Friday, November 12, 2010

Movie Pre-Weekend

I have no problem admitting to you guys that in the past 36 hours I have done the following. Rented and watched 3 movies, 4 tv shows, napped 3 times, slept 11 hours Thursday night and didn't leave the house except to walk the dog (yes, outside!!) return my movie and get lunch. (yes. alright, it was, McDonald's.)

It's been fantastical, relaxing, and incredibly and utterly boring. How could anyone every survive a bed rest?? At least without major drugs..I was bedwritten for almost 6 days after my foot surgery in October a year ago. I would get so frustrated and annoyed with having to stay in one room or bed for a longer period of time because it was a bitch to move me and all my shit constantly, I still feel bad for how whiney I was to N and Billy :P But most likely the only reason I survived those days was because of all my lovely meds from the surgery.

I definitely don't regret doing absolutely nothing for quite a few hours. I relaxed, skyped, and blogged all I've wanted. I went on a beautiful walk with my dog, made my own coffee, and ate an entire bar of chocolate.

Although I thought I could fit in at least 2 more movies tonight, I'm hopeful that tomorrow is only Saturday and I still have my Sunday off to add to my list. Which as of now has the following members.. The Last Station, Alice in Wonderland, Love Actually, Spongebob Squarepants, King of the Hill, South Park, Weeds ..hang around throughout the weekend to catch a little recap of these and see if N and Billy can add to it. 

have the happiest saturday weekenders ! 

xo. jess


  1. I think this day sounds lovely! We all need totally lazy days. You'll have to let me know what you think of The Last Station when/if you watch it. I really liked it1

  2. There's nothing wrong with a little Mickey D's every once in a while! And I enjoyed The Last Station as well!

  3. Thanks for the reassurance girls :) and ERIN!! :D I'm so glad you did, because the whole time I was watching it I'm thinking "I wonder if Erin's seen this.." At first I was a little confused but it was such a beautiful movie and Helen Mirren is so amazing not to mention that James McAvoy is one of my favorite Brit boys :) At the end I did shed some tears. ;)