Thursday, March 04, 2010

What I Love II

I have decided that I'm going totally out of the box and have a "love" week here on my blog. Along with my usual postings I will post a blog every day that has a "what I love" theme which I hope to hear much feedback from and opinions. For example, yesterday I had the "what I love right now" edition that focused more on materialistic things that I am in love with at the moment. Tonight, which will kind of carry over into tomorrow, my blog will be "what I love about myself".

I was perusing different blogs tonight and found this very inspiring and very true sticker I guess you could call it.

And so, withouth further rambling, what do YOU love about yourself??

Here are four things I love about myself (4 because my favorite number is 4. Feel free to leave as many as you'd like.)

  1. My hands. My cousin and I have very similar hands that are very different from those in our family. We have longer fingers, but not the gross skinny kind..the feminine kind..and I love the way dark nailpolish accents the femininity with an edge. Nick is a hand freak..and he always says he loves my hands. Maybe that's why I like them :).
  2. My sunflower tattoo on my lower neck/upper back. Right now it reminds me to stay true to myself, be positive, and always find the sunshine in things, just like the sunflower will find the sun and turn its head towards it. I think in the future it will remind me of my youth and hopefully I can be proud of you I was and have become.
  3. My curly hair. Even though other people always say it's impossible for me to have a bad hair day, it definitely IS possible and sometimes I curse my instant waves, I wouldn't trade them for the world! When my hair is longer and it doesn't happen to be raining/snowing, I can shower and just go and still end up with great curls and a perfect hair do for the rest of the day.
  4. About 2 summers ago..with my sister Dina on the left and my sister in law Julianna on the right.
  5. My talent to eat cake, brownies, soft cookies, any time of the day..or night :) and make myself believe that it has absolutely no calories and that it will just go right through me without being absorbed and get comfy in my fat stores whatsoever :).
YUM! :) Sometimes it's just easier to let yourself indulge and love your body with every inch, than to conquer the infamous image battle instilled in our brains.

I hope you enjoy my "love" week. Stay tuned for more themes to come! And don't forget to share what you love today.


  1. love the positivity jess!! #4 is amazing! it is hard for people to remember how to love themselves, and i am amongst one of those.. so i am happy you are bringing that realization to others as well as myself!

  2. Love this concept :) Self-acceptance and self love are so important!

  3. I just love this! And that sticker is one of my favorites. :-)

    I've always loved my fingernails. I got my maternal Grandmother's nails and they are strong, gorgeous and just about perfect. Someone always comments on their perfect shape when I'm getting a mani, and it makes me feel good. lol.

  4. @ Bri: I'm glad the positivity got to you. I'm sending it all your way! :) Now can you please get back here so I can learn to run a mile again?

    @ Kaitlyn: Couldn't agree more! :)

    @ Erin: Thank you for sharing :) I love that!