Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why can't girls make shooting gun noises?

So..I must give you a heads up..for some reason I've had this horrible itch to blog..I didn't even care what about..I just wanted to sit here and blab to you. However, I forced myself not to, until I had something worth sharing.

Well leave it up to a perfect Sunday with the best french toast breakfast, the sweetest husband-to-be, and mix in a little family give you so much to blog about that you might have to split it into parts. :) Oh's been quite an intense day..tears, yawning, and sunshine smiles were all there! But in order to make it less overwhelming..I'm gonna blog a little bit at a time over the next couple hours..because I also have housework to get I hope you follow along :).

Today was my day off and I decided last night that even though I had to close the store and wouldn't get out until 10pm, I was going to drive to Fort Collins to be closer to Nick, even though he had to work, and also to help him with housework. The house he lives in is getting ready to be put on the market and so there are things to be done before the house is ready for constant, ever annoying, always inconvenient, showings.
There is the best locally owned breakfast place Nick and I looooove to go to. We always get the same dish, every single time. We do that at our favorite restaurant Outback, too. Anyhow.. the Farmer's Table has the beest hashbrowns, french toast, and syrup and so we got our tired butts out of bed at 8am this morning, to catch a good seat! :)
We thought, since it was Sunday, that the place would be packed..hence the getting up super freaking early. Well..there definitely wasn't a need for getting up early..and so when we were done all we had to do was look at each other and we knew what the other was thinking: "let's go back to bed!"
After a short morning nap Nick headed off to work and I was off to run my errands starting with dropping Oliver off at the vet. By now that .. family drama, I was talking about a minute ago had occured..but I'm going to keep this post positive..and the rest of the day was so good..I'd rather share that :).
So I pull into the parking lot of PetSmart..and as soon as I turn the key in my ignition I hear a soft whimpering. :) Oli HATES going to the groomers. He cries like the biggest baby!! He'll at least walk along side me until we get inside, but as soon as he sees the door to the groomer's, he does that thing where he stretches out all four legs and I have to drag him the rest of the way..people laugh everytime and I look like the biggest dork :) But I am still laughing at what a big baby my 100lb golden retriever is!
At this point he was still totally unaware of where we were going.. :D I'm such a mean mommy..!
After dropping my whiny baby off at the groomer's..I was still a little shaken by the morning's drama that I decided I wanted a huge chocolate shake from Chic Fil A so I pull off College and head for the drive through..when I realize the only negative thing about Sundays - CHIC FIL A IS CLOSED!!!!!!
Yup..that was me. Pooh on me. Thank god there's nothing a trip downtown Fort Collins and a visit to The White Balcony can't fix! :D In fact, it's so special, that I'm going to have to dedicate an entire entry to that little slice of stay tuned for my little afternoon adventure.

I realized I was more upset by the day's events than I thought when I went to see Nick at work (he works at the BEST pizza place in Fort Collins - Uncle's Pizzeria - it's B-awesome)
and while I was there I not only devoured three plain knots that Nick saved for me as well as almost an entire slice!! That's a quarter of a pizza!! That just sounds disgusting. Oh and don't forget the shamefull pepsi I sipped on when I came up for wonder my tummy pooch is growing...
Speaking of! Sometime today my mother called me to tell me that she invested in a little piece of hell called P90X! So the whole..getting in shape new year's resolution is finally going to become reality :) @ erin and Kaitlyn .. I will be reporting on the pain :) AAAND results!

Before I take my first "blog break" and continue on with some housework.. I have to share this: Even though I got pretty upset this morning and so frustrated that of course I was a blubbering ball at some the day went on and I felt better..I realized how GOOD I felt about crying for a little bit.
I'm that type of girl that has those days where you just cry. Doesn't matter how severe the reason, if there even is one, tears just start streaming and either you do the silent crying, or you're like me and you blubber a little bit :) It's reeeal sexy.  LOOK - she's got my hair do :)
Anyway..the whole being happy about crying thing sounds funny..but it actually is a little touchy for me. the beginning of the year I finally gave in and accepted the fact that I might need some help dealing with the anxiety I was experiencing. I knew that I was a worry wart and thought negatively before thinking positive..but this was a whole nother story. My anxiety would last from the second I woke up to the time I finally fell asleep at night..if I did at all. I would have these severe nausea attacks that made me think I was expecting..multiple times..however..that was me finding other things to blame so I didn't have to accept the fact that I might need some help otherwise. So I gave in and let the doc presribe me an anti depressant - supposedly they treat anxiety better than anti anxiety meds!?'re the expert.

Even though the meds I took helped with my nausea and CONStANT worrying/fear..I had lovely other side effects that I'd be happy to share with you via email if you are wondering on a more informational basis ;) One day I realized that I hadn't cried. At all. Not even one little tear..and's AT LEAST once a month. That really bothered me. I think crying is very healthy..and even though I didn't feel "numb" I knew my emotions weren't in their true state. So in the trash the remainder of those little suckers went and I had some weird things going on for about 2-3 weeks after I stopped taking them. I would be in the WORST moods early in the morning. It was weird..not just "oh I'm a little tired and cranky but still giggly" was "talk to me and I'll kill you". And I'm never like that! After a couple weeks it passed however..and the other side effects I had when I was taking them went back to normal. And today, for the first time in 2010..I had my crying moment. And it felt GREAT!

(**A little disclaimer..I've heard it can be very dangerous to go off anti depressants or anti anxiety meds cold turkey. My doctor had told me before that the medication I had was not known to have sudden side effects if I were to stop taking them, because I warned him ahead of time that I was very reluctant to taking them in the first place - so he assured me I'd be fine. So please just be careful :))


  1. So, The Farmer's Table is one of my favorite places! In college, my friends and I would always get our asses up at the crack of dawn (ok, so not really, but early) at least one morning during finals week and all meet up for breakfast there. And, one of those friends passed away unexpectedly last summer and when everyone's in town we try to go there in honor of Justin. I love it! Also, Uncle's is amazing!!! And White Balcony is by far my favorite downtown. I always grab a coffee at Starry Night and then wander through White Balcony and the Cupboard. :-)

    I'm sorry about your family drama; that's the worst, but you sound in good spirits now, which is always good! I hope everything is ok...

    And, nothing beats a good cry. I blubber, mother literally laughs at me when I cry sometimes. lol.

  2. Hahah Nick does the same thing! But first he kisses me on the forehead and says.. "aw schaatz, it'll be okay" but then he laughs :)

    I parked right in front of Starry Night..I wasn't really in the coffee mood though..however - I got the BEST mint chocolate ice cream next door at Gelati (!!) on my way home..I devoured that thing within minutes :) sooo yum!

    Nick looooves the Cupboard - he loves anything that has to do with food or kitchen..must be the Italian in him ;)

    Thank you for your post :)

  3. I always love reading other people's reactions to Old Town. Probably because it's one of my favorite places to just be, but I know how biased I am. Someday we'll have to have a bloggy meet-up at Starry Night (or Gelati) and wander through White Balcony...I bet we could even talk Kaity down from Denver for it. :-)

  4. Oh absolutely :) I'm pretty sure we could talk her into it.