Tuesday, March 30, 2010


It's Wednesday and that means it's time for my feature, Where In The World Wednesday!

If you participate, please take the button the fabulous Feris made to use in your post!

The idea of WITWW is to post a picture of you in someplace in the world...it doesn't have to be somewhere foreign or tropical. Just a picture of you somewhere that you consider traveling. It might even be somewhere in your own hometown. 

It's that time of the week again :D WITWW. And I think I have a really good couple of pictures for this week's edition, and because I have to be to work really early and won't be home till late tomorrow night, I don't want to completely miss out on it. So I'm posting a little early. I hope that's not totally cheating :). 

For this week's edition I want to share with you my first fun little trip to Yelm, Washington. Once again I was visiting my cousin, best friend and fellow blogger, Katie..and our trip just happen to fall on the day of the big movie premier of a little not so well known movie New Moon. It's the second volume of this small book series called the Twilight Series. 

During our fan-obsessed weekend we realized that we left an entire unplanned while I was visiting. But we know how to handle such a situation; so we planned a little road about three hours north west of Yelm to a little town called Forks, Washington. 

Definitely, the wettest place on earth. 

Hence the reason I'm not technically in all the pictures...it was pouring okay? 

This, and other interesting memorabilia can be found in the town's Chamber of Commerce. That is about the size of my bedroom. 

Not to forget the treaty line to the gorgeous (no really, the beach is amazing, with huuuge boulders just like in the movie) La Push Reservation. 

Now this awesome memorabilia is ever so cozy..and we purchased it at the Outdoor Outfitter that Bella works at ;). 

Oh yea..those are baseball T's that say "team Cullen" on the front and have all the team member's names printed on the back ;) Just in case you forgot. 

Happy WITWW people!

A Lot Like Love ...

First off..my dad didn't start that great even though it's ending to be one of the most simple, perfect weather, perfect days I've had in a loong time.

So back to the part where my day wasn't so perfect. I don't know how else to put it but that..
                                                I HAVE TO GET A ROOT CANAL!!
Yea..definitely not very happy. On top of that I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled in the near future, and fix the chipped tooth I have as well :( Bad teeth run in my family but Nick just likes to say that I don't brush my teeth - which I do!! So pooh on you dude. But I still don't want to have this root canal done :'(

Leave it to my knight in shiny armor to make me forget aaall about the stupid dental work..I arrive back at my house to grab some of the things I needed to run my errands and I find a big white jeep grand cherokee in my drive way..with a handsome Italian mad waiting for me in the driver's seat :)
I LOOOOOOVE SURPRISES! Especially from my BFFE (my friend invented the "best fucking fiance ever) Nicholas Ray :)
Now I wouldn't have to spend my day house searching by myself! So we set off for a day in the car, with the windows down, music up, drooling over the houses and homes we can't afford. Of course, we fall in love with this beautiful, cozy yellow (!) town home, overlooking the Flatirons (for those not residing in CO..a gorgeous mountain range by Boulder, CO) 
Sadly, with our college credit and a lacking $40,000 in our bank account for the minimum 20% down..we had to move on. It was illfated from then on, because we compared every other home we saw afterward to that..and the ones that followed were less affordable than the next.
But we're not gonna let our spirits down that easy..we are so excited to be home searching and we know we're going to find the perfect little starter home in which we can celebrate our newlywed phase..and the first few years after that :)

Plus..you can't beat the laughs and stupidness you become a part of when you spend the day in the car with sunshine and limeades :)

Nothing like a personal touch..

My fellow blogger inspiration miss Classy in Philadelphia is hosting the cutest pink giveaway! Check it out if you're interested in spending less time on straightening your hair and ending up with glossy shiny straight locks.

Picture from Classy in Philadelphia 

Monday, March 29, 2010

"This is a dream come true..."

