Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Lot Like Love ...

First off..my dad didn't start that great even though it's ending to be one of the most simple, perfect weather, perfect days I've had in a loong time.

So back to the part where my day wasn't so perfect. I don't know how else to put it but that..
                                                I HAVE TO GET A ROOT CANAL!!
Yea..definitely not very happy. On top of that I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled in the near future, and fix the chipped tooth I have as well :( Bad teeth run in my family but Nick just likes to say that I don't brush my teeth - which I do!! So pooh on you dude. But I still don't want to have this root canal done :'(

Leave it to my knight in shiny armor to make me forget aaall about the stupid dental work..I arrive back at my house to grab some of the things I needed to run my errands and I find a big white jeep grand cherokee in my drive way..with a handsome Italian mad waiting for me in the driver's seat :)
I LOOOOOOVE SURPRISES! Especially from my BFFE (my friend invented the "best fucking fiance ever) Nicholas Ray :)
Now I wouldn't have to spend my day house searching by myself! So we set off for a day in the car, with the windows down, music up, drooling over the houses and homes we can't afford. Of course, we fall in love with this beautiful, cozy yellow (!) town home, overlooking the Flatirons (for those not residing in CO..a gorgeous mountain range by Boulder, CO) 
Sadly, with our college credit and a lacking $40,000 in our bank account for the minimum 20% down..we had to move on. It was illfated from then on, because we compared every other home we saw afterward to that..and the ones that followed were less affordable than the next.
But we're not gonna let our spirits down that easy..we are so excited to be home searching and we know we're going to find the perfect little starter home in which we can celebrate our newlywed phase..and the first few years after that :)

Plus..you can't beat the laughs and stupidness you become a part of when you spend the day in the car with sunshine and limeades :)

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