Friday, September 24, 2010

Fill in The Blanks

1. In the story of my life the actor who would play me would be I could only dream that it would be Rachel  McAdams. I think she would be able to pull off my two sided personality of being a Gemini. And connect with my soft, old romantic side as well as my child at heart, laughable side.

2. If I could change one thing about the world that more women were in control instead of the men. 

3. Yesterday I got caught in the rain.

4. My favorite comfort food is Fast Food. Unfortunately so. Mc Donald's and Chic Fil A on my top two.

5. My new favorite blog is Mandeefofanee at [the bear naked truth]. She always make me laugh!

6. If I could meet any blog friend (who I haven't met yet) in real life, I'd chose to meet my favorite blogger and blogger soulmate Erin at C'est La Vie!

7. My favorite breakfast food Toast with butter, soft boiled egg with salt, and creamy coffee. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's Up Chuck

Hi kids

I am sitting at the dinner table (and yea..totally blogging I'm so social I know) and had my computer handy so I opened it to check some Facebook things and thought "mmh..I feel like leaving some love on my blog". I'm having the best time with all this girl time..waking up for German breakfast with Katie and my mom..laughing every 5 minutes whether we're in the car, drinking coffee..or sitting (like now) with fresh yummy Chic Fil A around the dinner table with Katie and my sister inchen. (they're ingulfed in family drama stories which I've already heard so it's the perfect 10 minutes to peak my head out ;) )

It's funny how when you "have a few days off" or don't have a strict work schedule you completely forget what day it is..what's really happening in the world and well, become kinda selfish. But fortunately my ego is so busy with itself at the moment that it's not really registering. I'm loving enjoying the day without worrying about having to work later or enjoying my day too much before I forget what's goin on at work..etc. And I don't think that's a crime :) 

Getting in the habit however of sticking to our daily to-do's we outlined for the next 8 days is kinda hard and it's taken us the past 24 hours to figure out that we do have things to get done these next few days. Today was much better than yesterday however. We had a yummy German..brunch this morning :P and my friend Jenna came over and did a fantastic job coloring and lowlighting my hair. It's going to look so shiny and pretty for the wedding! Mid morning Inchen had to come home from work because her head was hurting her again :( we got her her meds and she had to lay down for the rest of the day. Hopefully, she can feel better throughout the weekend and make it to her doctor's appointment Monday (remind me to fill you in a little about my sister's stupid brain condition). 

After brunch we decided to kidnap Jenna and bring her along for the ride..going to Sephora to exchange some wedding make up and picking up my dress from the final fitting. Remember that part I said about not being really good at sticking to what we have to get done? Ya..we "accidentally" parked in front of Francesca's .. so we could not pop our heads in. 10 minutes in my mom has a hand full of clothes, Jenna her hands full of jewelry and Katie "ooooing" and "aaaing" corky neat things that fill that store. (Can I please add that I was a very good girl and didn't pick anything out!) ((well of course I WANTED TO! but I was a good girl))

We ended up spending too much time poking around in there..having to leave the items the girls wanted to buy on hold..rushing to my fitting..spilling tears over the dress a little even though we couldn't take it yet because they didn't press it or fix the whole in the back - not sure but that miiiight be kinda important.. :) but not biggie..we'll go back Monday..and headed BACK to the mall to finish our business in Francesca's and exchange the little-too-pick lip stain for something better :) 

Now my mom Katie and Inchen are gathered at my friend Amy's..watching Bella and are going to have a make up/hair do trial! :) 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Excuse me. I'll be right back.

I haven't done my blogging challenge. 
I Know.

I haven't told you about my very soon move to Michigan. 
I know. 

I'm sure there's something else I've neglected in the past couple days that I'm now forgetting to mention. 

But...I don't really care :) My bestfriend-cousin-soulmate-can'thelpbuttalkallnightwithoverflowingglassesofwinepeeingourpantsandlaughingtilloursideshurts is here!!!! 

Visiting me for the next two weeks before the wedding to help me keep my cool and keep me distracted, happy, and of course giving us the ability to catch up on everything we've not had a chance to over analyze, discuss, and slightly gossip about since we last saw each other in March. Mainly we talk about books, movies, harry potter (maybe twilight) and all the other things swimming around in our worry wart heads living on our very opposite poles we call life. 

