

1. My choice of fruit: 1 large banana; 1/2 cup of blueberries; 1 cup of strawberries
2. Add 1 cup of ice before adding 1 1/2 cups of vanilla ice cream
3. Add fruit and lastly 1/2 cup skim milk
4. Turn it into pink bubbly yumminess. 

It was a very low key day for N and I - and HALLELUJAH we even had rain almost all afternoon. Our summer schedule has been pretty non stop with camping trips, school, work, and the occasional day of cleaning, laundry, errands... that we gave ourselves a well deserved day off from all of it.
Because however, we were in desperate need for groceries, I slipped into my go to outfit for this summer of maxi skirt, tank + sandals and headed to sunflower market to stock our fridge with fresh goodies! (Hence my smoothie inspiration for today) I have to admit to you guys that if I ran into myself in public today, I probably would've wanted to smack myself..but it was a day of "I don't care" - today while making my grocery trip I wore my ear buds and jammed to my own tunes the entire time! Usually I can't stand when people do something like that, shop with their headphones, but I was in a mood and I ain't gonna lie the seclusion felt aaawesome! Sometimes, ye just don't wanna talk to anyone. And today was that day. I do have to make a point to ad that I only took my public rudeness so far - I removed them completely before heading to the register. Talking on your phone or having headphones in at a register  - absolutely not cool.

Tomorrow I say Hola Monday! as my work week begins and the daily life goes on. In the meantime we are checking the news every couple hours for fire updates and praying the weather reports forecast more rain! Colorado is one big fiery mess and it's very sad to watch thousands of people lose their homes and beautiful countryside burn to ash. Counting our blessings,


xo . jess

Monday, June 25, 2012

Camp Jack.

Happy Monday, all! Making a quick stop to share with you pictures from the coolest place I've ever camped in Colorado this morning. 

On Saturday we packed up our supplies and headed to Estes Park to meet up with friends. From town it was a short trip with a little 4 wheeling through the Rockies to get to Camp Jack - a site one of my friends has been coming to for years. On our way out of town, we get to see the High Park Fire from a different angle. 

 And while we were making our way to our site, we caught glimpses of a wild fire that had just begun breaking out in Estes Park. As you can tell with not a cloud in the sky and the tripple digit temperature..we're all doing the rain dance!

Welcome to camp jack - an area right on the top of a ridge overlooking Estes Park - the prettiest site I've ever been to. Setting up camp, enjoying the view, cooking dinner, enjoying the shade we were getting at this time of day, and climbing rocks...


When you're that high up, you get some spectacular views.

Settling in our front row seats to watch the sunset. 

Somewhat crummy picture but I thought the smoke settling in the valley was so cool. 

It was humbling to try and escape town from the fire and smoke, only to have it break out in several other areas in Colorado over the weekend. We're lucky to be able to still enjoy some summer fun, while so many others are having to leave their homes, have lost their homes, and are fighting to keep their belongings safe..we are up to 12 fires burning - what a crazy summer we are having here! 

Very glad we had a chance to spend time with our friends this weekend. I kicked myself the entire time for having left my camera at home - but N's did a pretty good job as back up ^^ plus we were busy having such a great time that we slacked getting some shots of ourselves. Good thing we definitely plan on repeating this trip before the end of the summer! 

If you enjoy 4 wheeling and true tent camping - look up Camp Jack in Estes Park! 


Make it a great Monday!

xo . jess