Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fun in the .. sun?

I hope that once in your lifetime you get the chance to meet our darling bipolar Colorado. She's a very beautiful girl and very entertaining, but she just can never make up her mind about her weather. :) I guess I know that as a woman we can have a hard time choosing and denying what the heart wants.

So after yesterday's gift of 12 inches of heavy, thick, wet snow she woke up this morning from her one night stand and decided she was going to let it all hang out today. There was not a cloud in the sky, and she felt like shining off tube top weather. So much so that I saw at least 4 people in sandals on campus while I was dropping Nick off at class. Oh Colorado natives..they find nothing odd about pairing a thick winter coat lined with fur with a simple pair of flip flops.

Even though I spent only half my day outside (I had to get started on my scrapbook!) it was beautiful and I can literally feel my Vitamin D batteries charging up fast! I haven't felt in this good of a mood in months. Bye Bye Winter Blues..

I have felt very picture happy lately (maybe it's because I just booked my first wedding this July!! :D) and so I've got lots of fun images to show you about our snowed in street from today!
Oli looking for his toys in the mass loads of snow

Yep..that looks like a good 10"

Anyone up to shovel the street?

So much already melting off...

Look..pure blue skies..

That tree looks like it had a little too much snow.. :P

What a good fiance..shoveling my car free for me..

I'm going NO where :)

So before I go..I have to tell you that my scrapbook is going to be the best thing ever. It's coming along great..but I have to stop for tonight, even though I could go on all night, because I have to take an online exam for 11pm! Better get started!!


  1. I think I described CO as bipolar at least 3 times today...never ceases to amaze me, and I'm a native! lol. And, I definitely just got back from Barnes and Noble, and I'm wearing sweats, my winter coat and flip flops. :-)

    Congrats on booking your first wedding!! You're a very talented photographer, and I can only imagine how beautiful the wedding shots will be.

  2. Haha good job. I am SO NOT a flip flop person..I don't even really wear them in the SUMMER time! I'd rather do an actual sandal or heel, or even a summery flat, like a peep toe or really strappy flat..anyway..can you tell I'm not a native? :)

    And thank you! I'm so so excited :)

  3. I'm a flip flop whore...but, I love sandals of all varieties and really, really hate having to wear any form of closed-toe school. lol. Right now, I'd like to have on a pair of strappy gladiators, but my poor toes would freeze as I walk across campus this afternoon. Spring's close, right?! lol. :-)

  4. haha riiight. I'm starting to think that spring gets jipped just like just kinda gets really freaking hot one day.