Monday, March 29, 2010

Littmssunshine in Wonderland

Today I was in major need of letting off some steam and just taking an hr of "me time" to recollect my thoughts and emotions. If you'd like to read more about this check out my previous blog :)

A quick car trip and downtown Fort Collins I was. Karma let me get a parking spot right out front of my favorite favorite store in which I could spend hours, HOURS browsing around. I don't mean to be mean when I'm in there..but I'm in such a different world when I'm in there I don't even hear the girls in there working, asking me if I'm finding everything ok :) I'm sorry! I don't mean to ignore you! I'm in jessiland and can't hear you. I fell down the hole too far :P
So in I go..and it's like..the second I step over that threshold..I'm there :) I see the first table that has all kinds of books, purses, journals, notepads, candles, tissues, ... endless knick knacks and I MUST look and touch every table, shelf, cupboard in that store that has stuff on it. I always tell myself when I'm there, because their purses are real leather and range from about $65 to $200, that one day I'm gonna buy a purse from there.
They have the most precious jewelry and they are adding to their clothing selection, because for those of you that know the store, the back part where they used to have sale items they now have clothing. It's adorable because they split up the clothing into the same color stories like they have the other accessories and items.

However, I think my favorite item in that heaven of a four wall combination, is the fact that when I go in there I'm inspired to stretch out on the floor with markers of all colors, and either journal for hours or write everyone I love a notecard or a letter or send them tons of gifts, just because the so perfectly apply to them.
I'm a sucker for old romance that lives only through letters and words and distant hearts..when men would send you endless love letters and love meant something more moving and intimate than they are today..sure a text can be cute..but no text, email, voicemail, tweet, status update..whatever, could ever feel as romantic as a decade old letter you still reread after all those years.

My nana and her husband Jeffrey, probably the greatest man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, would do the most romantic thing. Actually it was more Jeffrey, but every morning, before he went to work, he left my grandmother a little love sticky note on the counter. Every. Day. And on Saturdays and Sundays he'd be up watching sports on the kitchen counter tv with a stool pulled all the way up to the screen, making breakfast. When my nana would come out with her messy hair, bathrobe and warm glamourous slippers, Jeffrey would have her rice crispies and chocolate milk on the table.

That is the kind of love I hope I have in 25 years. Which makes me think of a recently posted  beautiful blog by my dear friend Jen.

All my wandering led me to two very precious finds that I couldn't leave the shop without.

First this amazing box of letters, with 30 pages that all have different designs like this that are all simply beautiful.
I think I was just so inspired by all the writing opportunities..and I saw myself writing those letters.. .

Then, on the very back of a shelf, I saw this book propped up on a stand..I picked it up and spent almost 15 minutes reading it.

It is such a beautiful, unique book. I'm thinking of maybe dedication certain entries to the book - but it has the most beautiful passages, and compliations of art works. I'll include some pictures of the inside of the book next time. But ladies, you'll wana stay tuned for this one! :)


  1. It's official, I will be going to White Balcony after work today because after reading this post, all I want to do is get lost in there! Plus, my quotes journal is filling up again and I always buy my journals there. :-)

  2. At one point I had three in my hand! I was thinking "What am I gonna do with all these?" So I put them back :-/ But yes..they have the most beautiful journals there.