Wednesday, March 03, 2010

What I Love

...right now! So I today on my lunch break I realized I haven't blogged in days (!!) or at least that's what it feels like. Don't sadness today :) My lunch break actually inspired what I wanted to blog about tonight so here it goes.

While I was reading the copy of Lucky Magazine we had flying around the breakroom I came across a page where some of the Lucky staff had picked their favorite thing right now. A a vintage shoulder bag from someone's grandfather and a somehow still perfectly in shape Chanel cardigan from another's grandmother later I thought "this would be a cute blog!" However, it'll only be fun if you
leave your comment and tell me one thing (or multiple :) whatever floats your boat) at the moment!
And because I'm in no way in denial that I easily become obsessed with things and know that next month I'll very possibly be in love with something else..I have a hinch this will become a monthly is my first entry of
What I Love Right Now

  1. My yellow & black patterned tulip skirt from F21. THE comfiest skirt I've ever owned complete with perfectly placed pockets for my lazy hands. It's a ncie change to have the pattern on the bottom of an outfit - makes it simple to pair with a cute dressy top or a basic vintage T.

2. My recently purchased (as you can see it still has its' pricetag :P) dark blue zipper detailed jersey dress. A bit short..but nothing a pair of leggins or skinny jeans can't fix :). The zipper detail is the only trend coming back from the 80's that doesn't make me cringe :).

3. I stumbled across these in Walmart :P while waiting for my prescription to be filled. They're a denim color peep toed flat with a braided bottom, not to mention the string that ties up your ankle - these flats are and will be my continued favorite item come this summer - and it's not just because they were $3.

4. My German flag colored inspired lay! I was obsessed with these for the last World Cup - and so I had my little brother bring me back one so I can show my pride in this year's cup. GO DEUTSCHLAND! :)

5. I ripped out this outfit from Glamour Magazine and have been obsessed (!) with trying to recreate it! The page is called "shop your closet" and so they took a loose tunic already owned and paired it with this sequence pencil skirt - I love it! However..still now blouse :(

So there are my 5 things I cannot live without right now :) Mh..I swear I'm not as materialistic as this blog makes me seem. It was for fun! So please tell me what you love the most right now :)



  1. I love that sequined skirt, too! I have been wanting a sequined tank and/or skirt and/or dress for forever! Hmmmm...what I love right now: My dark Express jeans, SCARVES, finding old earrings that used to be my favorites and wearing them again, my silver converse flats!

  2. Come into Forever21! We have great stuff like that :) Plus I love visitors.

    Thank you for sharing your current loves! I've not owned a pair of Express jeans since high school, but I'm so anti jeans..I only own 2 good pair! (Maybe the Eagle did it :P)
    I've had a lasting obsession with scarves! And converse will always be a true classic.

  3. ooh.. im obsessed with LEGGINGS, LEGGINGS and more LEGGINGS!! and my Steve Madden boots, scarves and my favorite Rock & Republic skinny jeans (xmas present my family splurged on..)

    it has been really warm the last week.. and i have had my eye on so many cute skirts and dresses ive passed by in stores and magazines! time for the legs to see the sun again! wheres the sunscreen?!

  4. sehr sehr schöne sachen!!!
    der rock und das kleid sind totaaaal süß!
    vermisse dich.

  5. @ Bri: I love seeing your Steve Madden boots in every single one of you pictures from Italia :) I can tell you really do love them. As you should - they're such great boots! :)
    I wore a pencil skirt without leggins the other day..and it's not so much that my legs are colorless..but full of bruises!!? I look like a 13 year old tomboy! :P idk what happened.

    @ Jana: dankeee :) I miss youuuuuu!

  6. Oh my gosh I didn't know you work at Forever 21! Which one?!?!