Friday, March 26, 2010

Jess..the rockband photographer?

Happy Friday fellow bloggers. If you're like me and living in the brown wonderful state of Colorado you are praying that we don't get our third batch of snow in two weeks, right?! Right :). Isn't that all we do in the spring time?

Anyway..I have to share with you my nervous but excited self! If you have taken a peek at my photography blog you are aware of the fact that I have quite the talent.......... :) ok that so did not sound like me :). Let me start over...... If you have taken a peek at my photography blog you are aware that I attempt to be a photographer and make ordinary moments in people's lives special. Tonight however, I have the honor of making someone's special life moment even more special by capturing it on film!

A friend of a friend.. :) has become very successful throughout the Fort Collins area with their band The Acidophiles. They are headlining at the Aggie Theatre here in town tonight, and guess who they're bringing along to be the show's photographer!? MEEEE :D oh yea! I'm so so excited! And will bring you up to speed on the amazing experience tomorrow.
Meanwhile you should come to the show! Here is the event's link. The show is completely free, includes other bands, and starts at 9pm.

Happy Friday!
(what does someone that owns only high waisted skirts and frilly t-shirts wear to an electro hip-hop show?)

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  1. Oh my darling...I have a little experience here. I have learned that rock band photographers wear all black!! This way you can sneak around backstage relatively unnoticed during the performance. Have fun and can't wait to see the pics.