That's how the answers usually start at award shows when the nominees get asked how they feel about being nominated... .
I know understand that answer :)
Alright enough cheesyness! My lovely blogger friend Erin @ C'est La Vie has awarded me with the kick-ass

Master of Karate and Friendship Award

Thank you miss erin for given me this prestigious award!! I am so honored and happy :) I..alright alright I'm done :) Thank you lady. I love it.

The Rules for receiving the award:

1. List 6 things you are a master in.

2. Pass it on the 6 bloggers you think are masters at friendship, and make blogging so awesome!

  1. The first thing people will say I'm strangely good at even though I've never had training, is doing hair & make up. I used to give myself crazy up do's when I was a teen (oh yes, including the famous Princess Leia's braid culrs). Any given Holiday I get multiple requests from family members to do their hair & make up.
  2. Giving myself a mani - I rock my own socks off almost every time. I pick at my cuticles, and so I like to have fresh mani's or nice nails so I don't do that. But I used to not be able to afford mani's in college, so I became a pro at giving my skin a nice condition, filing my nails perfectly, even using that skin picking device they use at the salons, and applying nail polish beautifully, without even getting it on my skin.
  3. Making toast with butter and jam. Nick will beg me for hours (!) for me to make him two slices of bread, toasted, with a layer of butter topped by just the perfect amount of jam. It's the only time I've ever seen him that patient..and I have to say, everytime I make one for myself, it always taste like slice of heaven in my mouth.
  4. Making a bed. If any of you have read previous blogs of mine, know that I have an obsession with having a perfectly made bed. Well, I also happen to be pretty damn amazing at making a bed. I can create a picturesque, inviting, and cozy bed that gives the Pottery Barn bedsets a run for its money. Ask me to make yours. I love seeing a beautiful set of sheets,  I'll do it for free :).
  5. Eating like three year old. No matter what I'm eating..doesn't matter how neat or messy..could be a milkshake out of a straw, you could be your life comfortably on the fact that I'm going to make a mess of myself. With the front of my shirt resembling that of a three year's old, after spaghetti. Oh ya. It's bad.
  6. Taking in the moment photographs. Oh yea. I just did. I just tooted my own horn. TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! =D
And the award goes to...
  1. Jen @ Rants, Raves, and maybe a little wit.
  2. Bri @ Memoirs of Bri
  3. Amy @ The Moore Family.
  4. Katie @ Discovering Katie.
  5. Krystel @ Aull About Nothing.
  6.  And I don't have a 6th person, because the other would-be-nominees have already been nominated!

Littmssunshine in Wonderland

Today I was in major need of letting off some steam and just taking an hr of "me time" to recollect my thoughts and emotions. If you'd like to read more about this check out my previous blog :)

A quick car trip and downtown Fort Collins I was. Karma let me get a parking spot right out front of my favorite favorite store in which I could spend hours, HOURS browsing around. I don't mean to be mean when I'm in there..but I'm in such a different world when I'm in there I don't even hear the girls in there working, asking me if I'm finding everything ok :) I'm sorry! I don't mean to ignore you! I'm in jessiland and can't hear you. I fell down the hole too far :P
So in I go..and it's like..the second I step over that threshold..I'm there :) I see the first table that has all kinds of books, purses, journals, notepads, candles, tissues, ... endless knick knacks and I MUST look and touch every table, shelf, cupboard in that store that has stuff on it. I always tell myself when I'm there, because their purses are real leather and range from about $65 to $200, that one day I'm gonna buy a purse from there.
They have the most precious jewelry and they are adding to their clothing selection, because for those of you that know the store, the back part where they used to have sale items they now have clothing. It's adorable because they split up the clothing into the same color stories like they have the other accessories and items.

However, I think my favorite item in that heaven of a four wall combination, is the fact that when I go in there I'm inspired to stretch out on the floor with markers of all colors, and either journal for hours or write everyone I love a notecard or a letter or send them tons of gifts, just because the so perfectly apply to them.
I'm a sucker for old romance that lives only through letters and words and distant hearts..when men would send you endless love letters and love meant something more moving and intimate than they are today..sure a text can be cute..but no text, email, voicemail, tweet, status update..whatever, could ever feel as romantic as a decade old letter you still reread after all those years.