So...if I neglect you. If I check out for a couple of days - I apologize in advance. I'm not going to take another break. I want to continue blogging throughout the next couple of weeks as much as I can. I know I'll miss you guys too much. But be patient :) and love me still when I come back to you after the craziness of these next weeks has settled. 

But I will leave you with a beautiful quote Katie shared with me...

.my best friend is a person who will give me a 
book I have not read. 
- Abraham Lincoln

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Goodbye

Do you remember those commercials where the background music always sang "hello goobye hello goodbyeeee!!" ?? I think they were Target commercials. :P was a fantastical day, even though it was my last day hence the goodbye post for F21 earlier today, 5 minutes after I worked into work, that's what I felt like singing. 

To quickly fill you in, I was not approved for a direct transfer to another F21 in Michigan, because I was going to be out of work too long with the wedding and N and I taking our honeymoon and then moving to Michigan. So my plan was to just try my hardest to get rehired as soon as I got there. 

WELL. It seems as though my luck has turned people! I got to work today and the next thing I knew, I was on the phone with the mgr that I've been in contact with in Michigan since August and she casually informs me that she worked her magic and got me a direct transfer to hear store!! :D I was/am soooo excited! My benefits will transfer and I'll be able to add N on right away after we're married and I won't have to worry about possibly not having a job once I get there!! :) 

I'm so so happy. Thank you luck. Are you trying to tell me something? Could it be possible that you have finally come back to me? :) If you are..I am welcoming you with wide open arms! I tell you what..

So tonight marked the last night of working with my team here in Colorado however, which makes me very sad but I have great things to look forward to in the next week, two weeks, three weeks, and so on :)

Starting with tomorrow, I will be heading to DIA to pick up my best friend, soulmate, and cousin Katie! I've not seen her since March (!) when N and I visited her and her family (and our godson) and I cannot wait to hug her, laugh with her, and have her here with me for the next two weeks!

Danke und Auf Wiedersehen

Today is my last day at work. Working for F21 for the past 8 months has been wonderful, teaching, challenging, and fun.
Thinking about it, it has been my favorite job I've had. With the funnest and greatest people which make up a team I'm going to miss terribly. 

Thank you ladies
for a wonderful time. 

The best of luck to you and the store!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big Events & Weekends

There are lots of things happening and I'm trying to keep up with everything. Tomorrow is my last day of work, Tuesday..Katie will be here, my Bachelorette party is Saturday..and the wedding is getting closer and closer every day. I'm trying to stay relaxed, especially since after tomorrow I will have a nice almost whole month off but lots of things going on and I want to make sure I take time to enjoy every moment of the big events that are happening in my life so that I don't miss a single thing.

Regardless of the fact that it was hard to get myself to go to work today after the great two days off for the weekend, tomorrow is going to be even harder. I would love to stay with my team at F21 and saying goodbye to them is going to be hard, even though my body and emotional state is clapping at the next 3.5 weeks off I don't want to say bye. 

Nevertheless, thinking back and looking at the pictures of this weekend..there's a good chunk of me that's pretty excited to be able to spend time with friends, family, and N!! When he finally gets here next Tuesday :)

Woke up with Oli cuddling with me on Saturday morning. He got in big trouble the night before and I could tell he still felt bad :P. 

As always, riding in the backseat with bellabella :)I love her so much I name her twice. 

My mamacita is so stylish when we go shopping for the day :)

First..we had to stop for free lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. They were opening a new one, so if you had tickets your meal was free. But boy were there lots of people, overwhelming amount of random waiters and waitresses coming to check on you..and good thing we had exact cash to scrap together at the end for our alcohol drinks! Woulda been nice to know it was cash only :P. But these girls are only concerned with their perfectly kissable lips! :)

sitting in the sunshine! :)

Our Buffalo Princess ♥

Rock on chicas!!

Can't head on over to the mall without a yummy cup of Vanilla Chai! :)

Fuzzy girls but adorable girls!

Those heels make your legs go on forever bella darlin'! :)

so..I know I'm due for my day 26 I believe of my challenge!! This weekend was so crazy busy I promise to work on it tomorrow and post as well. Don't be such a whiner! :) Not like I've been completely slacking! Have a great Monday morning kids!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Asthma inhaler required

She makes your stomach hurt, your eyes tear up and you'll either be peeing your pants or knee slapping your hand red. When you're hanging out with my friend Amy and happen to suffer from difficulty breathing - be sure to take precautions. 

