Wednesday, March 24, 2010

TMI Thursday

This is my first edition in TMI Thursday..created by the smart and classy ms classy in philadelphia. I still haven't figured out if it stands for Too Much Information..or The Time I..but I guess either one applies, and based on ms classy's post..minor inappropriateness is perfectly ok :).

Soooooo...let me think...

Well this is my favorite, humiliating but hilarious as hell, story about Nick and I making total asses of ourselves. So..ever since we started dating..we loved showering together. Not just to make things more interesting, but just to literally spend the extra ten minutes together, because we were pathetically in love with each other. About 6 months ago, Nick and I were getting ready for school at the same time and happened to hop in the shower at the same time. It was my turn under the stream of water and I was putting shampoo in my hair..and because I close my eyes while I'm shampooing, nick thought it was funny to tickle me under the arms while they were openly displayed. I kept jerking my arms down and getting mad at him, telling him to quit. So when it was nick's turn to soap his locks, pay back became a bitch and I started tickling him under his arms, which he really didn't like. The second time I did it, he jerked his arms so hard and also stretched out his arms, catching the top of the shower curtain and ripping it half way down the wall. Water was splashing and we almost got beat up by the shower curatin. I started laughing and he just had this pissed off look on his face, with his eyes STILL CLOSED! I knew he was pretty angry so I just tried to keep laughing silently, fix the curtain bar, and let him go back to showering in peace. When it was my last turn under the water stream, and he gave me the "switch" nudge, I leaned up against the shower wall as close as I could so that he could safely squeeze around the outside of me. (does this sound as weirdly hot to someone else as to me?) In the middle of the side switch, something happened. If you ask Nick the story goes: "Her ass stuck her elbow in my stomach and pushed..". If you ask Jess the story goes: "Someone came in the bathroom and pulled Nick..". Regardless, here is what happens next: Nick's foot that was reaching for the rear end of the bathtub did not gain as much footage as he'd hoped and when he put his weight onto that foot to complete the switch, he slips. Next his arms begin flalying around the bathroom and hitting me in the face. His hands start searching for sudden safety and find my body and then the wall. Luckily, Nick catches hold of the support handle and regains his balance. No second after nick's is stable again there is a loud "PANG" and the support handle rips right out of the wall, giving so much force to Nick's arm that is flies back towards the shower curtain with so much speed it rips the shower curtain off the wall and brings it crashing down to the bathroom tile floor. Water is now splashing ALL OVER the bathroom, and there are two butt naked people standing completely stunned, one clutching a clear plastic rod, the other two hands clutched between her legs trying to keep from peeing all over herself and her boyfriend from laughter.
Nick's face has lost all sign of anger as our eyes catch each other and we begin howling and SCREAMING with laughter. I turn away and try so so hard not to pee myself from laughter and Nick is holding on the wall to keep from falling over. Everything is soaked by now and we cannot seize to laugh to even turn off the water. Finally we regain ourselves with faces streaked with tears of laughter and dry off. For the entire week following this event, we would call each other randomly to find the other just laughing hysterically as they'd answer. And every night before we went to bed, as soon as the light turned off, we'd pause and create this awful pause of silence and just BURST with laughter trying so hard not to think about the shower incidicent. It was by far the funniest thing that has ever happened to me and is also slightly embarrassing at the same time. :)


  1. Though Classy in Philly is one of my besties and a delightfully brilliant lady, I'm actually the creator of TMIT- make sure you link back to the hub so I can link you!


  2. I'm so sorry - I had no idea!