Monday, March 22, 2010

Nap Day

I made my way to Ft Collins to day to spend the early afternoon running errands, grabbing lunch, and enjoying some of those beautiful rays with mein schatz :). For those of you that don't hear Nick and I call each other Schatz on a daily business, it is a German term of endearment that means "treasure" translated, but is used more like "babe" or "honey". On a side note, I hope I don't offend anyone, but I can't STAND when people call each other "baby". It's not so bad when it's used every once in awhile or so..but CONSTANTLY..ugh it's awful.."hey baby" - "oh baby" - yuk :)

Our cheesy kissy picture :)

Oli enjoying the rays..   and my schatz made ourselves a really nice couple of hours before he went to work 
and before he left we talked about how we wished we could spend more time outside today instead of having to do homework and go to work..then, as soon as he left I walked past our bedroom door headed for the couch and our uebercomfy, perfectly made, four poster bed stole my eye..
Next thing I know I'm cozing up under my sheets with the windows wide open, the blinds pulled shut and selecting "play" from the Sex and the City movie menu.

So .. should I feel bad that I am being a total bum on a gorgeous day like this and stretching and being lazy instead of laying outside?? I can enjoy the sunshine from right here can't I? :D's not like sunshine is rare in I could always enjoy it on my next day off?! :) Except for this week..cuz we're already supposed to be blessed with yet another lovely snow storm by tomorrow. The only thing that'll make me accept this late winter is that it pushes our late summer/fall nicely into October and promises me beautiful weather on October 1st :).

So please, to make me feel  better, while I was lounging in my bed..what did YOU do on this lovely afternoon??


  1. You can read about my lovely day in my blog as soon as I post it. No "baby" to share it with though. SUPER SAD!

  2. I think you and Nick are adorable! And, lounging with Sex and the City sounds unbelievably wonderful!! I was on CSU main campus in meetings this afternoon...ugh. lol. But, I had dinner with my parents and hit the gym after work, so it all balanced out.

  3. I can't wait to read Krystal! And Erin..I'm glad you had a nice dinner with your parents..but you definitely didn't make me feel any better by telling me you hit the gym =) And thank you, we try :P