Jen: in her Jersey "here's my question. she's in the best fucking shape of her life because she runs every day. what the hell is she doing with all her sixteen children?"
Amy: "they go in their kennels."

discussing a guy friend's apartment strewn with random girls' items. 
Amy: "i wouldn't have had to walk the walk of shame from that place. i could've gotten ready for church."

driving through Amy's neighborhood noticing the cars lining the sidewalks to her house.
Me: "wow. someone must be havin' a fiesta!"
Amy: "oh, it's every weekend. it's either a quincenera or the Vietnamese new year."

arguing about the correct spelling of fajitas. 
Jen: "F-a-h-..."
Amy: "Wha-? Not..Faheeeeetas!"

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fill in the Blanks : short & sweet

It's Friday! It's Blanks day. And it's my Day OFF day! :P How excited am I? Well, seeing as I just finished the season 6 finale of House and am still wiping tears I'd say it's a great start to my day! :D AND .. it's exactly two weeks today to my wedding. 

Can someone please, tell me where August and September went? Those bitches were in n' out faster than I ever anticipated. I've got a biggie of blog posts comin' up (the next challenge prompt is "your month in great detail) AND today is Blanks day with lauren, which I've been looking forward to since yesterday when I thought it WAS Friday. So let's just take it is my day off and I've still got a million errands to run .. and you can keep your eye open for my biggie blog later today. (..maybe even really really late tonight :P) 


Have fun filling in the blanks on your blog (should you choose to play along) and then make sure to link back here at the end of the post so we can all go read your blanks.

1. When I get a day to myself I like, drink a way too big cup of coffee, not shower (unless I really really need to :P), wear comfy but cute "day off" clothes since I dress up 24/7 at work, run errands with my music blaring in the car, and do something that makes my heart smile a little. Whether it's hit the thrift store, get a mani, or take a nap with N.

2. High school was..where I met and hated N.

3. A little dream I have is to make a living with my photography.

4. A big dream I have is to be disgustingly content and happy with N for the rest of my life.

5. If I could drive any car, my pick would be a pearl white Range Rover. :) 

6. A time that I felt really and truly beautiful was [is] whenever and wherever I'm belly laughing with N.

7. Tomorrow I will go to my brother's soccer game, have free lunch with my mamacita, Amy, and Bella, shop for dresses with my mother in law, have a wine filled night and document the whole thing on camera.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 24 / 30 Days TGIF

Quit busting my bubble. I know it's Thursday. But weeks are cooler than yours. For me, it's Friday!

Today marks my 8th straight work day and I am pooped. But not at the same time. I had a dance party in my bathroom this morning. Oooooh yes I did!
It was fantastic! So..even though my last day off really feels like a month ago..I'm not going to complain, because surprisingly, I'm coming out of it energized, happy, and dancing!

Maybe a little sad. Technically, today is my last day off work. But then again, not technically. By the papers today should be my last day at work. But then my replacement isn't going to be quite ready  over the weekend and so I agreed to help out Sunday & Monday one more time. so come Monday..THAT will be my last day according to me physically being at work and working. But for now, it's FRIDAY! And my weekend is stacking up to be a great one. 

But this post isn't about how great my weekend is going to be.. . Sorry, no. As I'm coming to the end at F21..I'm also coming to the end of my 30 day blogging challenge that really took me about 40 but who's counting? And today is day 24. Meaning it's..

your week in great detail

(guess what comes after?)

Which is really kind of unfortunate for you, because, even though I'm not complaining about working all week long, you will be :) But don't you fret kids. I'll let my creativity play it's part so let's do this!

Thursday (a week ago - well, YA I have to start with Thursday of last week or it's not a week!)
My work week begins. Honestly, do NOT remember this day in the slightest detail. 

Got sick at work. Had to leave early. Was a little scary for the afternoon. Drank it all better with J and a few margaritas. 

Fought with N. We had a stand off. I won. 


Enjoyed a mini German breakfast with coffee and the Sunday paper before work. 

Made a mistake at work. 