My nana and her husband Jeffrey, probably the greatest man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, would do the most romantic thing. Actually it was more Jeffrey, but every morning, before he went to work, he left my grandmother a little love sticky note on the counter. Every. Day. And on Saturdays and Sundays he'd be up watching sports on the kitchen counter tv with a stool pulled all the way up to the screen, making breakfast. When my nana would come out with her messy hair, bathrobe and warm glamourous slippers, Jeffrey would have her rice crispies and chocolate milk on the table.

That is the kind of love I hope I have in 25 years. Which makes me think of a recently posted  beautiful blog by my dear friend Jen.

All my wandering led me to two very precious finds that I couldn't leave the shop without.

First this amazing box of letters, with 30 pages that all have different designs like this that are all simply beautiful.
I think I was just so inspired by all the writing opportunities..and I saw myself writing those letters.. .

Then, on the very back of a shelf, I saw this book propped up on a stand..I picked it up and spent almost 15 minutes reading it.

It is such a beautiful, unique book. I'm thinking of maybe dedication certain entries to the book - but it has the most beautiful passages, and compliations of art works. I'll include some pictures of the inside of the book next time. But ladies, you'll wana stay tuned for this one! :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why can't girls make shooting gun noises?

So..I must give you a heads up..for some reason I've had this horrible itch to blog..I didn't even care what about..I just wanted to sit here and blab to you. However, I forced myself not to, until I had something worth sharing.

Well leave it up to a perfect Sunday with the best french toast breakfast, the sweetest husband-to-be, and mix in a little family drama..to give you so much to blog about that you might have to split it into parts. :) Oh yes..it's been quite an intense day..tears, yawning, and sunshine smiles were all there! But in order to make it less overwhelming..I'm gonna blog a little bit at a time over the next couple hours..because I also have housework to get done..so I hope you follow along :).

Today was my day off and I decided last night that even though I had to close the store and wouldn't get out until 10pm, I was going to drive to Fort Collins to be closer to Nick, even though he had to work, and also to help him with housework. The house he lives in is getting ready to be put on the market and so there are things to be done before the house is ready for constant, ever annoying, always inconvenient, showings.
There is the best locally owned breakfast place Nick and I looooove to go to. We always get the same dish, every single time. We do that at our favorite restaurant Outback, too. Anyhow.. the Farmer's Table has the beest hashbrowns, french toast, and syrup and so we got our tired butts out of bed at 8am this morning, to catch a good seat! :)
We thought, since it was Sunday, that the place would be packed..hence the getting up super freaking early. Well..there definitely wasn't a need for getting up early..and so when we were done all we had to do was look at each other and we knew what the other was thinking: "let's go back to bed!"
After a short morning nap Nick headed off to work and I was off to run my errands starting with dropping Oliver off at the vet. By now that .. family drama, I was talking about a minute ago had occured..but I'm going to keep this post positive..and the rest of the day was so good..I'd rather share that :).
So I pull into the parking lot of PetSmart..and as soon as I turn the key in my ignition I hear a soft whimpering. :) Oli HATES going to the groomers. He cries like the biggest baby!! He'll at least walk along side me until we get inside, but as soon as he sees the door to the groomer's, he does that thing where he stretches out all four legs and I have to drag him the rest of the way..people laugh everytime and I look like the biggest dork :) But I am still laughing at what a big baby my 100lb golden retriever is!
At this point he was still totally unaware of where we were going.. :D I'm such a mean mommy..!
After dropping my whiny baby off at the groomer's..I was still a little shaken by the morning's drama that I decided I wanted a huge chocolate shake from Chic Fil A so I pull off College and head for the drive through..when I realize the only negative thing about Sundays - CHIC FIL A IS CLOSED!!!!!!
Yup..that was me. Pooh on me. Thank god there's nothing a trip downtown Fort Collins and a visit to The White Balcony can't fix! :D In fact, it's so special, that I'm going to have to dedicate an entire entry to that little slice of heaven..so stay tuned for my little afternoon adventure.

