Sunday, March 21, 2010

Enough're ruining it!

I apologize in advance. But I just can't take it anymore. Two years ago, I and hundreds and thousands of other people had fallen in love with a book series. I've been an avid reader of all kinds of books since I was a teen. Love stories, happy stories, mysteries, books of self-discovery and a hard back as well as paperback collection of the Harry Potter books live contently on my book shelf.
There is something about getting lost in another world, whether it's fiction or real life, and getting so caught up in that world that it follows you throughout your day and every day life. And yes, I have no trouble admitting that the books that grab my heart strings the fastest and stay with me long after I'm done reading the last page are the ones about love. Not just between two people, but love in general. I've never been so overwhelmed by a book such as The Time Traveler's Wife. The underlying story of how a woman waits for the one man she couldn't help loving, her entire life was so heartbreakingly beautiful..I think I wept for a good hour after I closed the book. Seriously. That story is my favorite to this day - yes, even above Harry Potter. I think a lot of what I feel for and about a book also comes from where I am at in my life while reading a certain book. Or I at least always always personalize the story or relate it back to a similar event happening or that has happened in my life.

So it was the same situation when I began falling in love with the story of a teenage girl falling in love with some mysterious guy she can't forget about who just happens to turn out to be a vampire :) Just like thousands of other people I fell in love with the love Edward had for his Bella. His age old romance, chivalry, and undeniable love for her ordinary ways was captivating and moving to me. And the underlying melodrama that trickles in as the story unfolds in the second, third, and fourth book paralleled to events happening in my own life and so the story between Edward, Bella, and Jacob took on a different meaning to me.
Once I read a book like that, I love to go back and reread favorite passages, pages, or even chapters over and over again just to relive the book a little bit. Now here's my dilema.

I am SO OVER all the Twilight Saga drama. It is over done, overrated, and is starting to become purely annoying. The movies, although New Moon was a much better success than Twilight, never even came close to being as good as (some of) the books...I love love love Kristen Stewart but she is a wretched Bella, and I my hopes for the next two are so low to begin with, that my growing annoyance with the whole thing is starting to overpower the love I had for those books. Maybe I'm being melodramatic myself, but I am also one of those people that will refuse to adapt to the growing technology that has created electronic books. The kindle and whatever else those evil things are called are just too much for me. There is nothing special about the keys, a flat screen, and pushing a button to get to the next page. But the smell of a new book, crisp new pages or even better..old fragile pages, bent and worn covers because you've read the book too many times..mmhhh :) what's not to love???!

So who knows. Maybe I'm just a little whiny. Maybe I'm just a little sour puss..but there was a point to my blog. That I am sick and tired of all the Twilight Saga drama!! Which is not normal for me. I got all my books at midnight, I was at all the midnight showings so far..but at this point, I don't want all that obsession, drama, and midnight showing bs to come back into my life. I'm just over it. It's so over done and at the end of the day, there is nothing special anymore about Edward and Bella and I've totally jumped sides and would pick Jacob :P And that has nothing to do with the fact that Jacob's abs are so much prettier than Edward's. He's simply warmer..and I hate being cold ;)

soooooo...much..warmer :)


  1. The Time Traveler's Wife is one of my favorite books, and I've read it several times. Everytime after I finish it I just sigh...and I always have tears in my eyes. It is the most amazing, heartbreakingly beautiful love story I've ever read.

    And, I love me some Twilight as well! The movie sucked, New Moon was better and I've decided to have high hopes for Eclipse. I may be disappointed, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. lol. Plus, I LOVE staring at Jacob, although I am still Team Edward. haha!

  2. are me when I was waiting for New Moon to come out. Now I'm just done. Of course I still love staring at Jacob..and I'm not going to deny that I don't love me some dreams of Jacob :P
    But it's almost like the specialness of the whole story is gone cuz of all the drama around it. mee..anyway :) Love yourself some Twilight!

  3. I agree about some of the specialness being gone...I loved Twilight before it was big and the teeny boppers are ruining it a bit for me. lol. I totally see where you're coming from!

  4. Yea..the teeny boppers are definitely part of it. When I was doing my practicum student teaching @ Rocky Mountain HS and Blevins Middle School last semester..ALL the girls were reading it and I just thought "REALLY? Middle SCHOOL??"

  5. Now you can get the toys at burger King :p
    I'm not a 'twi-hard' and I hardly read books as much as I used to...but I do agree about the kindle thing...I love holding a book in my hands, and the sweet smell of new pages or the musty smell of old ones! (o; Mertle