Dina went into the hospital with a relapse of her stupid brain condition. (Blog post for another time). Everything was fine and we discussed her stylish hospital fashion by the end of the day :)

Remember that detailed post from yesterday? Yea...about that. 

Is it 5pm yet??

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 23 / 30 Days : Details

your day in great detail. 

oh boy. You ready for this? I'm not sure if I am. Once you get me started on details I could go all day long. 

I thought about the best way to go about this post in making it at least fun for you to follow along and I think for me, it's actually going to be fun, because .. well..I just established I love details and two..I already kinda forgot what I did today. There's also a slight possibility I could get a slap on the hand if I talk about work too much, but I really don't care. 'Specially not after the week I've had there. So let's see.. 

let's start with...

8:05am my alarm rings for the first time
8:10am my snooze goes off and I realize I have no actual need to be awake just yet. So I choose snooze again pull the covers completely over my head and fall back asleep. 

9:32am I get woken up by my Mario Brother's ring tone (no, seriously). It's N calling. He apologizes for waking me. I can tell hearing my asleep voice is making him miss me and I promise I'll call back when I'm awake. 

9:36am I lay back down and close my eyes but my "strict mother" self is shaking her head at me and I realize I should get up. Or at least attempt to wake myself up. 

9:45am I'm craving a soft boiled egg and toast and I'm up. 
10:00am (Try and tell me this doesn't look delicious.) nom. nom. nom.

10:08am I'm joined by my mother, the left over Sunday newspaper and my laptop to catch up on the morning blog posts collecting in my RSS feed. 

10:38am I remember my phone date with Katie, dial her number and put her on speaker so her, my mama and I can have a nice morning chat. We decide we are over excited that she will be here this time next week in person, gossip over family drama, and discuss what we can do with her wrinkled bridesmaids dress once she gets here. 

12:01pm In a slight rush to ready myself for work. Brush my teeth, wash my face, quick strokes of the hairbrush (LOVE that I get 2 full days out of my hair before greasyness appears) and lather my face with lotion. I loooooove face lotion. 

12:10pm taking way too long to do my make up. Thinking about what I'm going to wear. 

12:26pm deciding on a pink and white striped oversized sweater, grey leggings and camel colored riding boots with oversized zipper up the calve. 

12:30pm don't forget my minimum of 4 accessories! F21 dress code standard! 

12:37pm rushing to work. Making my mom laugh in the car. Realize I forgot to call N back - big whoops

1:00pm Clocking in ON THE DOT. Already dreading being there. 
2:47pm taking my first break. Enjoying my greek yogurt with honey and raisins. Missing N. 

4:04pm crisis averted. Glad I have the store to myself. 

5:02pm closing worker's take 5 - discussing my expectations for tonight's close. 

5:42pm Lunch break!! More like dinner break. Red velvet cupcake for dinner that I'm going to feel mighty full from in about 36 minutes. Cracking open the first page of The Historian. 

5:51pm already intrigued with this book. 

5:59pm scandalously texting N. 

6:07pm back on the floor. Helping customers and prepping to close. 

7:47pm realize I didn't clock back in from my lunch break. Damnit. Going to have to ask my boss for yet another time edit this week. Decide it's not my week to be on top of it and move on. 

9:21pm slide in the front seat of my mom's car. Another day closer to my last day of work. 

9:30pm not even thinking twice about devouring that piece of left over salmon and a nice helping of rice from mom's cooked dinner. 

9:31pm call N while my supper is warming in the microwave. Get received by a drunk and giggly N. Tell him I love him and hang up knowing he'll be too drunk for a good night phone call and am perfectly content with that.

9:58pm while invisible, I sneak back into the kitchen for nuked cookies and milk, jet back upstairs and plop down on my bed for my nightly House episode. 

11:30pm check my blog. Begin blogging. 

11:47pm hear a soft noise outside my window. Realize it's raining. Couldn't be more ready for bed time. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 22 / 30 Days : Perfect

whatever tickles your fancy.