I realized I was more upset by the day's events than I thought when I went to see Nick at work (he works at the BEST pizza place in Fort Collins - Uncle's Pizzeria - it's B-awesome)
and while I was there I not only devoured three plain knots that Nick saved for me as well as almost an entire slice!! That's a quarter of a pizza!! That just sounds disgusting. Oh and don't forget the shamefull pepsi I sipped on when I came up for air...shiit..no wonder my tummy pooch is growing...
Speaking of! Sometime today my mother called me to tell me that she invested in a little piece of hell called P90X! So the whole..getting in shape new year's resolution is finally going to become reality :) @ erin and Kaitlyn .. I will be reporting on the pain :) AAAND results!

Before I take my first "blog break" and continue on with some housework.. I have to share this: Even though I got pretty upset this morning and so frustrated that of course I was a blubbering ball at some point..as the day went on and I felt better..I realized how GOOD I felt about crying for a little bit.
I'm that type of girl that has those days where you just cry. Doesn't matter how severe the reason, if there even is one, tears just start streaming and either you do the silent crying, or you're like me and you blubber a little bit :) It's reeeal sexy.  LOOK - she's got my hair do :)
Anyway..the whole being happy about crying thing sounds funny..but it actually is a little touchy for me. See..at the beginning of the year I finally gave in and accepted the fact that I might need some help dealing with the anxiety I was experiencing. I knew that I was a worry wart and thought negatively before thinking positive..but this was a whole nother story. My anxiety would last from the second I woke up to the time I finally fell asleep at night..if I did at all. I would have these severe nausea attacks that made me think I was expecting..multiple times..however..that was me finding other things to blame so I didn't have to accept the fact that I might need some help otherwise. So I gave in and let the doc presribe me an anti depressant - supposedly they treat anxiety better than anti anxiety meds!? Sure..you're the expert.

Even though the meds I took helped with my nausea and CONStANT worrying/fear..I had lovely other side effects that I'd be happy to share with you via email if you are wondering on a more informational basis ;) One day I realized that I hadn't cried. At all. Not even one little tear..and usually..it's AT LEAST once a month. That really bothered me. I think crying is very healthy..and even though I didn't feel "numb" I knew my emotions weren't in their true state. So in the trash the remainder of those little suckers went and I had some weird things going on for about 2-3 weeks after I stopped taking them. I would be in the WORST moods early in the morning. It was weird..not just "oh I'm a little tired and cranky but still giggly"..it was "talk to me and I'll kill you". And I'm never like that! After a couple weeks it passed however..and the other side effects I had when I was taking them went back to normal. And today, for the first time in 2010..I had my crying moment. And it felt GREAT!

(**A little disclaimer..I've heard it can be very dangerous to go off anti depressants or anti anxiety meds cold turkey. My doctor had told me before that the medication I had was not known to have sudden side effects if I were to stop taking them, because I warned him ahead of time that I was very reluctant to taking them in the first place - so he assured me I'd be fine. So please just be careful :))

Friday, March 26, 2010

Jess..the rockband photographer?

Happy Friday fellow bloggers. If you're like me and living in the brown wonderful state of Colorado you are praying that we don't get our third batch of snow in two weeks, right?! Right :). Isn't that all we do in the spring time?

Anyway..I have to share with you my nervous but excited self! If you have taken a peek at my photography blog you are aware of the fact that I have quite the talent.......... :) ok that so did not sound like me :). Let me start over...... If you have taken a peek at my photography blog you are aware that I attempt to be a photographer and make ordinary moments in people's lives special. Tonight however, I have the honor of making someone's special life moment even more special by capturing it on film!

