Thursday, March 04, 2010

Lazy Morning

My plans for this morning, before I had to report to work at 1pm :), was to get up bright and early, head to the gym, come home..enjoy some coffee and a yummy healthy breakfast..clean my room..finish my laundry..and take my sweet sweet time getting ready for work.

What have I done? Woke up an hour after I had planned to be nice and sweaty at the gym.. at a shy 9:37 am (I look right at my clock waking up remember)..went downstairs..skipped the coffee..poured a nice big bowl of Frost Flakes and tucked my cold feet right back under my warm blanket. Snoozed through the rest of Regis & Kelly and managed to waste an entire 60 minutes doing something I can't even remember now. In conclusion..I have done no laundry, no working out, no healthy breakfast..the only thing I can pat myself on the back on, is that I already (!) made my bed, got out my overnight bag to pack for Ft Collins..and fixed my chipped nailpolish. I even busted out my nail pen and gave it a little pizzaz.

However..the "let's get moving" urge has finally found me this morning and I am off to go about my day! Work and play from 1 - 9pm, then head to Fort Collins for my day off tomorrow where I have a set date with Nicholas, Alice, and the Mad Hater before noon. :) Can't WAIT!
This year's halloween costume for sure :)


  1. I have more lazy but well-intentioned days just like that than I care to admit! haha. Have fun watching that movie tomorrow!

  2. Alright. I'm glad to know I'm not alone. I don't feel so much like a total lazy butt anymore. :)

    Any tips that motivated you to get in shape for your wedding? IF that was one of your goals? :( Or just motivation in general. I can't even read your great progress because I've been so so horrible about getting back into the gym regularly.