I've been experimenting lately. With make up. And  hair. And a little clothes. I secretly follow a couple fashion blogs and lately..I've been up for going outside of my comfort zone a little here and there with new hairdo's .. bolder make up .. and pleather leggings! :P All of us girls at work have them and we love 'em. The leggings that look like fake leather. Kinda a la Sandy from Grease. But I love them because they're instantly dressier than regular leggings and I love pairing them with my boyfriend blazer and a tank. ... anyway

VERY recently..I've made a step in the .. lipstick .. direction. And I LOVE it! I used to completely ignore my lips. I would take care of them with chap stick and such..but that was about it. Then i fell in love with the nude lip because it was easily doable with my already minimal lip care. Then a couple days ago I was in Walgreens and spent about 15 minutes staring at the berry reds in the make up aisle before I started popping off caps and doing little trials on my hand. 

I knew I wanted a red. Not a cherry red. A berry red. A beautiful dark enough red for the fall that I could minimize my morning make up routine with by just doing a minimal eye and accentuate the lip. (I'm thinking that I've in clothing it is the same for make up..if you're showing lots of leg..cover up the girls; in make up: if you're showing off the eyes..go for the nude lip)

well kids. I think I'm getting pretty good at it. And I love it more and more everyday I go with the bold lip. I was the total dork taking pictures of myself in my mom's car today while she ran into the store to grab some things. (I was so pooped from work I couldn't even get my butt to go in with her) But I wanted to show you and get your feedback on what you guys think! And when I saw that I get to tell you whatever happens to tickle my fancy today (!) I realized showing you my smoldering red lips is just going to go perfect with this post :P alright that was super dumb. I'll shut up and show you the pictures now!

Life as we Know it..

..will end!
I know it. 

You know it. 

Okay. You might not know it. 

I love Harry Potter. Come to think of it I've never discussed my emotional (and okay okay maybe a little ridiculous) emotional ties to this story, these characters. But I just established I must share it with you. 

Not now. Sorry. Work is calling. But I just caught this image..and my stomach turned over a little (I already admitted ridiculous - leave me alone). This banner is going to ruin my whole day.
 It can't end!

Day 21 / 30 Days : For Erin

a YouTube video.

As much as I would love to be, I'm no funny girl. I suck at making people laugh and I'm the worst story/joke/anything teller walking this planet. The only person I have the ability to make laugh on a regular basis is my mama. And that's only because she loves me and probably just laughes because 1) I got my inability to be comical from her and she just gets it or 2) she feels too bad for me not to. 

So when it comes to YouTube..I would never be able to show you a funny video and wouldn't find them or view them unless someone brings them to me. Brings me into the world of funny. Not the other way around. When this girl is YouTubing..I search music videos and secretly and mostly always..scenes from my favorite movies. Love movies of course! :P And therefore..I must dedicate this post to my blogger soulmate Erin. 

We literally live in the same, nerdy, hopelessly romantic alternate universe in which we fill our days with love letters, love stories and panoramic shots of a girl standing in a meadow longing for the one man she could never have...or could she?

Erin :) This is for you.

(I couldn't embed the code I'm sorry..stupid starbuck's wifi!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 21 / 30 Days

a website. 

that was easy. I love love looooove It's amazing. It's vintage. It's fantastical!! And makes me want to have a credit card with no limit (of course one that I wouldn't have to repay - ever!)

Unfortunately..when I visit this site..I spend my time more "picture shopping" than anything. I've never actually purchased a single item off this website as much as I would LOVE to own a single ModCloth item. But maybe soon. 

If you have never gone to the site and you love all things girly, vintage, and pretty..GO TO IT. Now, I said. K sorry. I'm so incredibly tired and literally falling asleep a little. But I didn't want to skip a day without continuing my 30 day challenge after my breather this weekend..and right's still 11:32pm so technically I'll still make it :)

SO. Who wants to see my newly picked dream outfit?? Who cares if you do. I want to admire it some more!! :D
This jacket is a dream! All my inner Aubrey Hepburn I'm a ladyness would come out in me in an instant. It's such a stunning jacket. 
Underneath this beautiful soft dress. The pattern and the neckline are my favorite. ♥

Complete with the perfect girly strappy heel...
A classic accessory...

And a colorful stand out purse to complete the whole look. 

On to outfit number dos..
This sweater looks like a dream. With skinny jeans and flats for a stroll around the town..

..or with a cream tank..this adorable skirt..

And the perfect riding boot to pair off a glamorous but effortless fall ensemble. 

Are you in Love yet???