Thursday, March 18, 2010

Heaven is spelled H&M

I mentioned yesterday in my ramblings about my wonderful trip to Washington that I got to visit the fabulous and definitely my favorite store - H&M. Since there's as many H&M's in my home country Germany as there is Starbucks in Seattle (literally, they're on every block!!! The starbucks that is..) I was very spoiled growing up and would give anything if someone FINALLY opened an H&M in Denver. I'd camp out in front of that store for it's grand opening.

Look how ridiculously excited I am.
So thankfully there was such a little piece of heaven in Seattle and of course, I had to go. I made it out alive without doing too much damage to my wallet. But I am VERY happy about my purchases. I got this fabulous girly with a hint of 80's pale pink t-shirt dress, a super cute high waisted skirt, a great ring of which I couldn't find a picture, and a mauve colored braided belt that goes perfect with the t-shirt dress.

Have a looky... :)
LOVE this skirt!

I never thought this would turn out as cute as it's not this TIGHT on me :P but I have to say I love what a feminine shape it gives me.


  1. Ooooh - the dress is gorgeous!!! And you really didn't go over the top - way to go! Sounds like we both were smart shoppers last weekend! Go us :)

  2. I am in love with that skirt!! I definitely wish we had an H&M in Denver... :-(

  3. uhhh jessi hat ein kleidchen von der garden collecton ;)
    die sachen sind echt süß!
    xoxo <3