Friday, March 05, 2010

What I Love III

Part three of my L.O.V.E. week is What I Love about Weekends. I was wondering today at work what I was going to have in my segment today..and I have been so excited about tomorrow, that I thought it fitting. And there's definitely lots of things I love about the weekend! :) Sooo here are a few of mine.

  1. German breakfasts. My mom makes these amazing big breakfasts on the weekend, inspired by the German tradition of having a huuuge breakfast with "broetchen" aka rolls, cheese, meats, jam, butter, honey, fruit, coffee, juice, and not to forget, boiled eggs. When I still lived in Fort Collins going to college full time, it was always a huge treat coming home on the weekend, because in the morning there'd be yummy German breakfast awaiting! And now I get to enjoy it every weekend! Well mostly..when I'm not working..and tomorrow I'm not! :) And I can't wait to go to sleep to get up to the smell of coffee, warm rolls, and honey.
this isn't actually our table..but it looks just like this
2. Comfy/cute sweat outfits. Spending all weekend dressing up or "fashion forward" for work makes me not even open anything but I drawers that contain nothing but comfy yoga pants, cute sweatshirts, and tanks. Not that I walk around all weekend like a hobo :) But cute sweat outfits exist! It's all about going the "non matchy matchy" route. However..I think they can still be cute and stylish!
look how cute this woman is in her weekend gear :)

3. The Sunday Newspaper. Oh my goodness. Call me super nerdy, but when I hear the newspaper being dropped off or see it laying out on the front step I immediately hear it calling my name. I sometimes can't get my hot cup of coffee poured fast enough to sit down at the table, robe wrapped around me, feet up on the chair, pulling apart every last section. And of course, you have to save the best for last - the COMICS and the COUPONS! :D Alright..I'm a total nerd..but I don't care. There's nothing like total silence but the newspaper rustling..the sipping of coffee..and me in my own little newspaper world.

Those are my top three for the weekend :) Can't wait to hear some of yours!
Happy weekend


  1. German breakfasts are my favorite!! I haven't had one since I was in Germany 10 years ago, so I'm jealous that your Mom creates them for you. Fabulous!!

  2. omg! You must come over and enjoy them with me! :)

  3. I would love too! I love them so! :-)

  4. Very nice! I love lounging in sweats too! With my puppies :) But I LOVE weekends when it's warm enough to spend them camping/hiking! Yay! Especially this summer when Tyler won't have studying to do on the weekends! Yay!

  5. I figured the weekend would include something with your pupps Kaitlyn :) :)
    I love hiking Horsetooth in the summertime. Last year I took my little brother and he loved it, so I think I might take him some more this year. You'll have to give me some good trails!

  6. Oooh, you certainly can't go wrong with hiking around here! I haven't hiked Horsetooth since 6th grade...gasp! lol, I think I'll need to do that this summer.