A friend of a friend.. :) has become very successful throughout the Fort Collins area with their band The Acidophiles. They are headlining at the Aggie Theatre here in town tonight, and guess who they're bringing along to be the show's photographer!? MEEEE :D oh yea! I'm so so excited! And will bring you up to speed on the amazing experience tomorrow.
Meanwhile you should come to the show! Here is the event's link. The show is completely free, includes other bands, and starts at 9pm.

Happy Friday!
(what does someone that owns only high waisted skirts and frilly t-shirts wear to an electro hip-hop show?)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TMI Thursday

This is my first edition in TMI Thursday..created by the smart and classy ms classy in philadelphia. I still haven't figured out if it stands for Too Much Information..or The Time I..but I guess either one applies, and based on ms classy's post..minor inappropriateness is perfectly ok :).

Soooooo...let me think...

Well this is my favorite, humiliating but hilarious as hell, story about Nick and I making total asses of ourselves. So..ever since we started dating..we loved showering together. Not just to make things more interesting, but just to literally spend the extra ten minutes together, because we were pathetically in love with each other. About 6 months ago, Nick and I were getting ready for school at the same time and happened to hop in the shower at the same time. It was my turn under the stream of water and I was putting shampoo in my hair..and because I close my eyes while I'm shampooing, nick thought it was funny to tickle me under the arms while they were openly displayed. I kept jerking my arms down and getting mad at him, telling him to quit. So when it was nick's turn to soap his locks, pay back became a bitch and I started tickling him under his arms, which he really didn't like. The second time I did it, he jerked his arms so hard and also stretched out his arms, catching the top of the shower curtain and ripping it half way down the wall. Water was splashing and we almost got beat up by the shower curatin. I started laughing and he just had this pissed off look on his face, with his eyes STILL CLOSED! I knew he was pretty angry so I just tried to keep laughing silently, fix the curtain bar, and let him go back to showering in peace. When it was my last turn under the water stream, and he gave me the "switch" nudge, I leaned up against the shower wall as close as I could so that he could safely squeeze around the outside of me. (does this sound as weirdly hot to someone else as to me?) In the middle of the side switch, something happened. If you ask Nick the story goes: "Her ass stuck her elbow in my stomach and pushed..". If you ask Jess the story goes: "Someone came in the bathroom and pulled Nick..". Regardless, here is what happens next: Nick's foot that was reaching for the rear end of the bathtub did not gain as much footage as he'd hoped and when he put his weight onto that foot to complete the switch, he slips. Next his arms begin flalying around the bathroom and hitting me in the face. His hands start searching for sudden safety and find my body and then the wall. Luckily, Nick catches hold of the support handle and regains his balance. No second after nick's is stable again there is a loud "PANG" and the support handle rips right out of the wall, giving so much force to Nick's arm that is flies back towards the shower curtain with so much speed it rips the shower curtain off the wall and brings it crashing down to the bathroom tile floor. Water is now splashing ALL OVER the bathroom, and there are two butt naked people standing completely stunned, one clutching a clear plastic rod, the other two hands clutched between her legs trying to keep from peeing all over herself and her boyfriend from laughter.
Nick's face has lost all sign of anger as our eyes catch each other and we begin howling and SCREAMING with laughter. I turn away and try so so hard not to pee myself from laughter and Nick is holding on the wall to keep from falling over. Everything is soaked by now and we cannot seize to laugh to even turn off the water. Finally we regain ourselves with faces streaked with tears of laughter and dry off. For the entire week following this event, we would call each other randomly to find the other just laughing hysterically as they'd answer. And every night before we went to bed, as soon as the light turned off, we'd pause and create this awful pause of silence and just BURST with laughter trying so hard not to think about the shower incidicent. It was by far the funniest thing that has ever happened to me and is also slightly embarrassing at the same time. :)

Fun in the .. sun?

I hope that once in your lifetime you get the chance to meet our darling bipolar Colorado. She's a very beautiful girl and very entertaining, but she just can never make up her mind about her weather. :) I guess I know that as a woman we can have a hard time choosing and denying what the heart wants.

