Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I am finally participating in Where in the World Wednesday!! :) Woohoo - go me. It's pretty perfect, because I actually have something very fitting for today's edition.

These pictures were taken this past November, during my trip to Washington to see my best friend and cousin Katie. We are pretty bad Twilight fanatics (the books - not the movies) and my trip just "happened" to be during the premiere of New Moon (alright..we DO go see the movies) and I must also admit that we took an amazing day road trip to Forks, WA. :)
Anywho..this Saturday I am traveling back to Yelm, WA, with my fiance Nick in tow to be present at the baptism of Katie's youngest son Ethan (pictured) who just happens to be our awesome godson :).

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  1. Ah! Sorry I missed this until now! Thank you so much for joining in..I am loving your blog so far :)