Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Friday Pumpkin!

And another, beloved (!) edition of Fill in The Blank Friday! My blog's post is one of my favorite movies and also favorite movies to quote Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. It's kinda of mine and my sister's movie :) We will randomly text each other quotes from the movie no one would even realize was from the movie and make each other's day!

Anyway..back to blank Friday. Let's not wait any longer shall we?

Today I am wearing classis dark blue skinny jeans, a simple white and grey 3/4 length skinny t-shirt, my favorite brown steve madden boots, and a sleek blue headband to hold back my unwashed hair :)  
My favorite childhood food was German breakfast, particularly warm German rolls "laugen broetchen" with this type of syrup/spread called "hellkraut" (omg my mouth is watering) and my favorite food now is ...oh sorry...I switched screens to see if I can order that stuff online and have 10 boxes shipped to my house... . 

A day that I am too busy to blog is a day that I am too busy.

The last movie I saw was Alice in Wonderland and the next movie I want to see is be quite honest..the new Nicholas Sparks movie The Last Song even though I can't STAND Miley-big-mouth. What can I say? I'm a super sucker for sobby love movies. :)

My favorite smell is the scent of my best friend Jana..without sounding weird =) because it immediately puts me back into my childhood.

A weird little quirk I have is that I am so OCD about perfectly made beds that I like to iron my bed sheets so that they are Pottery Barn perfect. :) (this honest and genuine words thing is kicking me in the butt). O.M.G. - HEEEAAVEN! :D

When I take personality quizzes they always say I'm friendly and outgoing. I'm definitely friendly and love to get to know new people, but I'm more shy than outgoing.


  1. thanks for sharing! nice blog!

    have a great weekend!

  2. I really want to see "The Last Song", too! But, like you, I cannot stand Miley Cyrus and her slouching and her odd mouth...but, I love me some sappy romance! lol.

    Happy Weekend!!

  3. @ Yani - Thank you thank you :)

    @ Erin - Hahah her slouchy mouth - I totally agree I don't know what it is. I heard about her bad posture @ the Oscars but didn't see it, then my mom treated me to a pedi the other night and we were reading the People's oscar edition and OMG Batman!! C'mon! That has to be painful. However, slouchy mouth or not, I wanna see that movie :)