So after yesterday's gift of 12 inches of heavy, thick, wet snow she woke up this morning from her one night stand and decided she was going to let it all hang out today. There was not a cloud in the sky, and she felt like shining off tube top weather. So much so that I saw at least 4 people in sandals on campus while I was dropping Nick off at class. Oh Colorado natives..they find nothing odd about pairing a thick winter coat lined with fur with a simple pair of flip flops.

Even though I spent only half my day outside (I had to get started on my scrapbook!) it was beautiful and I can literally feel my Vitamin D batteries charging up fast! I haven't felt in this good of a mood in months. Bye Bye Winter Blues..

I have felt very picture happy lately (maybe it's because I just booked my first wedding this July!! :D) and so I've got lots of fun images to show you about our snowed in street from today!
Oli looking for his toys in the mass loads of snow

Yep..that looks like a good 10"

Anyone up to shovel the street?

So much already melting off...

Look..pure blue skies..

That tree looks like it had a little too much snow.. :P

What a good fiance..shoveling my car free for me..

I'm going NO where :)

So before I go..I have to tell you that my scrapbook is going to be the best thing ever. It's coming along great..but I have to stop for tonight, even though I could go on all night, because I have to take an online exam for 11pm! Better get started!!


Hello friends!
I just signed on to blog about my snow day and how my scrapbooking is coming along..when I saw that it in deed was Where in The World Wednesday!! And since I had planned to blog about my trip to Seattle in my next WITWW edition..and got to caught up in making up my work hours last week..I MUST join in this week :).

My last WITWW blog was a picture of myself, my sister, and my best friend/sister Jana. The picture I posted showed the three of us on my dad's motorcycle outside our vacation condo in Holland. As kids we used to go to Holland in the Spring time every year with our mothers.

This week's edition of WITWW I'm telling you about the fantastic trip Nick and I enjoyed when we went to Oregon and Washington for a long weekend, in order to spend time with family and more importantly celebreating our godson's baptism. It was an eventful 4 days with lots of laughter,

talking, and sightseeing. We flew into Portland to celebrate the baptism the same day, 

spent the next sight seeing Seattle and strolling over Pike's Place Market,
tasting great food and people watching, the following day we had an early start and spent the day in Long Beach eating yummy local fish & chips,

and running around on the beach jumping the waves and getting sand stuck in our rolled up jeans.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Holy Snow Storm Batman

So..if you are so blessed today as to not be residing in Colorado..you must have been able to drive safely this afternoon. For those lucky ones that DO live in Colorado..that wasn't so much the case now wasn't it? :) Well I myself, spun out on I-25 today. Scariest thing to have happen to me in a long time!! It took me almost 2.5 hrs to get from Broomfield to my house in Ft Collins. Thank god I have off tomorrow..not only to lay on the couch and SCRAPBOOK all day :D but that I can let the weather recover from its' relapse and hopefully make it back down safely Thursday to work.
So I've bought all the supplies I'm going to need to make a lovely and cherishable scrapbook with pictures of mine and Nick's trip to Seattle!! I'm so excited! I haven't created a scrapbook in ages!! I'll definitely be keeping you posted tomorrow on my progress :) What was the last scrapbook you made?

