Wednesday, March 10, 2010

College girl no more

I'm on campus this morning... and it is weeeeeeeeeird! I don't like it at all. Ironically, I'm not even on campus for school stuff. I'm secretly using the free printing I still get in the computer lab to print some stuff I created for work - hehe - shhhhhhhhhhh....DON'T tell anyone!
I drove in with Nick and Julie..and just the walk to my building was odd! I know now that I could've never survived another semester on campus (thank god for online classes) and that I might have the worst case of senioritis ever known. I have this disturbing urge to get up out of my chair, run back to my car and get the heck out of here!


  1. I'm kind of a nerd and have always loved school and being on campus. And, even though I graduated nearly 2 years ago, I actually work for CSU, so I'm still kind of apart of higher education. lol. I don't work on the main campus, though, but I do get kind of excited when I have to go onto the main campus for something...I like being surrounded by education I guess. Like I said, total nerd.

  2. See and I always LOVED being on campus. All 4 1/2 years..getting all cozied up in comfy clothes if it was cold..being on campus all day going from just class to class..I LOVED it. But now I just can't stand the thought or let alone be near it.
    And how you said being around education..I feel a about it, because my major is education and I'm supposed to student teach in the fall..and now I just don't want to be near it right now. Something is pushing me the other way and it's weird, because for the past 3 years it's all been about becoming a teacher for me, and now I'm not sure. :/
    And you are so not a nerd :)

  3. Can you take some time off and decide if you really want to teach, and if so, do your student teach in the Spring or even the following Fall? I hate feeling unsure about big choices in my life. I feel unsure about the fact that I'm not in grad school right now, and therefore not in a profession that has anything to do my college degrees. lol, but I like my job and it allows me to take classes for a fraction of the cost, so I'm exploring my options right now. I hope you're able to figure things out...such a pain!

  4. I like being on campus :) It's nostalgic and reminds me of drinking. haha. Oh and education ;)