Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Holy Snow Storm Batman

So..if you are so blessed today as to not be residing in Colorado..you must have been able to drive safely this afternoon. For those lucky ones that DO live in Colorado..that wasn't so much the case now wasn't it? :) Well I myself, spun out on I-25 today. Scariest thing to have happen to me in a long time!! It took me almost 2.5 hrs to get from Broomfield to my house in Ft Collins. Thank god I have off tomorrow..not only to lay on the couch and SCRAPBOOK all day :D but that I can let the weather recover from its' relapse and hopefully make it back down safely Thursday to work.
So I've bought all the supplies I'm going to need to make a lovely and cherishable scrapbook with pictures of mine and Nick's trip to Seattle!! I'm so excited! I haven't created a scrapbook in ages!! I'll definitely be keeping you posted tomorrow on my progress :) What was the last scrapbook you made?

While on my scary adventure home I was not in the mood for music, because my nerves were already shot from spinning out than listening to someone talk was more relaxing than 'noise'. Well the only afternoon talk show that is on at that time is 105.9 Slacker and Steve.. . I have never listened to them, because when they were still Slacker and Jo, I hated them!! But I've heard people saying that their afternoon show is really good..and at that point I was kind of desperate..so another try they got.
By the time I had taken the highway Longmont exit in desperate hope to make it to 287, I was appalled beyond belief and pissed off, but more importantly, not freaking out about the stupid weather any long. Slacker and Steve's theme for the afternoon was that Steve thaught it absolutely grotesque the way pregnant women look, that it's their fault they got fat, and that they're absolutely distgusting looking. It was so frustrating!! And the worst part was, that once they opened it up to the public..tons of other WOMEN we calling in and agreeing!!? WTF? I mean to each their own, but the stuff these people were saying was just plain out of whack and unbelievable! It was so upsetting! I thought about turning it off, but I still wasn't ready for music..so I kept at it..having the radio turned way down by now..they began having people call in and share the famous people they have met in their life.
I was so tempted to call in, but with my car sliding all over the road and my nerves only slightly wound down from the twirl we did on the highway, I decided to just share it with you!! And I sure hope you share with me, if you've met anyone!! :D

Literally a few weeks over a year ago I went on my one and only spring break trip with some friends. Since we were all 21..off to Miami, South Beach we went!! It was the greatest trip and week of college with best friends, I have ever experienced. It was worth every penny and when I look back at college one day and reminisce about the good old days..that week will be the first thing I think of.
Just to show you how amazing it was .. I of course have to share some images:
Nick, me, and our shreck friend Quintin :)

Spending entire days on the beach is the most alive feeling - seriously.

8am in the morning.. early morning nap in the sun...my bf bri laying on the other side of me...

At the LOVE.HATE. bar in South Beach

We happened to be there over St. Patty's day!! .. Like I said..barely a year ago :(

We all splurged one night on the best sushi dinner any of us had ever had! We set on the coolest outdoor patio right by the beach..and drank waaaay toop much saki :)

..So anyway..back to my story about the famous person (it ties into the reason for me posting half my vacation pictures from Miami - I just love posting pictures sorry) that I got to meet while we were in Miami. Not only did I run into one pretty good looking celeb, but two crazy cool celebs. Now this first one is definitely NOT the cute one :P hehe but on our first day we were walking around and walked up an alley between the Hilton and another ritzy hotel to the beach..and low and behold..who gets out of their gigantic black Hummer?? Definitely Hulk Hogan! AND his ... daughter Brooke :P She's huge in real life! Not as in fat..but she's just BIG like her dad. That drove us all a little starstruck :)

But the best came last..on our last night we walked our little behinds almost 13 blocks each way to go to a special event night at the Love.Hate.Lounge, a fairly new bar that is owned by Ami James and Chris Nunez. We made our way pretty early, because we heard it was gonna be packed. Well were we proud of ourselves for showing up early..because about 1.5hrs later..in stroll Ami and Chris..looking hot as ever..and I just stood there and was so embarrasingly startruck it was ridiculous. thank goodness for my adorable fiance, because he literally just pushes me into their VIP section where they were sitting and I squeek out if they would let me sit between the two of them and take a picture with me. Ami grabs me by the hand, flips me around and the next thing I know I am getting my picture taken in the coolest lounge, with two super cool guys.
Could my smile reveal any more how nervous I am? :)

He was the coooolest guy and at one point we caught Ami walking through the crowd right past where we were standing, remembers me and Nick from the picture and just hung out for a couple minutes, partying and dancing with us. It was the COOLEST thing!! :D
I was smitten aaall night :)

Who have you met?


  1. Why is there so much space between my images???

  2. haha how fun does that trip sound?!?! Yeah sometimes the spacing in my blog gets weird too. Whatev. I'm so glad you're okay! I spun out on the highway last year due to wind making my car fishtail, and I actually got hit. SCARY.