Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Night Blues

10 years ago I spent my Sunday nights worrying about what I was gonna wear to school the next day, if all my homework was complete, and what this week's drama would be.

Oh the good ol' days.

Currently I am spending my Sunday evening drowing in so many blues I don't know where to begin. Not so much drowning as in, sad, depressing drowning..but I just feel burried in so much shit right now (sorry the vulgarity - my blog says honest words - read at your own discretion :) ) .. that I just want to slump down on the floor and scream!
The funny thing is, is that the doodoo that's covering me right now is so STUPID and just..UGH!!!!!!!!! Why is it so hard for some people to leave their high school drama days behind as they enter the age of adulthood? Or does everyone seem to be going 21 on 16? I'm sorry if this is offensive to you - it shouldn't be - just me venting here - but c'mon!
The stupidity of these people is so baffling that I cannot even talk about it in detail on my blog. They do not deserve even a syllable. ( Too late huh :) )

Then there was the 8 1/2 hr work day which seemed and felt like 15 if you combine the fact that I was the only manager there today, with some oh so friendly customers, and sprinkle it with some oh so pleasant work've got a pretty shitty work day on your hands.

However!! Because I'm realizing that I'm just rambling and this has officially become my least favorite blog ever, I will leave you with the happy and truly genuine fact that I just realized that tomorrow is March 1st.
What's so special about March 1st you say?
Well, tomorrow in exactly 7 months to the day I will be a wife.

And that is reason enough for me to say "go fuck yourself san diego".

And take those drama hungry individuals with you, please.

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