While on my scary adventure home I was not in the mood for music, because my nerves were already shot from spinning out than listening to someone talk was more relaxing than 'noise'. Well the only afternoon talk show that is on at that time is 105.9 Slacker and Steve.. . I have never listened to them, because when they were still Slacker and Jo, I hated them!! But I've heard people saying that their afternoon show is really good..and at that point I was kind of desperate..so another try they got.
By the time I had taken the highway Longmont exit in desperate hope to make it to 287, I was appalled beyond belief and pissed off, but more importantly, not freaking out about the stupid weather any long. Slacker and Steve's theme for the afternoon was that Steve thaught it absolutely grotesque the way pregnant women look, that it's their fault they got fat, and that they're absolutely distgusting looking. It was so frustrating!! And the worst part was, that once they opened it up to the public..tons of other WOMEN we calling in and agreeing!!? WTF? I mean to each their own, but the stuff these people were saying was just plain out of whack and unbelievable! It was so upsetting! I thought about turning it off, but I still wasn't ready for music..so I kept at it..having the radio turned way down by now..they began having people call in and share the famous people they have met in their life.
I was so tempted to call in, but with my car sliding all over the road and my nerves only slightly wound down from the twirl we did on the highway, I decided to just share it with you!! And I sure hope you share with me, if you've met anyone!! :D

Literally a few weeks over a year ago I went on my one and only spring break trip with some friends. Since we were all 21..off to Miami, South Beach we went!! It was the greatest trip and week of college with best friends, I have ever experienced. It was worth every penny and when I look back at college one day and reminisce about the good old days..that week will be the first thing I think of.
Just to show you how amazing it was .. I of course have to share some images:
Nick, me, and our shreck friend Quintin :)

Spending entire days on the beach is the most alive feeling - seriously.

8am in the morning.. early morning nap in the sun...my bf bri laying on the other side of me...

At the LOVE.HATE. bar in South Beach

We happened to be there over St. Patty's day!! .. Like I said..barely a year ago :(

We all splurged one night on the best sushi dinner any of us had ever had! We set on the coolest outdoor patio right by the beach..and drank waaaay toop much saki :)

..So anyway..back to my story about the famous person (it ties into the reason for me posting half my vacation pictures from Miami - I just love posting pictures sorry) that I got to meet while we were in Miami. Not only did I run into one pretty good looking celeb, but two crazy cool celebs. Now this first one is definitely NOT the cute one :P hehe but on our first day we were walking around and walked up an alley between the Hilton and another ritzy hotel to the beach..and low and behold..who gets out of their gigantic black Hummer?? Definitely Hulk Hogan! AND his ... daughter Brooke :P She's huge in real life! Not as in fat..but she's just BIG like her dad. That drove us all a little starstruck :)

But the best came last..on our last night we walked our little behinds almost 13 blocks each way to go to a special event night at the Love.Hate.Lounge, a fairly new bar that is owned by Ami James and Chris Nunez. We made our way pretty early, because we heard it was gonna be packed. Well were we proud of ourselves for showing up early..because about 1.5hrs later..in stroll Ami and Chris..looking hot as ever..and I just stood there and was so embarrasingly startruck it was ridiculous. thank goodness for my adorable fiance, because he literally just pushes me into their VIP section where they were sitting and I squeek out if they would let me sit between the two of them and take a picture with me. Ami grabs me by the hand, flips me around and the next thing I know I am getting my picture taken in the coolest lounge, with two super cool guys.
Could my smile reveal any more how nervous I am? :)

He was the coooolest guy and at one point we caught Ami walking through the crowd right past where we were standing, remembers me and Nick from the picture and just hung out for a couple minutes, partying and dancing with us. It was the COOLEST thing!! :D
I was smitten aaall night :)

Who have you met?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Nap Day

I made my way to Ft Collins to day to spend the early afternoon running errands, grabbing lunch, and enjoying some of those beautiful rays with mein schatz :). For those of you that don't hear Nick and I call each other Schatz on a daily business, it is a German term of endearment that means "treasure" translated, but is used more like "babe" or "honey". On a side note, I hope I don't offend anyone, but I can't STAND when people call each other "baby". It's not so bad when it's used every once in awhile or so..but CONSTANTLY..ugh it's awful.."hey baby" - "oh baby" - yuk :)

Our cheesy kissy picture :)

Oli enjoying the rays..           
Anywhooo..me and my schatz made ourselves a really nice couple of hours before he went to work 
and before he left we talked about how we wished we could spend more time outside today instead of having to do homework and go to work..then, as soon as he left I walked past our bedroom door headed for the couch and our uebercomfy, perfectly made, four poster bed stole my eye..
Next thing I know I'm cozing up under my sheets with the windows wide open, the blinds pulled shut and selecting "play" from the Sex and the City movie menu.

