Saturday, March 06, 2010

My Afternoon in a Movie

So I had the best Sunday morning that I've had in a long time! Even though my mom couldn't attend German Breakfast today because she was enjoying the sunshine in the mountains (jerk), my sisters and I recreated it just fine. Even though the coffee was a little gross because we were all out of cremers, we had ourselves some warm english muffins and toast, oj, yummy cold cut meat, fruit and even NUTELLA! :) It was beyond delicious. All I was missing was the Sunday newspaper. But I can just be excited for that tomorrow!

Once Nick had finally made it down from Ft Collins him and I head out to go wedding band shopping at the Shane CO where Nick had gotten my engagement ring. We had a great time looking at different bands together and Nick was really cuddly and "forehead kissy". :) Don't you love when boys are in their romantic element and you feel like you're in a movie..even if just for the afternoon!? :) I do........................................
So I hope this isn't tacky but we are so SO excited about the bands we found. They are both perfect and I was so happy that Nick actually found something he liked. He never (!) wears any type of jewelry, even watches, except his ear rings!? :P Anyway..we forgot to snap a quick photo of them on our phones, because even though we picked them out today we won't have them til as soon as I got home I went online to see if I could find of course I found them, saved them and am posting them here! :)

Have yourself a looky.........
Here's mine. I looooooooooooove it! It's exactly what I wanted..a band that had single set diamonds all the way around. This one looks beautiful with my simple solitaire and even though it's a common style, because of the small silver "dots" between each diamond it makes it very unique looking. And it's so dainty!!! I love it!! Big bling looks so gotty on me! My engagement ring is a 3/4ct but it looks like at least 1 1/2ct! So this dainty band makes it so feminine and has a really romantic look to it I think. (You can tell I was immediately in love with this can just skip to the next photo if you're gagging already). I have a question to those ladies that have a set of these or maybe just have an opinion/ I know you can have your rings saughtered (!) together..but I have a friend that doesn't have hers and sometimes on a lazy day or so she takes her engagement ring off and just wears her band. I thought that idea was adorable and I put the band on on its own and its so simple and pretty. What do you think?
This isn't Nick's exact ring, but it's the closest I could find to it. His has this silver and brushed two tone to it, but the ridges overlap with another's hard to explain. But this is the main frame and style of it. He loves it and it looks really great on him! It fits "him" and is a modern but classic style. I'm really glad he likes it. Funny thing is that both rings will not need sizing, because they both fit perfectly!

They were simply meant to be.

Oh to be in love :)


  1. Love, love, love them!! Yours is simply beautiful.

  2. aw.. how fun! you guys are so sweet. i love the rings and yours is exactly what i would have expected for you <3 so pretty

  3. I love your ring! And I definitely had to have my rings fixed together. They were separate during my honeymoon and it bugged me to no end! Because they kept sliding around - I just hated it! But I know some people who like them separate - I'm just not one of them!

  4. Absolutely beautiful. It's super great. You and I have a similar taste lol