So .. should I feel bad that I am being a total bum on a gorgeous day like this and stretching and being lazy instead of laying outside?? I can enjoy the sunshine from right here can't I? :D Plus..it's not like sunshine is rare in colorado..so I could always enjoy it on my next day off?! :) Except for this week..cuz we're already supposed to be blessed with yet another lovely snow storm by tomorrow. The only thing that'll make me accept this late winter is that it pushes our late summer/fall nicely into October and promises me beautiful weather on October 1st :).

So please, to make me feel  better, while I was lounging in my bed..what did YOU do on this lovely afternoon??

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Enough already..you're ruining it!

I apologize in advance. But I just can't take it anymore. Two years ago, I and hundreds and thousands of other people had fallen in love with a book series. I've been an avid reader of all kinds of books since I was a teen. Love stories, happy stories, mysteries, books of self-discovery and a hard back as well as paperback collection of the Harry Potter books live contently on my book shelf.
There is something about getting lost in another world, whether it's fiction or real life, and getting so caught up in that world that it follows you throughout your day and every day life. And yes, I have no trouble admitting that the books that grab my heart strings the fastest and stay with me long after I'm done reading the last page are the ones about love. Not just between two people, but love in general. I've never been so overwhelmed by a book such as The Time Traveler's Wife. The underlying story of how a woman waits for the one man she couldn't help loving, her entire life was so heartbreakingly beautiful..I think I wept for a good hour after I closed the book. Seriously. That story is my favorite to this day - yes, even above Harry Potter. I think a lot of what I feel for and about a book also comes from where I am at in my life while reading a certain book. Or I at least always always personalize the story or relate it back to a similar event happening or that has happened in my life.

So it was the same situation when I began falling in love with the story of a teenage girl falling in love with some mysterious guy she can't forget about who just happens to turn out to be a vampire :) Just like thousands of other people I fell in love with the love Edward had for his Bella. His age old romance, chivalry, and undeniable love for her ordinary ways was captivating and moving to me. And the underlying melodrama that trickles in as the story unfolds in the second, third, and fourth book paralleled to events happening in my own life and so the story between Edward, Bella, and Jacob took on a different meaning to me.
Once I read a book like that, I love to go back and reread favorite passages, pages, or even chapters over and over again just to relive the book a little bit. Now here's my dilema.

I am SO OVER all the Twilight Saga drama. It is over done, overrated, and is starting to become purely annoying. The movies, although New Moon was a much better success than Twilight, never even came close to being as good as (some of) the books...I love love love Kristen Stewart but she is a wretched Bella, and I my hopes for the next two are so low to begin with, that my growing annoyance with the whole thing is starting to overpower the love I had for those books. Maybe I'm being melodramatic myself, but I am also one of those people that will refuse to adapt to the growing technology that has created electronic books. The kindle and whatever else those evil things are called are just too much for me. There is nothing special about the keys, a flat screen, and pushing a button to get to the next page. But the smell of a new book, crisp new pages or even better..old fragile pages, bent and worn covers because you've read the book too many times..mmhhh :) what's not to love???!

So who knows. Maybe I'm just a little whiny. Maybe I'm just a little sour puss..but there was a point to my blog. That I am sick and tired of all the Twilight Saga drama!! Which is not normal for me. I got all my books at midnight, I was at all the midnight showings so far..but at this point, I don't want all that obsession, drama, and midnight showing bs to come back into my life. I'm just over it. It's so over done and at the end of the day, there is nothing special anymore about Edward and Bella and I've totally jumped sides and would pick Jacob :P And that has nothing to do with the fact that Jacob's abs are so much prettier than Edward's. He's simply warmer..and I hate being cold ;)

soooooo...much..warmer :)